Sunday, January 31, 2010


Heyy handsome-s and pretty-s~

This is a random post laa -.-
Coz i am super nervous now,
i already got the nervous-stomach-ache..
lol, abdomen i suppose :)

You see, i got those nervous-stomachaches
EVERYTIME i am nervous on smth,
Like going up on stage, or performing a play bla bla..


This time, i am really really super duper x1000000
abt tomoro's

OMG.. i dont like waiting..
especially for results, i might as well quit -.-
BUt, since i'd come so far so.. haiz~ wait laaa
OMG OMG OMG~ actually i was calm,
BUt then i read SiewYi's blog,
OMGOSH i remembered the result again!!!! :(
Stupid Sy lah go remind me wtf LOL tsk tsk jk jk

Gahhhhh i am so nervous now,
my tummy is acting super weird now -.-
shit damn it, my mind is full of negatives :(
I have a super fragile heart that i can tell..

Seeeee??? SO many wounds already -.-

So, i dont know whether i can accept the fact... O.O
I hope i can, no matter its good or bad

Haiz, see me tomorrow and you will see HORRIBLE eyebags -.-
I am sure i cant sleep properly tonight,
UNLESS i forgot this thing laaa :)

May GOD grant me bravery and confident tomoro!!!!!!!
I am sick -.-

xoxo, Jaslyn

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Your smile will tear me apart :) Yeap, Just your smile :D

Omgeee!!!!! He is hawwwttt xD
His smile is ..
Pheewwiit :)
How i wish you will be mine..
but.. somehow, its actually quite..
NO.. Its for sure...
Impossible :(
But, do rmb, just one smile!!!
and i will melt :)
MY old hair... awwwwwww.....

Hello my dear peeps.. :)
Once again,
lol! everybody says i look young in my new hair,
as in YOUNG,
it means KID
although you guys dun say it laaaa ,
but i do feel that way myself too :(
EEEEEEE, felt like putting on a fake hair or smth -.-

Chatted with SiewYi in the afternoon,
she chopped her hair too,
but i think it looks wayyy nicer than the style before laaa
unlike me :( -.-
Then we webcam lahhh xD

Then at the evening...
Went to youth :)
I am getting more hyper-uped to go to youth,
and its a good thing :D
LOL~ Especially when there are special events :DDDD
LOl~ but today is just bible study :S
LOL, its super long laaaa LOL -.-
Omgee i am so bad LMAO xDDDD
But i did learn smth from the whole lesson ><

EEEEEE i felt so kiddy after having my hair cut,
My look is already kiddy, plus my hair,
OMGOSH i can go back to primary lahhhhhh! -.-
wth why cant i grow up, grow tall, grow slimmer LOL
to rachel : thats why i wanna ZOOM to 20, no worries marh! LOL

I missed my old hair D: D: D:
PLEASE PLEASE baby hair grow faster :(
I wanna attend occasions this yr,
Dont make it attend like a sesat kid!! -.-

To ppl out there,
Dont you dare to call me a kid,
ill give you a smack on the ass,
and a slap on your pretty pretty face :)
I am a teenager  LOLLLLL

That's all abt today :)
Again, he is hot! xD

Buy LEO CLUB valentine's gift ppl!
if you dont, you will get it from me :)
LOL tsk tsk~

xoxo, Jaslyn

Friday, January 29, 2010

Dont look back, cause you are wayy more worth it

My friend,
Dont look back,
Dont EVER!
you may be just some girl in his eyes,
But you are a true diamond in others,
So, if he doesnt appreciates you,
why bother lowering your pride?
Dont think back, forget it, and live your life
you can always live without him, cant you?

Awwwww i missed my old hair edy :*(
*  TEARS!! *
oh well.. got to accept the fact that..


FYI, i really missed my super long hair,
BUt my hair grows fweaking slow.. :(
So meanwhile waiting for it to grow,
the length is neither long or short, so it looks kinda messy :(
Stupid hair lah grow so slow -.-

So , goodbye to my long hair dream :(
BUT on the bright side,
HAHA i look young again -.-
LOL i am and always is laaa xD



Nice or not? xDD
its basiclly shorter and thinner..
I almost felt as if i have no hair O_O
lol~ xD

i finally got my laptop baby back ..
after so call GROUNDED for one week,
i broke the banning thing xD
I am supposed to be banned for 2 weeks,
but i cannot the resist the temptation larh xD
Hahah~ exaggerating :)

Hahah~ So long din webcam dy..
let me shock myself laaa xD

gahh i am so nervous abt it..
I hate it when you have to wait for the results..
Its like waiting for your time to your final death..
AND! the worst is, you dotn even know how are you gonna die..
As in like by drowning, or burning charcoals in a closed-up room, or cut throught the throat LOL
eeeeee sounds scary dy xD

LOL fireflies CHEH tsk tsk

So thats all abt it..
Conclusion : I AM BACKKKKKK!

xoxo, Jaslyn

Monday, January 25, 2010

B-A-N-N-E-D =(

Hi my beloved peeps...
Sad to tell you guys...

