Saturday, May 30, 2009


Life is not always smooth as we have planned...
Yea~ I know the feeling... your dissapointment is never describe-able to others... haiz...

I can't go out wif my friends today to SUNWAY PYRAMID oledy... Bcause there are some misunderstanding... haiz...

you see... first everything was planned perfectly.. i even wrote everything in the last post... yea~~ We are going to shop in SUNWAY PYRAMID... and i even planned to buy a tee or a nice recycling bag... And!! I canceled my piano leesson!! >< Haiz...but it doesn't turns out what i planned..

haiz... on friday/saturday then siew yi called and said they are some changes... ( i am not blamming you.. pls make this clear..) erm.. it's like mayy's b'day is celebrated on 4th June so everything is postponed togother on 4th June... so i say ok lorr... ( so i told my teacher that i am going to piano lesson... ) And that's where the problem starts..

Yesterday mid-night xing yi called me.. ( you waked me up from my sweet dreams...==) And told me smth shocking... she aked me whether i am going to Sunway Pyramid tomoro (dat is today).. so i like..wat??? I thought cancel oledy... so i say i dun think i am going...but den she said dat today's shopping is for flo... coz she cant go for the thursday one... haiz.. And i can't go!! Coz i have piano lesson...

This morning... Xing yi and chian wei sms-ed me again and asked me whether i am going to sunway a not... den i asked them why change again... den chian wei told me dat the shopping thing is not postponed or even cancelled... it's just dat we will be going to sunway twice dat is today and thursday (4th June).. haiz... but i can't c hange the pianolesson time anymore... i dun wanna make my teacher fed up... haiz... so i can't go after all...

But!!! I will be going thursday one...xDDD PLSSSSS... i rily hope nothing special is on... and we all will go there happily and smoothly as we have planned for mayy b'day... haiz... dats all.. see lah.. see whether GOD has any purpose for me for not letting me go to sunway..

BTW.. My frens should have been watching "the night at the museum 2 " now in Sunway... Have fun ppl... =)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Starting hols...

hahahah~~ Today kinda dissapointed... Yesterday just finish exam... Today oledy get back exam paper... but... all the results are dissapointing... i am very sad... thx to my babes especially flo...(others also lah..).. Hahaha~ Thx... I know... i will try to dun be sad... i cant change anything.... ok.. xDDDDD

Heyy... and my gang and ccw and yvonne are hanging out this sunday to SUNWAY PYRAMID... Yvonne boyfriend is going... hahaha~~ But we will separate gua... very embarassing leh... we also dunno him... lol... but hope we WILL HAVE FUN!!! xDDDD
And i rily hope i can buy a new cute a tee... a T-shirt... but not an expensive one lah
hahah... i hope i can buy a bag too..
i mean like a recycle bag.. hahahha ( saving earth resources!! xDDD )

OK.. dats all for now... I hope o can hang out with my 6S babes too... xPP.. got gathering pls tell me!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Addicted.. xPP

Hahahha~ I guess ia m addicted to blogging lah... hahah~ Everytime i online the first thing when i go in Mozilla Firefox is to ""... Hhahhahaha~ Lolzz... i love blogging... sometimes i thought i would just write a short post but everything turns out to be a long one... LMAO... lol...

Today is the day we students in Seafield are waiting for...
THE END of mid-term exam!!!
Yea baby!! WOOHOO!! Heheheh.... Stressed to Desserts... lol...
Today although it's the last day but i quite dissapointed with my maths paper1... I dun seem to hav enough time for all the questions... So i tembak one question... and it turns out to be a wrong answer... actually it's my careless... I din notice the "perimeter" so i calculated the "area"...Haiz... ( the calculator dun seems to help me much...=.=) Hahah~ But i hope my results will still pass with flying colours too...xDDD

before we rily enter the hols... Yvonne and Chian wei oledy planned a shopping to Sunway Pyramid... I wanted to go but i am not sure whether my time is available or not bcoz i have piano lesson... ( maybe i will change the time...xPP)

Ok... Freedom at last... hahah~ Tonite i sure online till late one... hahah~ Desperate for computer,>.<

P/S: David archuleta's song super sweet!! ( not included crush and a little too not over you coz i heard it oledy... xDD ) "Zero Gravity" & "Angels in the alleyway"... he so cute and nice... xDDD

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Embarassed~ xDDD

Lets just talk to the main topic...

