Monday, February 28, 2011

Thank Him

Hey peepos (:

before i say anything, let me just say something.
*slaps myself* 
So, if you are wondering what i'm crapping here,
OH i finally finished my VERY FIRST pianist-experience in youth fellowship last sat :D
It was a total accomplishment for me i would say!
You guys have totally NO idea how nervous i was last two weeks.
I even annoyed my song leader to gimme the songs earlier lol!
On that day itself i went 2 hours earlier to even suit myself with the piano there :)
fascinating huh?
overall, it's quite laggy, 
my hands are giving out sweats, making the piano keys slippery lol!
But it always feels great when you managed to go through your first-time in everything ;)

Without him, i would get screwed badly on the piano.
Praise Him for blessing fingers while i play the worship (:
Glory unto his name :D

CUT! today again :D is monday.. again :/
Oh crap i really don't like monday-s :(
It's when you enjoyed your paradise for 2 days and BOOM here comes school :/

blahhh today I got back some results.
Ohgoodness. Physics is pathetic, like seriously.
Only by plotting the freaking graph strangles my brain cells and look what it got me -.-
negative 5 marks or more. wow.
About addmaths, honestly i was expecting high on it since i really tried to nail it when they said " its common to fail ".
And thinking that the only chance of getting A is the FIRST monthly exam,
i really killed my brain cells myself :O
but blahhhh i got B, begging for some marks to get an A- at least lol!
Here comes the complicated situations again :/
Some of my friends didn't get their results expected, was quite down.
I wanted to comfort them, but didn't know what to say.
It seems like every word is hurting them omg :O 
SO i just shut my mouth up :O best way i guess..

Oh guess what.
was too tired when i got back from duty just now, 430pm.
Slept straight away with my uniform on o.o
When lil sis came and woke me up, i was late for physics tution.
wasn't in time to eat my dinner, rushed to tution.
was STILL late, but better than really late hoho :D

right now it's midnight and my eyes are open.
slept hours for nap just now, so yeah..

alright, tomorrow's gonna be a busy day :O
accounts tution :/
am i doing the right thing taking accounts? :O

xoxo, Jaslyn

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Exam-free :D

Hello lovely :D

Before i say anything else more..
my first form 4 exam since i went in science stream 
is finally finished :D
woohoooooo! :D

Omg so relieved.
4 days of torture -.-
I look exactly like some panda right now, just without white and black fur :/
Blahhh my last paper was addmaths.
I can say i was really dissapointed with myself though.
People have been saying it's easy to fail o.o
So i really did an attempt to nail it :/
But according to other smart classmates,
I think i did many mistakes D:
And to the fact that i actually DOUBLE CHECKED. i still got many wrongs.
Was super down just now, 
officially lost my confidence in addmaths. GREAT -.-

BLAH studies aside!
gahhh still have to wake up early tomorrow.. choral speaking :/
Just came back from ace though, 
it was sort of boring today :O

Alright that's all people :D
toodles :)

p/s : wth? he is so easily-offended omg? Can he be anymore sensitive? -.-
pp/s : BOO. camp. gahhhh

xoxo, Jaslyn

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

sodium suprise !

Hey jellos (:

So.. today was a quite interesting day for me :D
I'm quite glad it turned out okay between me and this person laa :)
we both upset-ted each other the other day on valentine's D:
worse, we both are really close friends.
worst, it's in a stupid way for meaningless reason :(
BUT. it's over now :D
we are talking and laughing like usual already by now. 
God heard my prayer.. again :D

what again?
haha He has been listening to my prayers alot lately LOL!
fyi, i lost my pair of shades in school for this flashmob event for leo club.
And it's already almost a month since i lost it in the canteen.
I prayed almost everyday, don't even dare to tell my mum :/
then there is this day, last week actually.. my friend told me to ask a guy who asked her whether she lost any shades, so she remembered me saying abt mine missing so she told me about the guy. I went and met the guy. 
went through some ''procedures'' to prove that i'm not lying -.-
OMG it sure is! was darn freaking happy ahhhh :DDD
Ngaww it's back to me now :D

okay back to today.
Just got back from chemistry tution in usj central opposite usj1's Giant.
We did some experiments to see how fast an element reacts with water.
One of them was sodium.
Teacher put a little of 'em into the water and it gave out this "psshh" sound and whirls around the beaker super fast  O.O
I wasn't really amazed so i suggested to put a bigger piece of sodium :D
teacher tried, and omg what an experience!
the sodium just fled around the beaker and suddenly it burst into flames then it starts to give out this tiny explosion with fire sparks! :O
Florence was on her knees just infront of the beaker,
so when it happened she just quickly turned around to protect her face lol!
It was darn epic..  the table even has holes on the surface :O
Besides that, the mat too got burnt a little here and there,
and that includes the small hole on our teacher's pants :D
HAHA darn epic xD 
it was risky but oh well, it's cool! :DDDD
blahhh after that we went out to play a lil fireworks that teacher bought earlier.