My mum banned me from using the comp -.-
And its for 2 weeeekkkkss!!
ARGH how can i survive?
I dont know :P
Haiz.. its my mistake to leave it on all night laaa...
i am gonna skip onlinng recently.. ( yea right -.- )
But if i do,
Do know i am doing it SECRETLY yeas :D

So.. stay tune laa..
DONT be dissapointed yet lahh~
Wait for my updates! xDD

Love you guys! xoxo

p/s : lautner is again.. HAWT HAWT!!
pp/s : Choral speaking! i wonder how is the results O_O
ppp/s : ILY! leoooo~ xD

xoxo, Jaslyn

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Run Run 2010

Hello my readers xD
Today was another tiring day,
And the worst is, its a Saturday O_O
Oh well... 
As my title said, today was cross country day /
Merentas desa laaaa .. 

 ( this pis is not from today -.- )

Sadly i dont have so call STAMINA 
so... haiz.. -.-
I wonder when will i be like the top 20?
CHEHhhh~ tsk tsk!
Weih dont look down on me weihh...
I am wayyy beyond your imagination!!
Haha shock sendiri! xD

Anyway, the journey is super long -.-
But i can see that i improved a lil laaa xD
Achievements .. heheh~! but still not the runner type
Super tired, after running still need to stay back at school
wtf?!! haiz.. so sleepy.. -.-
Am super exhausted,
do NOT have mucle cramps tomorrow!!!

p/s : ooooo you couple is it..? tell tell tell xD

pp/s : lazyyyyyy
ppp/s : valentine.. awww so nice.. xD 

xoxo, Jaslyn 

Friday, January 22, 2010

Chop or Not?

Hello darlings ...
There's smth troubling me all the time...

 It may be a small thing to you,
But its like a SUPER HUGE decision in my life....
LOL, i am exaggerating lahh


Well...  I loved my long hair and i missed it like hell.. :(
Why? Because you can put it down  and appear in a different hair style,
that's why..
BUT~ ive been hearing comments like

" You look nicer in short hair "
" Short hair for you is more suitable "
" you dun look rily nice in long hair "

Bla bla... -.-

I knew myself i look better in short hair bcoz i dont need to tie it,
OMGOSH the look i tie my hair is like shit damn ugly,
WHy are there stupid rules in school that asked you to tie your long hair?

GAHH i am so troubled by this~~

NOw my hair is at a medium length,
so... either i chop it or tie it..
:S i am doubting a lot..

will i look super ugly after i chop it?
will i look like a dork ? O_O
will i regret?
Is keeping my hair long a wrong decision?
Will i regret after that??

AAAAAHHHH all this questions are in my freaking head..
For now,
The conclusion is to chop it off..
BUt i am still under consideration though..
xD its a tough decision laaaa...
My hair grows SUPER slow.. :(

Oh well, today in school,
nth much happen.. xDD
GAHH what a bore, after that librarian duty -.-
It was quite fun at first coz all my form2 babes came...
Then after its just work work work WTH? -.-

Oh well.. still thinking abt my hair though,
i looked as if my head shrunk or smth when i tie my hair!!
BUt i like when you go out and let your hair down..
Awwwwwww :)

I've been tricked again -.-
and by the same person, why???
They say i am too emotional ,
But what i know is,
you were ONCE a very important person,
but NOW,
no more... :)

p/s : tomoro is the MERENTAS DESA dayyyy~ Weih dun ditch me ar -.-
pp/s : after running still got school wtf?
ppp/s : CHOP OR NO???

xoxo, Jaslyn

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A happy ending :)

Hello Peeps~ 
Gahh i din blog for quite some days dy :S
Dont blame me, blame PMR xDD

ALERT !! I have no specs on~~ 
my eyes are so small -.-
Anyway, just back from tution lorrs xD
Omgosh today was hillarious, but somehow was stressed also lahhh
Hillarious because of Siew Yi,

BUt seriously, her partner is not a gentleman,
And yet he blame SY for being too shy,
come on lah dufus, what you expect her to do?
walk into the boys , and purposely call you, 
YOU should walk to her lahh,
where are your balls and guts lah -.- 
as if she will do that for you, who are you ? Her boyfriend??? 

yesterday, stayed back at school for badminton,
Siew yi went back lorr, yea she ditched us wth? LOL
So after lunch, Xing Yi and i changed our pjk clothes,
Blah blah, then i thought of camwhore-ing ^^ 
Yea i brought my phone -.-
So, we went to " book" a classroom.. xD
We scribbled on the board,
and of coz CAMWHOREE~ xD


