Sunday, January 10, 2010


ALOHA peeps! :DD
Today is already sunday!! NOOOOO~
i have to wake up tomoro morning again D:
Getting rily sick of waking up freaking early :(

Went piano today :D
Gahh i dun really like my new teacher :(
I missed Teacher Elizabeth..
To tell the truth, this teacher's way of teaching is so DEAD.. -.-
Well i know you have to teach all the syllables.. 
BUT! if its too DEAD, it will just make students like us have no interest in it..
At least my past teacher teaches us hit songs and trendy songs marh!! -.-
Haiz.. maybe i will change another teacher, or another piano class..
but for now, let me just try to like her :S

Anyhoo before piano.. went to BABY SHARK for lunch :D
Havent got to finish my food coz its piano time -.-
Sienn waiting so take pics lorr.. xD

Yes she is ss-ing herself xD lol retarded

Bla bla.. after piano class... went to see a sale at the summit hall
Saw some bags... hand bags .. they are super cheap but still nice larh
BUT mum doesnt want to buy for me -.- wth??
Bla bla and OHHHH!!!!
I saw some freaking cute and kawaii TEDDY BEARS!!!!
OMGOSH~ i was squealing when i first saw them ^^
I dun rily like teddy bears at first, but these are just too cute xD
HAHA~ camwhore with lil sis! OMGOSH how i wish i have a BIG teddy ^^

Then, we passed some sunglasses, 
so i and my lil sis tried some ...
sampat huh~ LOL


LMAO~ Nothing to do dy.. so go home :D
Back at home, msn with peeps..
GAHHH i just found out i havent TOUCH any of my homeworks :( 
OMGOSH~ the worst part is the literature
wtf? that book is sooooo boring at the start, 
so i never bothered to read it again.. 
UNTILL NOW! which it was required for me to do my homework!
the teacher lah wth! 

LAstly, just came back from pasar malam...
din buy anything coz the stalls are closing wtf?! yea AGAIN~

Then went to hospital to visit my lil cousin baby sis..
She's awfully not well.. :( And she has terrible phlam inside her throat..
she is a twin that is not in a good condition..
Haiz :( Heard mum that she has to have tubes in her throat for hours jsut to let her breath 
Poor thing, pray for her, her name is CANICE WONG
Seeing her like that makes my heart break to pieces...
Imagine a not even 1 yrs old baby having tubes in her throat and
needles all around.. :( OMgosh..

p/s : GAHHHHH~!!! stupid homeworks!
pp/s : stupid dr jekyll and mr hyde
ppp/s : another week to study.. haiz... -.-

xoxo, Jaslyn 

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