Thank God i slept AFTER i finished my paper... xDDD
When i woke up i so damn blurr case... den i can't find my Science answer paper...
I ask Ahmad Mudzaffar (dunno how to spell...=P) den he say teacher kip oledy... den i so scared... i ask him whether he noticed whether teacher got kip mine or not... he nodded.. POOh~~ Luckily weih~ I thought missing... Omg... what a relief.. xPP

And den when teacher collects all pupils' exam paper den i told one of my friend dat i slept throuh the whole time... den HUi YI ran towards me laughing.. den she say dat KENNETH TAN make fun of me when i was asleep... he was supposed to wake me up but INSTEAD he wanted to put glue or use markerpen to scribble my face!! ( but didn't lah... =P)OMG!! Aaaahhh... Sure very embarassed one... x( I hope ppl who noticed me sleeping will forget aboout dat... hahahha xDD you guys also forget about this after reading this!! So embarassed..

P/S :And guess wat?? Today is one of my classmate's b'day... NADRAH... She's a nice,malay gal... and clever too!! Happy Sweet 14!! xDDD

P/S:And tomoro is the last day of exam!! xDDD Yea!!! xDDDDDDD Hahaah~~ After days of torturing myself... i can release my stress... hahah~~ But to make sure i have no regrets... I decided to go to school very early tomoro to "ping le ming".. like rush to the end for the last time... hahhaha xDDD xPPP... So dat NO REGRETS... hahahah~~ Wish me luck..

P/S: Siew yi told me dat teacher say i get 5o++ over 60 in sejarah exam!! WooHOo~~ but i hope i dun have careless mistake.. ( congrats to vi jia who get 59 over 60!! ) ( i also hope i will get..... 56?? Hahaha~~ Hope my mistakes would be lesser than 5~~ xDDD )

P/S:Lastly... i hope i WON'T FALL ASLEEP... I hope i rily won't embarass myself again... xPPP

Friday, May 22, 2009

Freedom awaits....xPP

Pooh~~ We finished half of the exams.. ah dui... so stressed weih.. hahaha xDDDD

These few days i found out dai i've made some very careless mistakes in my exam.... like my chinese essay arr... i'm suppose to write a letter to my "tang di" but i wrote "biao di"... in english more simple leh coz both also means cousin brother... haiz... dunno will deduct how many marks leh..

And about maths... i knew dat my marks will be deducted one lah... coz my answer not same with those PRO ppl..hahaha xDDD (yea rite... it's not like i will be correct and the PRO-s will be wrong.. hahaah )

And omgosh.. yesterday exam is the one dat i have the least confidence... so sad lah... coz Geo leh... i blurr case lorr... i dunno about the empangan stuff... and the placing stuff... ah dui.. form 1 i seems to LOVE geo untill thid year when our Form 2 geo teacher turns out to be PN.Aida.. she so "si ban ban"... always follow the boring old textbook... and i also dunno how she get the teacher license.. haiz... so i very blurr lor.... so sad...

Next is SCIENCE PAPER 2 !! It's all about experiment stuff... I also not very sure about my exam leh... haiz... Kenneth Tan still throw the paper to me.. (cheating lorr... but it's he who ask me for answers..).. Hahahah~~ But pls dun blame me if my answer is wrong... tq~~ hahahah after all it's your choice to ask me mah... blek... hahhaaha

Wahh... so tired now... but since today is saturday i wanted to rest myself... ahhaha and blog~~ xDDDDDD Blog is a good way to express my feeling... LURVE this way too.. heheheh~~

Oh ya... can you guys do me a favour... My auntie is pregnant and having TWINS now... so lucky rite!!! But she has trouble in thinking names... She just want to think about infront names oni... example... "Mimi and Momo"... BUT she has some conditions..:

1- The names must be infront alphabets... cannot too behind... she wants like names dat start from A---L ( dunno lah... as long as it's not behind untill like the alphabet "W"..)

2- The names must be suitable for the surname "WONG"... hahaha

The Twins name must start fr the same alphabet... if girl den like "Alice and Amanda"... if boys den like "Bibi and Bobo"...

4- The names must not be common... ( common as in got a lot ppl use dat name)... like Cindy.. Melissa.. Bobby... Eric... ( dunno lah)

Pls ppl... help me think names for 2 boys and 2 girls... thx ppl... xDD

Thursday, May 14, 2009

a short post

OMG!! Three days to the big day!! --- mid year exam!!

AHHHH!! study study study again!! TT

Yea~ I admit!! This is a short post... coz nid to study... chiaoz!! After exam i sure online like xiao one... ok?? xDDD bb!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A trip to FRIM.. and jungle trekking..xDDD

Today is a blissful day... And a special one too!!! xDDD Today is the day that my church specially organize... dat is FAMILY DAY~~xPPP
Actually my whole family is going but unfortunately my mum is sick... so she cant go.. den followed up with my pap... ( but my pap not sick.. it's just dat my mum cant go.. so he also no mood ed... hahahahah~~ xDDD ) So i and my big bro also dun wan also... oni left my lil sis and bro... they decide to follow my aunt...

This morning... they all decided to move on oledy... den my aunt asked my sis to call me to come along... I heard my lil bro say dat if i go den he dun wanna go... ( yea~ I heard that !! Although you think i am asleep... xPP ) but they kip convincing me so i finally go...