Omg this pic is like so damn clear rite?
EH i didnt edit it lahhh
YAYYY! LOl ss~ bare with me yeas XD
HAAH yes XY ss worrr~  xDD i adjusted it, so nice rite?? xP
Then , pics of scribbling xD

So nicee right? xDD

This one seriously bangga gila weihhh xDD

Bla bla, Siew Yi came,
Didnt bring racket, felt bored,
SO we ponteng lorrr,
Camwhoree again x)
Siew yi camwhore freak larhs, see almost all pics have her inside HAHAHA
There are also some pics from the library xDD
Dont see if you cant bare with our hawt looks xDD
Enjoy :)

 Darn cute weih xDD

Sy face so weird alhhh~ LOLLL

 So hawt xD eee flirt ar? chehhh~ tsk tsk


 OHH i like this pic a lot! xD

Well thats all for today though :)
we 4 had a heart-to-heart convo today,
Talking abt our goods and bads,
Its kinda sad to know you are that BAD,
but its good to know they know you are BETTER than that :D
p/s : omgosh i am so obsessed with  飛輪海 - 很安靜 !!! 
You can melt instantly just by listening to how they sing~
pp/s : CHORAL SPEAKING is tough~ but will try my best lahh~ cheers!!
ppp/s : Mime XD

xoxo, Jaslyn

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

NOOOO why?

Hello dearies~ 
NOOOOO i slept again -.-
LOL, i  accidentally took a nap during the afternoon lahh -.-
I dont mean to, after back from koku, i just wanna relax 
and feel the comfy on my bed, and 
THERE goes me sleeping there -.-
 AND! my mum even on the air-cond which made me sleep more -.-
LOL, kay lah its a concern, thx mum~

ANyway, today had some ups and downs XO
Morning i was late for choral speaking introduction :)
Yea i decided to join, try me :D
Tomoro there is gonna be an audition,

i am so nervous already -.-

I just hope i can make it into the team yea ^^

OKAY from here, i am gonan complain abt some idiots ,
HAHA the names are from animals,
BUT!!! the animals are way better than them, its just a name okay -.-
so, if you cant bare with my complains, skip this part XP

Then afterwards,
Donkey came , shit i hate donkey :P,
Come on~ how long since you looked into the mirror,
reflect yourself before you even think of talking to me lahh
Dont act as if you know me,
You are blinded, and FYI,
you are not fab, you are the other way around :)

Later on, i found out an ugly truth,
A beautiful lie and An ugly truth, 
which one do you prefer...

After this incident, i rather stick to beautiful lies,
at least you can dream on :(
If you chose an ugly truth, ( which i dont like but have to face -.- )
You will end up tearing like me :(
Your world will be exactly like, a total blackout,
The wound will NEVER be mended ...  and there is always hatred :)

besides donkey, there is hippo ( dun be too serious on the name -.- )

WTF hippo is so much worser,
GAHH i feel like slaughtering and smack the hippo RIGHT on the HIPPO's face
Real life hippo is better than this person,
at least cartoon hippos are super cute LOL -.-
Dont Lc lah , as if you are gorgeous or smth,
GOD gave you a face to smile, and?
you frown and show that shit face to everyone,
DO you know ppl get annoyed?
Fck you, you dare to say ppl ugly or wtv,
how abt yourself? Are you perfect, naah~
so stfu and be more polite or
your life will be nothing more than a piece of waste :)

I dont mean to be harsh, just expressing :)
See, dont mess with me, tsk tsk
I tell you ppl to dont comment  bad things abt this,
or you will end up very unpleasantly :)
thx for your cooperation, just read through thats all xD

ANyhoo, happy things,
took my personal pic -.- LOL in class...
EEEEEE i was wearing the ugly uni -.-
OH WELL, leo had potluck ,
It was quite fun xDD
Got to meet some new ppl, actually we knew each other lahh,
just dat we talked more today,

I am gonna be comitted this yr in koku LOL 
( except rumah sukan -.- )
BY that time, you better just back off and make way :)

Thx for 3 gurls for comforting though,
Aww I was so touched when you all even sang happy songs for me 
just to make me happy.. hw nice xD
Thats why, friends are hard to get,
especially when you make friends with ppl who are worser than animals 

p/s : noooooo, now i slept so long, where is my homework mood -.-
pp/s : your tastes disgust me, your face is more  :)

cheer up ppl!! xD
If you have anything down lahh -.- LOL

xoxo, Jaslyn 

Monday, January 18, 2010


Today is a monday ...
How i wish time would slow down a lil...
Its just not enough me for me :(
I know i shouldnt be blabbing abt this,
in other words,
i should rearrange my schedule.... xO

GAhhhh~  super tired now :(
I have to finish my homework before evening comes,
I feel sooooo super lazy right now :(
I didnt watch draMAS  lahhh~
I am banning myself, how nice :D
I hope i can resist it till the last second ;D

Today had another crazy day at school,
although so still see some unpleasant faces though,
wtv laaa xD

Why must you be so bitchy?
Everytime i thought i was wrong abt you,
You made me regret saying you were good,
What is your problem yo?