So that's almost about it :)
Exam is next week :O I'm doomed. 
I haven't touch a bit of my science subjects :(
Plus, it will be my turn to play the piano on the 26th. I'm really nervous wei :/
I have practically one more week, but i just got one song in my head!
It's really hard when you have to listen to that new song and figure out your own chords D:
I hope i won't screw up that day D:
I just wish someone would gimme the chords lol!
at least i dont need to spend so much time figuring out the chords though :/

xoxo, Jaslyn

Sunday, February 13, 2011

never ending homeworks!

Seriously, i feel like slapping the homeworks if they were humans.
I'm gonna torture twice as hard as they tortured me D:

Its late night and im still blogging.
NOT cause i'm too free, it's cause i've been stuck with physics all day long and if i don't take my eyes of it tomorrow i will be an alive zombie in school.
Physics is pathetic. Chemistry too.. Bio three..
gahh science subjects. science stream.
Oh crap!! @.@

Homeworks are never ending, don't you think.
Just when i'm gonna finish my physics hw,
here come accounts, chinese, sejarah and even moral~!!
OH DEAR. i just remembered!
I have a moral project to do! and the dateline is on 16th :O
It's 13th already! -.-
3 more days? GAHH stab me ! :O

okayy enough fussing should really get back to my physics then some sejarah then sleep.
Tomorrow's gonna be hectic for me though..
After school, duty, addmaths tution, physics tution.
I will be home at.. 10.30pm?
Ahhh great -.-

p/s : i'm still jealous D: gahhh screw it.

xoxo, Jaslyn

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lion dance

Hello world.

you know, many things had happened to me lately :/
more like embarrassing things! o.o

okayyy blahhh i shall blog about today.
as what my last post said, did that segak thing in school.
had muscle aches that felt like someone just chopped off my hand -.-
then today morning, went to school for wudo.
it was tiring but still interesting.. i think?
haha :D tiring as in the coach was actually asking us to hold that ''imagine-you're-sitting-on-a-chair" post which they call horse-rising-stunt..
or is it half-rising-stunt? LOL! okayy wtv.
so yeah that explains why i dont really feel my leg today :/
i bet the muscle inside is all tangled up or some even twisted like crap :/
but heyyy that means the crazy pumpings and punching really worked (:

blahh after that followed florence to Acts church in Summit (:
was there to hear a talk themed " true love waits "
It's really nice i must say,
Pastor Sandra was the speaker and she speaks her view in a truthful way.
by truthful i mean she uses most of those not-very-nice-word-or-phrases.
Pastor Kenneth said talked a lil too.
I shall share it here then (:
ALL SINGLES/COUPLES better open your eyes :D
Having a relationship is like baking a perfect cake,
when you mix all the ingredients in a big bowl
it's just like when you're starting a relationship and you put all your feelings in to make it bloom.
Next, the smell of the ingredients start to get tempting with all the flavours and fragrance.
This is when you are very attracted to that particular boy/girl.
You can't resist and tasted the mixture and it tasted great!
It's when you can't resist temptation and only seek for temporary pleasure. 
BUT, is that your main motive? 
NO! it's the cake. where is the cake? No cake!
so what i learnt is,
if you just wanted to taste and feel it, 
Why put inside the oven and bake for 1 hour?
you can just simply lick the big bowl of mixture and it still tasted awesome!
but.. that isn't what you planned, is it?
therefore, in life, we should finish our aim and bake that cake.
tasting is just a part of it, dont just taste and ruin the cake!
if you want a perfect cake, you wait for it to bake.
That's when you get your satisfaction.
and that is when you get your true love, your happiness, and your blessed marriage.
- edited from Pastor Kenneth's preach -

I must say, i really enjoy Pastor Sandra's talk because she speaks into the deepest corner  in our teen hearts.
That's kinda hard for an adult since our parents are almost nagging all the time.
but she has this special thing in her that makes you agree willingly.
I'll say God has done a very fine job on her by helping her to preach :D
Sadly i had to leave early because i thought youth's at 6pm but actually its 630pm. -.-

So.. left to youth blahblah.
since i just found out i was too early when i got there, fooled around practically.
Saw Jade playing piano though, totally amazed.
One day, or next next week lol.. i will be the one playing :/
i really hope that i wont screw up and somehow i'll just make my teammates feel comfy laa.
i mean.. who wants a noob pianist? :/
PRESSURE! but sometimes pressure is good.. i guess? 
OH OH today's theme is cny+valentine's.
My worddd i had to be the back of the lion dance :/
It's supposed to be Joyce's punishment but I got drained too. wth?
retarded joyce >:(  LOL! omg i hope i looked pretty in the pics.
LOL how can you look pretty when you're the tail of the lion dance omg?
super embarrassing felt like digging a hole D:
WORST. i banged my head on hers and everybody laughed D:
imma clown. :( like srsly wth.

