Monday, January 24, 2011


i need your opinions wei :(

I have a super lousy malay physics teacher in class who can't really teach physics lol.
I went for tution but that tution teacher isn't really any better :/

i'm now in chapter 2 i think..
with the vernier calipers and all..
OMG i don't get it.
and february test is soooo near.
find a better tution?
ditch my current one?
study my own?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Inhaled too much smoke!

i think i annoyed you D:
I didn't mean to, forgive me D:
sometimes i just don't use my brain. sigh.


Hello hyper :)

So.. yesterday was MIYF's bbq night.
which means chicken, smoke, mosquitoes and lots of BALLS :D
tsk tsk fishballs crabballs. lots of 'em.
To summarise it,
it was okayy for me laa.
 Luckily there were no mosquitoes.
its definitely hot but oh well :D
Helped out abit on bbq-ing the stuffs.
LOL i put 3 chicken wings on the bbq set and there is none for me :O
LOL! somebody must have took and ate it >:D 
i think i inhaled too much smoke which makes me now, suffering with sorethroat and cough.
It was slightly uncomfortable last night but this morning it became worse! 
:'( It's painful and itchy and annoying omg :(
It's been quite a time since i had my last sorethroat :O
thanks to the smoke from bbq :(
after that went to have a long chat with joyce and tryphaena :)
left out much lol. but we did have a great talk :)

blahblah yesterday night i chatted with a friend till dawn lol.
gossips ahhhh never get tired of it :P
to make me feel guilty, I didn't go church :(
yes i know my fault. gahhh i did set the alarm wei so i don't know why. LOL

last but not least,
today's my elder brother's birthday :D
i didn't wish him in person because it would be awkward and weird since we quarell every second. :( but i do remember his birthday wei!
Imma good sis.
nvrm laa i shall just make sure my parents take us out for a nice dinner to give him a nice birthday ending :)
kor, happy 17th birthday!
May God bless you always, stay happy and healthy! 
study hard for SPM no regrets :D

the end.
xoxo, Jaslyn

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's gone!

Just when i thought i was doing great,
just when i thought things weren't that bad as i thought,
Just when it was just a final step to everything.
BOOM it's gone.
No more. never will. G-O-N-E.


hello hunney bunnies.

today has been practically a quite shocking yet sad day for me :(

i just got one of the biggest shock of my life.
just so you know, i've been designing for my leo club valentine's tee,
and recently i've just managed to design all the requirements,
it was so closee i tell you,
just with the confirmation and permission from other commitee members,
my leo badge and tee would be published.

But that's what happens in real life. 
Suddenly KABOOMMM.
" all valentine's sales are banned in school " - said by our new pengetua.
are all going into the garbage bin :'(
i heard this super shocking news just before recess,
and when it was recess my food tasted like shit D:
And my heart is so torn apart. D:

you guys might think it's no big deal laa.
But to me it is, i once wanted to give up on designing,
but everytime i think abt the fact i'm going to have my own-designed clothes and badges i felt so energetic and excited.
NOW? everything is GONE.
I really hoped high on it,
should have guessed it though.

I just wished it was real.
because it was SO close. :'(

xoxo, Jaslyn

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Should i take or drop accounts? opinions!

FORM 4 is driving me nuts!
why must the subjects be so different and COMPLICATED.
someone help me !! :(


Hey sexxayys :)
i've been pratically complaining about form 4 everyday?!?!
and i never stopped :(

on monday i have to do a physics presentation with my group members.
our teacher didn't tell us a thing abt what is physics,
instead she asked us to a presentation abt it :O wth?
ridiculous dont you think? -.-
i can't imagine our whole presentation thing that day. OH PLS PLS DONT SCREW UP!

Anyway, something has been stuck in my mind for days.
actually i decided to drop it and focus on my science subjects,
but then my parents suddenly got some thunder struck and asked me to take acc.
my school is being pathetic.
they cancelled the extra-acc-class-after-school and we have to pay to let the teachers mark our acc papers. wth right?
if i take it, it will be 11 subjects! OMG.
bro asked me to since scholarship requires 10-As and its better to take extra.
CRAP. kill me.
going crazy soon :(
i should have enjoyed my previous holidays BETTER.
it's too late to regret now :( sighhhh.
think positive laa girl :/
seriously i dont know a shit abt it i just know it's common to take lol!
xoxo, Jaslyn

Friday, January 7, 2011

I'll just do my best.

