Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Embarassed~ xDDD

Lets just talk to the main topic...

Thank God i slept AFTER i finished my paper... xDDD
When i woke up i so damn blurr case... den i can't find my Science answer paper...
I ask Ahmad Mudzaffar (dunno how to spell...=P) den he say teacher kip oledy... den i so scared... i ask him whether he noticed whether teacher got kip mine or not... he nodded.. POOh~~ Luckily weih~ I thought missing... Omg... what a relief.. xPP

And den when teacher collects all pupils' exam paper den i told one of my friend dat i slept throuh the whole time... den HUi YI ran towards me laughing.. den she say dat KENNETH TAN make fun of me when i was asleep... he was supposed to wake me up but INSTEAD he wanted to put glue or use markerpen to scribble my face!! ( but didn't lah... =P)OMG!! Aaaahhh... Sure very embarassed one... x( I hope ppl who noticed me sleeping will forget aboout dat... hahahha xDD you guys also forget about this after reading this!! So embarassed..

P/S :And guess wat?? Today is one of my classmate's b'day... NADRAH... She's a nice,malay gal... and clever too!! Happy Sweet 14!! xDDD

P/S:And tomoro is the last day of exam!! xDDD Yea!!! xDDDDDDD Hahaah~~ After days of torturing myself... i can release my stress... hahah~~ But to make sure i have no regrets... I decided to go to school very early tomoro to "ping le ming".. like rush to the end for the last time... hahhaha xDDD xPPP... So dat NO REGRETS... hahahah~~ Wish me luck..

P/S: Siew yi told me dat teacher say i get 5o++ over 60 in sejarah exam!! WooHOo~~ but i hope i dun have careless mistake.. ( congrats to vi jia who get 59 over 60!! ) ( i also hope i will get..... 56?? Hahaha~~ Hope my mistakes would be lesser than 5~~ xDDD )

P/S:Lastly... i hope i WON'T FALL ASLEEP... I hope i rily won't embarass myself again... xPPP

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