The venue is in.... INSTITUSI PENDIDIKAN PERHUTANAN MALAYSIA (FRIM)... which i dunno where it's located... in Selangor?? xDD hahah~ it's like a big piece of land full of nature things which is protected by the gouvernment... xDDD

We went for jungle trekking.. cool weih~~ There is rocks and stones and woods... it's spooky yet fun!!! xDDDD

i am quite tired now... used my energy while doing the activities... xPPPP
( haiz... no mood to study oledy... ) xPP Well... tomoro is MOTHER'S DAY!!! Any plans?? xDDD

* have to study... ( i nid to do homework and catch up my studies.. )
- sejarah ( studying all 4 babs form 2 and doing notes..)
- science ( havent start... firstly i hope to make sure all those parts that i am still blurrrr.... ah dui... )
- geo ( WALAO... this one damn blurr lah... no mood first... The teacher lah... dunno how she get the teacher license...xPP

(WELL... now just focus this threee subjects first... xDDDDD like dat also damn hard oledy lohhh... xDDD)

* Wish me luck in my studies!! xPP

* Happy mother's day for my mum, DORIS TING ~~ xDDDD
- I hope my mum will recover before tomoro's BIG DAY
- i hope we ( my dad and my siblings.. ) successfully will buy a beautiful cake for my mum's BIG DAY.. and hope my mum will receive it!! xDD

* Hope she felt better after my consoling... cheer up... just stand up... stay strong... let him know he's not the whole world for you... and if you nid a listener... call me anytime!! OK?? xPPP

Thursday, May 7, 2009

There is a lot going on ...

There is a lot going on these days indeed...

Hahah~ Lets just tok about today... Today teachers hav to attend the "anugerah cemerlang" thing so no lesson~~~ Weeeeee!!! xDDDD

So on those free periods... we all play and make rily RILY a lot noise... As usual... Loong yi is being "JUSTICAL" again by doing a goody-goody-monitor... haha~ YEA~~ He asked us to keep down... (seriously we nid to keep our voices down~~ xPP)... at first me and siew yi helped 2B students measure the eye sight thing... i fouund out that i cant rily see properly!!! OMG~~~ sad case... xDD
Den... we both played "murderer".. or is it called "killer"... dunno lah... we played that with samantha that gang and some boys... it's quite interesting!!!! xDDD Since i played this game the first time so i am quite nervous... but i finally get through it and have a lot of fun!!!! ^^

Next there is KH period... I suddenly have "ling gan" and hurrily hammer my woods into places and i think it look cool~~ hahah~ Although it looks quite big... hahahha~~ I took some pictures but i will upload it next time!! ok?? Hahah~~
Siew yi one looks great too!!! Xing yi abd flo too... xDDD

And.. MY MUM IS SICK!!! Aaaawww~~ Sad lah~ Happy mother's day is coming leh so i hope she can recover before tomorow.... xDDDD May GOD bless her!! xDDD ( and i am thinking to buy a stalk of flower... or a nice small bouquet for her but i dunno where.... haiz... TT who knows pls tell me... xDDDD ) Oh ya!! And wish all my readers' mum happy mother's day!!! xPPP

ok...That's all for today...

**** Dun be too upset about him gal... he's not the best in the world... GOD will always make a better path for you... BETTER than him... dun let him influence your rutein!! YOu must have faith!!! FAITH!! And always stay strong!!! I know i do not agree you to stay with him because i think he's hurting you day by day but as a friend... i will support you no matter what you did~~ And i hope you can pull yourself out of this cage before it's too late... ok?? And always stay strong!! Dun be weak in front of him!! be strong and have faith!! believe in what GOD has arange for you and him!! Perhaps... this is a hint... a hint to let him go~~ Ok?? ( or if you want to stay and see what's coming... i just hope you remember you still have family and friends besides him... ok?? xDD) CHEER UP!! COME ON PPL LISTEN UP!! WE ARE HERE TO CHEER !!AND SHOUT!! SO LETS STAY STRONG!! xDDDD ****

And exam is coming!! MUST STUDY HARD!! xDD ( less online ed.... )

Monday, May 4, 2009

Taylor Swift xDD

Omg~ I just saw Taylor Swift's LOVE STORY video~ Walao... she damn white and pretty leh~~

She rily look like a PRINCESS in that music video~~ She look so pretty~ And her MV very nice and peacefull!! xDDD

I love fantasy things so her mv is very nice for me~~ I wanted to upload it here but i dunno how!!! TT can anyone tell me?? xDDD

And her ex-boyfriend is JOe Jonas!! OMG weih~~ It's true!!! go check out in youtube... Joe will regret!!! == hahaha~

I dunno how to upload the video from youtube leh!!! TT