Wednesday, February 16, 2011

sodium suprise !

Hey jellos (:

So.. today was a quite interesting day for me :D
I'm quite glad it turned out okay between me and this person laa :)
we both upset-ted each other the other day on valentine's D:
worse, we both are really close friends.
worst, it's in a stupid way for meaningless reason :(
BUT. it's over now :D
we are talking and laughing like usual already by now. 
God heard my prayer.. again :D

what again?
haha He has been listening to my prayers alot lately LOL!
fyi, i lost my pair of shades in school for this flashmob event for leo club.
And it's already almost a month since i lost it in the canteen.
I prayed almost everyday, don't even dare to tell my mum :/
then there is this day, last week actually.. my friend told me to ask a guy who asked her whether she lost any shades, so she remembered me saying abt mine missing so she told me about the guy. I went and met the guy. 
went through some ''procedures'' to prove that i'm not lying -.-
OMG it sure is! was darn freaking happy ahhhh :DDD
Ngaww it's back to me now :D

okay back to today.
Just got back from chemistry tution in usj central opposite usj1's Giant.
We did some experiments to see how fast an element reacts with water.
One of them was sodium.
Teacher put a little of 'em into the water and it gave out this "psshh" sound and whirls around the beaker super fast  O.O
I wasn't really amazed so i suggested to put a bigger piece of sodium :D
teacher tried, and omg what an experience!
the sodium just fled around the beaker and suddenly it burst into flames then it starts to give out this tiny explosion with fire sparks! :O
Florence was on her knees just infront of the beaker,
so when it happened she just quickly turned around to protect her face lol!
It was darn epic..  the table even has holes on the surface :O
Besides that, the mat too got burnt a little here and there,
and that includes the small hole on our teacher's pants :D
HAHA darn epic xD 
it was risky but oh well, it's cool! :DDDD
blahhh after that we went out to play a lil fireworks that teacher bought earlier.

So that's almost about it :)
Exam is next week :O I'm doomed. 
I haven't touch a bit of my science subjects :(
Plus, it will be my turn to play the piano on the 26th. I'm really nervous wei :/
I have practically one more week, but i just got one song in my head!
It's really hard when you have to listen to that new song and figure out your own chords D:
I hope i won't screw up that day D:
I just wish someone would gimme the chords lol!
at least i dont need to spend so much time figuring out the chords though :/

xoxo, Jaslyn

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