Sunday, February 13, 2011

never ending homeworks!

Seriously, i feel like slapping the homeworks if they were humans.
I'm gonna torture twice as hard as they tortured me D:

Its late night and im still blogging.
NOT cause i'm too free, it's cause i've been stuck with physics all day long and if i don't take my eyes of it tomorrow i will be an alive zombie in school.
Physics is pathetic. Chemistry too.. Bio three..
gahh science subjects. science stream.
Oh crap!! @.@

Homeworks are never ending, don't you think.
Just when i'm gonna finish my physics hw,
here come accounts, chinese, sejarah and even moral~!!
OH DEAR. i just remembered!
I have a moral project to do! and the dateline is on 16th :O
It's 13th already! -.-
3 more days? GAHH stab me ! :O

okayy enough fussing should really get back to my physics then some sejarah then sleep.
Tomorrow's gonna be hectic for me though..
After school, duty, addmaths tution, physics tution.
I will be home at.. 10.30pm?
Ahhh great -.-

p/s : i'm still jealous D: gahhh screw it.

xoxo, Jaslyn

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