Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lion dance

Hello world.

you know, many things had happened to me lately :/
more like embarrassing things! o.o

okayyy blahhh i shall blog about today.
as what my last post said, did that segak thing in school.
had muscle aches that felt like someone just chopped off my hand -.-
then today morning, went to school for wudo.
it was tiring but still interesting.. i think?
haha :D tiring as in the coach was actually asking us to hold that ''imagine-you're-sitting-on-a-chair" post which they call horse-rising-stunt..
or is it half-rising-stunt? LOL! okayy wtv.
so yeah that explains why i dont really feel my leg today :/
i bet the muscle inside is all tangled up or some even twisted like crap :/
but heyyy that means the crazy pumpings and punching really worked (:

blahh after that followed florence to Acts church in Summit (:
was there to hear a talk themed " true love waits "
It's really nice i must say,
Pastor Sandra was the speaker and she speaks her view in a truthful way.
by truthful i mean she uses most of those not-very-nice-word-or-phrases.
Pastor Kenneth said talked a lil too.
I shall share it here then (:
ALL SINGLES/COUPLES better open your eyes :D
Having a relationship is like baking a perfect cake,
when you mix all the ingredients in a big bowl
it's just like when you're starting a relationship and you put all your feelings in to make it bloom.
Next, the smell of the ingredients start to get tempting with all the flavours and fragrance.
This is when you are very attracted to that particular boy/girl.
You can't resist and tasted the mixture and it tasted great!
It's when you can't resist temptation and only seek for temporary pleasure. 
BUT, is that your main motive? 
NO! it's the cake. where is the cake? No cake!
so what i learnt is,
if you just wanted to taste and feel it, 
Why put inside the oven and bake for 1 hour?
you can just simply lick the big bowl of mixture and it still tasted awesome!
but.. that isn't what you planned, is it?
therefore, in life, we should finish our aim and bake that cake.
tasting is just a part of it, dont just taste and ruin the cake!
if you want a perfect cake, you wait for it to bake.
That's when you get your satisfaction.
and that is when you get your true love, your happiness, and your blessed marriage.
- edited from Pastor Kenneth's preach -

I must say, i really enjoy Pastor Sandra's talk because she speaks into the deepest corner  in our teen hearts.
That's kinda hard for an adult since our parents are almost nagging all the time.
but she has this special thing in her that makes you agree willingly.
I'll say God has done a very fine job on her by helping her to preach :D
Sadly i had to leave early because i thought youth's at 6pm but actually its 630pm. -.-

So.. left to youth blahblah.
since i just found out i was too early when i got there, fooled around practically.
Saw Jade playing piano though, totally amazed.
One day, or next next week lol.. i will be the one playing :/
i really hope that i wont screw up and somehow i'll just make my teammates feel comfy laa.
i mean.. who wants a noob pianist? :/
PRESSURE! but sometimes pressure is good.. i guess? 
OH OH today's theme is cny+valentine's.
My worddd i had to be the back of the lion dance :/
It's supposed to be Joyce's punishment but I got drained too. wth?
retarded joyce >:(  LOL! omg i hope i looked pretty in the pics.
LOL how can you look pretty when you're the tail of the lion dance omg?
super embarrassing felt like digging a hole D:
WORST. i banged my head on hers and everybody laughed D:
imma clown. :( like srsly wth.

Blah i dont know what to say already O.O
overall i think im really unusual today :O
Besides being really hyper and talkative infront of strangers which i usually don't..
I too, got super jealous today D:
But i can't. It's gonna make me baddd :(
Girls can dream, don't they?
GAHH wake up Jaslyn, it's not a dream. :O
snap out of it ! ><

p/s : i'm playing piano on the 26th. and i have to figure out my own chords.
wth?  I don't even know the song. crap? 
God bless me :/

xoxo, Jaslyn

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