Friday, September 23, 2011

End-Year Glooms

Hello teddy bears :)

I've ditched my blog for so long.
Sigh. There's hardly any time for me to squeeze my blogging time. :/

Genting trip 2011
That's me and my bro in the car :)

Got my end-year exam schedule just recently.
I have approximately 12 freaking days for all the papers.
And I thought last few years was half dead, I'm dead now already!
All the subjects. damn.
I felt so dumb seeing everyone so ahead of me in so many subjects.
Personally I just don't like Biology and Sejarah.
They are killing all my brain cells and thinking cells, thus making me even stupid.
All the knowledge aint going in, it's just.. blank. o.o

Alright put away the studies,
I have a major problem focusing on something I do.
Obviously I'm talking about revising.
I don't think anyone has a problem focusing on a Tv Show. :D
I am probably the most easily-distracted person on earth.
Just some minor stuffs can get me stuck on that,
but never on my books. D:
RAWR. Frustrated much.
People call this no discipline. Boo.

Tomorrow's a saturday.
No slacking for me :/
I'm supposed to sleep real early today, so that tomorrow I'll wake up real early to study.
But by the look of the time, that plan already failed.
I will still sleep before 12am? :D
Hopefully tomorrow God helps me to screw my brain in the books.
I feel like I'm suffocating already :'(

P/s : I seem to get upset easily. PMS? Naah I don't think so :/
Pp/s : Have you ever had the situation where you didn't mean to show sulky faces to your friends, but nor do you have the guts to tell 'em?
I know I am, right now.
Oh oh. read a girls's blog today.
She actually summarise how she met up with her boyfriend.
Aww. Real Love stories. Love 'em :D

xoxo, Jaslyn