ZZZZ, tomoro got leo portluck or not lea..?
Still not sure,
till then, i have to return to piles of homework
they missed me a lot xD

xoxo, Jaslyn 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I will suprise you ... wait for it :)

Hello Hello !!!
Today was another sunday, havent touched any of the tution homeworks
GRRRRR -.- lazy bump.. 
I hate f3.. hate pmr, hate school :(

Anyhoo, yesterday  went to youth BBQ night,
HAHA one sentence
Lol tsk tsk~ its rily nice lahh -.- LOL~ yummy!!!!
No pics though, busy enjoying the chicken LOL

Today morn went to church lors :)
See so good LOL
Then went to summit,
siblings and cousins joined a colouring contest for charity purposes,

Their colouring is no match for others laaaa :D LOL
Took some pics of some arts that i rily rily like,
nxt time oni post xD
There is a gurl whose colouring is superb weihhh
I was so attracted by her, she used 3 boxes of colour pencils though
and, she took like more than 4 hours :)
Of coz, her efforts sure pays up,
Her colouring was pwetty and it shines!!! xD

Next, After dinner , 
went to pasar malam AGAIN to see more clothes :)
BOught 5~!!!
Zzz, not rily THAT nice, but CNY maaaa  LOL

Tomorrow school starts again 
What a bore, time zooms ..
24 hours is so not enough... GAHHHH -.-

Addicted to GODFREY again,
he's killing me ;D
Gosh and i just found out his first gf is when he was 14?
wtf? EEEEEE the gurl must be the luckiest gurl on earth :(
Gahh ... he is mine NOW,
so piss off yo~ LOL

xoxo, Jaslyn 

Friday, January 15, 2010

What a Friday :)

Hello muaxx~
Today was indeed a SUPER tiring day for me if you ask :D
I USED to love fridays :D
Coz fridays are supposed to be relaxing,
after morn school, go home, relax, 
next day, WEEKEND!!! ^^
Yea... My friday USED to be so nice LOL 

Yea its nice... NOT TILL NOW! lol
Today after school, i have to stay back at school for librarian duty.. TT
GAHH so sienn lor :(
I wanted to quit but didnt do it at last :D 
I am so NOT giving up after coming so far O_O

LOL.. xD  Today we cleaned the library,
POOH is that dusty -.- 
I have to admit, library always has some ridiculous books -.-
NObody touches it lahhhh -.- waste money -.-
So tired lorr -.- DIdnt have time to do my h/w wtff?
LOL~ nvm lahh, sacrifices ^^

 I like this angle, but my fringe looked fugly in it :(
Just ignore it :D

Zzz, went back home..
WAAh damn tired :( 
pity SY who needs to stay back for purple house...

Back at home, opened my laptop, guess wat?
Slept -.- Yea, and! i slept till 8.24 pm !! OMGOSH rite?
Shit weih i sleep so long, somemore havent bath -.-
SO  dat means ive been wearing the stinky uniform all along ^^
How awesome ~ xD


 Anyhoo, the drama MOMO LOVE is coming to an end...
awwwww... sad case :(
To whom who havent watch it, its a big mistake of your life :D
 Gahh still loading in youtube, damn freaking slow -.-
KO3anguo just nid to wait for me XDD
AARON YAN just wont come out in those eps -.- wtf?

Another thing, 
had been all over EVAN YO'S and FAHRENHEIT's SONG recently,
They are so darn talented -.- wth? -.-
How i wish i can sing like dat :(
Yea rite, shower song ^^ its really good LOL

Do not give up even IF you cant stand any longer,
always hold on,
Who knows that one day they will come up to you, 
and tell you the truth,
just hold on to the stick,
Don't let go unless the sticks breaks,
But if the stick does breaks,
at least you TRIED your best to hold on..
and you have NO regrets :D 
Those who do not know your effort,
its their loss :)
 to wxyz, ^^ and me lah.. LOL ( encouraging myself tsk )

p/s : EEEEEE, how i wish i was f2 now :(
p/s : Sejarah so hard lah, fu3king haRD :(
p/s : Smile if you can, Dont always show the frowning one :D

Muahahahah~ LOL xD

xoxo, Jaslyn