Saturday, February 5, 2011

Back to Subang :)

Hello lovelies :D

ahhhhh so nice to be home again :D
been in Johor for 5D4N? :O
If it was usual, i would complain till tomorrow :D
BUT. fortunately and weirdly, this trip isn't that bad.
turned out i didn't get ALOT of mosquitoes bites :D
haha maybe that is because i'm always sleeping right beside the standing fan hoho :D
yeah so my 4 nights were okayy laa :D

brief summary :D
on tuesday, woke up like super early O.O
5am+ and took off to Johor :O
look at the colour of everywhere.
everyone was still in their beds and we're already on the road :O
 Blahblah slept for a while in the car till the sun comes out :D
AHHH then wear shades. :D
P/s : i lost my shades at school! for the leo flashmob thingy!! D:
still dont have the guts to tell mum :(

the shades below is my mum's spare one :/
gahhh guilt :/
p/s: i still think the canteen ppl took it! they didnt dare to look into my eyes when i asked them ! >:( BUT! no proof.. blahh!

At noon, reached grandma's house in Johor.
fyi, teacher gave a moral project that you have to take pics abt preparation for cny.
so yeah haha took lots of awkward pics that looked like im helping but im just posing haha :D

Tadaa this is the reunion dinner everyone has been talking abt :D
For my family, we just had a simple steamboat dinner with our grandma :)
Simple yet tasty! :D
The most important is, we eat as one family :D 

Blah blah blah.
went shopping on i-forgot-which-day and bought fake nails! HAHA.
Oh come on it's chinese new year laa just having fun lolol!

It's supposed to be fake nails with pink butterflies on it,
but since i painted my fingernails red you can't really see the design :O
but my sis' one is pretty clear! :)
Yeah we bought a packet and shared, five on mine and five on hers :D
It didn't stay long tho. and the glue in the packet is darn lil! >:/

 My sis' hand :D
Pretty ehs? LOL!

Blah today..
 after having ANOTHER steamboat lunch with the other relatives in malacca, 
went home :)
the journey took hours! :O buttsore! haha :D

ahhhhh super happy to be home :D
to see my room!!
NOT happy to think abt stress, homeworks and more stress :/

i finished gossipgirl season 1!
outdated LOL i knowwww :(
Haha it's been quite a while since i had it but i finished already!!

of course its awesome :P Chace crawford is inside haha :D
i have to admit, now i find leighton ( blaire ) quite pretty :O 

used to think she's like those girls who are just jealous of other pretty girls like blake ( serena ) :D yes i think she's pretty :D very!

HAIYA every girl in this show is basically gorgeous and stunning! :O
guys are also simply just attractive and HOT like chace (nate) :D tsk tsk
they have unique personalities and cute characteristics :D HAHA!
this show is super amazing :D

I'm SHOOO looking forward to gissipgirl season 2! :(

anyone has it? PLEASEEE IM BEGGING YOU :(
i will really really appreciate it! :D

xoxo, Jaslyn

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