Monday, April 18, 2011

Revive ;)

Hello teddies :D

It's been a while since I last updated ehs :O
been super lazy lately.
Plus, exams are arriving real soon :O

Damn, this time it'll be the mid-term thing.
and to stress us more, or probably kill us indirectly,
my school's PIBG decided to use this mid-term results for class streaming next year.
Wow, just great don't you think.
I just met new classmates for like.. 4 months?
New faces are almost getting familiar, then here goes more new faces.
Oh my goodness. adults. they think they know everything :/

Blahblah my classmates have been really hardworking lately.
Everyone's studying every second :(
Seriously if the world is going to end in 2012, just tell me earlier,
It'll make life much more easier don't you think..? :/
Touchwood! I sound like i want to die, well i DONT. :D

This coming saturday will be my school's LEO IR :D
It's not called IR anymore though, FN ( fellowship night )
Theme's wedding :O
But obviously I'm not going to wear white or smth, i just can't. -.-
So yeah, damn it costs me 60 bucks, better be good!

well that's all for today :)
shall pray for dearie Florence to get better. (:
she's sick now, and worse, she has her Grade7 piano exam tomorrow,
May GOD heal her asap ;)

p/s : I thought you cared. Is it my fault to think for once, you were really nice? D:
pp/s : My friends always say that I'm always too careful with everything, but why am I still doing the wrong decisions? :/ 

xoxo, Jaslyn