Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hate making choices

Dear blog,

I haven't been updating for centuries.
naahhh get used to it, no readers anyway (:

Super stressful month :'(
I am super busy in the weekdays. what more the weekends.
First, I have 2 closest friend with their birthdays super near,
caused me and xingyi to be super madly frustrated.
We have to plan the surprise, do the birthday card.
Sounds easy, but definitely not simple to do.
not to mention, EXAM'S COMING :(((
havent touch a single subject. One more week wei.

One thing's good. Florence's birthday just passed yesterday.
It was a blast for her, according to herself (:
Glad It was a success, Or I can't imagine all our efforts get flushed right down.
blah. one more person to go :)

Oh and back from youth.
There is this workshop programme on 6th August.
It's a must-go for me since I am one of the pianists .
But I have leo installation at the same time!
Well not the exact same time, but it will clash anyhow D:
See why I hate making choices. 
I will upset a side anyway.

D: D: D: D:
Feel like breaking down to pieces.
bye loves :)