Blah i dont know what to say already O.O
overall i think im really unusual today :O
Besides being really hyper and talkative infront of strangers which i usually don't..
I too, got super jealous today D:
But i can't. It's gonna make me baddd :(
Girls can dream, don't they?
GAHH wake up Jaslyn, it's not a dream. :O
snap out of it ! ><

p/s : i'm playing piano on the 26th. and i have to figure out my own chords.
wth?  I don't even know the song. crap? 
God bless me :/

xoxo, Jaslyn

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

early recess! :P

Hello you! :)

So.. i'm just back from school? :O
it's 2.45pm already and i'm still in my pjk's. :P
shall take bath right after i post this laa :D

btw, today's school was super epic :P
We had our pjk this morning doing SEGAK stuff.
was super tired :O
then after pjk saw some prefects in the canteen, too lazy to go upstairs and come down again, so florence and I decided to go recess with the prefects.
 fyi, our prefects always go recess 10 mins earlier so we're copying them.
whats the harm? :P
HAHA omg bigg harmm :P
bought food. bell rang.
OMG. then we realized we were too early! :O
there's suppose to be one more period before our recess since we're the second-recess-form. 
LOL it was too late since we both bought food, HAHA
so we were practically embarrassed when anyone we know asks us :O
'' eh? why you both here dy one? ''
'' eh? you now recess meh? "
LOL many sorts of questions. super embarrassed HAHA.
after eating as fast as possible, went to library instead of class,
well we were super late already so yeah.. 
skipped the ACTUAL recess to rush addmaths homework xD
what an experience! :P not a very good one though..

blahh oh i felt super awesome when i managed to finish my addmaths homework and passed it up on time!
the homework took me 3 litres of brainjuice to figure it out la.
okay exaggerating now.. haha :D

just now when i was going through the facebook news feed,
i saw this album my aunt just uploaded for cny :D
omggg i saw my cousin baby twins! :D
SUPER ADORABLE! i miss them soooo much :(
hopefully i can meet them up on this saturday :')
saved some photos of them. super adorable :'D

omg so small dy can pose hahah :D

 lol showing smth i guess?

sisters! :D awwww xD

blah thats all. 
gotta shower and tution :/
toodles loves :D

xoxo, Jaslyn

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Back to Subang :)

Hello lovelies :D

ahhhhh so nice to be home again :D
been in Johor for 5D4N? :O
If it was usual, i would complain till tomorrow :D
BUT. fortunately and weirdly, this trip isn't that bad.
turned out i didn't get ALOT of mosquitoes bites :D
haha maybe that is because i'm always sleeping right beside the standing fan hoho :D
yeah so my 4 nights were okayy laa :D

brief summary :D
on tuesday, woke up like super early O.O
5am+ and took off to Johor :O
look at the colour of everywhere.
everyone was still in their beds and we're already on the road :O
 Blahblah slept for a while in the car till the sun comes out :D
AHHH then wear shades. :D
P/s : i lost my shades at school! for the leo flashmob thingy!! D:
still dont have the guts to tell mum :(

the shades below is my mum's spare one :/
gahhh guilt :/
p/s: i still think the canteen ppl took it! they didnt dare to look into my eyes when i asked them ! >:( BUT! no proof.. blahh!

At noon, reached grandma's house in Johor.
fyi, teacher gave a moral project that you have to take pics abt preparation for cny.
so yeah haha took lots of awkward pics that looked like im helping but im just posing haha :D

Tadaa this is the reunion dinner everyone has been talking abt :D
For my family, we just had a simple steamboat dinner with our grandma :)
Simple yet tasty! :D
The most important is, we eat as one family :D 

Blah blah blah.
went shopping on i-forgot-which-day and bought fake nails! HAHA.
Oh come on it's chinese new year laa just having fun lolol!

It's supposed to be fake nails with pink butterflies on it,
but since i painted my fingernails red you can't really see the design :O
but my sis' one is pretty clear! :)
Yeah we bought a packet and shared, five on mine and five on hers :D
It didn't stay long tho. and the glue in the packet is darn lil! >:/

 My sis' hand :D
Pretty ehs? LOL!

Blah today..
 after having ANOTHER steamboat lunch with the other relatives in malacca, 
went home :)
the journey took hours! :O buttsore! haha :D

ahhhhh super happy to be home :D
to see my room!!
NOT happy to think abt stress, homeworks and more stress :/

i finished gossipgirl season 1!
outdated LOL i knowwww :(
Haha it's been quite a while since i had it but i finished already!!

of course its awesome :P Chace crawford is inside haha :D
i have to admit, now i find leighton ( blaire ) quite pretty :O 

used to think she's like those girls who are just jealous of other pretty girls like blake ( serena ) :D yes i think she's pretty :D very!

HAIYA every girl in this show is basically gorgeous and stunning! :O
guys are also simply just attractive and HOT like chace (nate) :D tsk tsk
they have unique personalities and cute characteristics :D HAHA!
this show is super amazing :D

I'm SHOOO looking forward to gissipgirl season 2! :(

anyone has it? PLEASEEE IM BEGGING YOU :(
i will really really appreciate it! :D

xoxo, Jaslyn