I do my best, and let GOD do the rest :)
May God help me all the way through :D

Hey hey hey :D
AHHH finally i got through the FIRST week of school lol.
there are quite some moments in class when i'm more like alone and bored since we are all separated now.
yeahh. wanna find a person to talk to but there is none :/
im super glad it has been a week HAHA LOL.

I've been super busy this whole week weih.
my schedule is all mixed up like crap :O
at noon i will sleep instead of doing my homeworks and at night i would stay up real late till like 1++ am to finish stuffs HAHA.
see? LOL! wth?
anyway, been feeling extremely tired every single dayy :(
the enthusiasm to go to school is not there anymore.
my friend, huiying went to ace school! pusat tuisyen sirius.
ZOMG the school is so darn cool.
i took chemistry tution there so i get to see all the latest stuffs they're using lol. no wonder the fees is like BOOM. with all the tech stuffs HAHA.

blahblah have been squeezing my head juice to think abt designs for leo club's valentine project :/
stayed up till 2am+ yesterday just to design -.-
tonight will most probably be the same :/
they better be considerate and appreciative mann :(
I just hope my designs will somehow help the club to sell the stuffs laa.
To be honest, i'm more like the one who can't accept rejects from my work lol. :X
but of course i will since it's a BIG thing. influences the whole club.
but i hope. I WISH. one day i can see my designs on the items :D HAHA.
but if it's rejected for a better one then it's okay laa haha.
*prettyy pleassee*
any ideas? rawr (:

being in different classes form your friends really sucks D:
sighh. if only my family is rich lol :(
but that doesn't mean i'm not grateful of what i have now laa.
just that.. IF. lol!
1.43am now. yay lol..

tomoro morn there is koku. WUDO!
sigh too bad no.3 is gone lol!

xoxo, Jaslyn

Monday, January 3, 2011

streaming for form 4. oh booo

People always find out what's important when they lose it.
appreciate what you have now, catch hold of it!
you will not have it forever.
i regretted. boo

Hey bunnies (:

today was first day of 2011's school.
it. is. horrible D:
first, you have super thick books with lots of assignments
THEN, streaming classes.
means i'm super lost in my current class right now.
okayyy i may have some old classmates with me but it's just not right.
ARGHHHH how can i survive. :(

back in form 1, im super shy that i dont even talk omg.
then in form 2, we had some conflicts among our classmates. it was a total nightmare. we even got this anti-blahblah thing going on. darn scary i tell you.
then in form 3, we were one united class. seriously! practically everyone is friends with each other. we even went out together for a trip.
BUT good times dont last.
now in form 4, the school picked 5-6 ppl from every classes and mix it together as a class.
omgg so now every class is SUPER QUIET. strangers laaa D:

meeting new friends are nice. but still. OHMYGOSH. :(
haih you can actually write a letter to beg the school to change you to other classes.
but my mum won't let me -.- ishh. it's okay laa.
new start :) positivee haha.

blahblah first day was boring. took textbooks.
i haven't buy my exercise books lol how awesome :P
went home. soaked wet as the rain is pouring like no one's business.
took a nice bath and accidentally slept while watching tv.
woke up. off to ace :O
changed classes from thurs to mon. new faces AGAIN omg.
but i saw angel aka annjoo there :D haha at leastt.
blahblah totally lifeless omg -.-

right now its 12.39am but im still up lol.
searching internet laa lol.
gotta think abt some ideas to design my leo club's valentines stuffs.

im assigned lol. but my job is to design the flyer.
LEO. rawr :3
so much for the first day of school? :/

thats all toodles.
xoxo, Jaslyn

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Just when you feel like life's a paradise.
everything is just fine.
here  comes school and books :O


Hey fellows :O
haih today's sadly the last day of holidays before school reopens.
doomed :(

blahblah went summit this afternoon to buy my school bag.
they don't really have what's in my mind.
but i do want a new bag badly. so i chose this :

Nice no?
I chose it because it's simple enough so that i can do anything i want with it like clipping on some funky stuffs or just i don't know? sew? LOL!
I saw some really nice white bags but mummy doesn't agree with it since i can't really maintain it's whiteness by the end of the month it's gonna be grey :(
SO yea. black and white. HAHA lol.

see this small chain thing?

my lil sis bought it for me for my birthday present. lol.
i wanted smth more useful in school days but that will do just fine laaa :D
at least she bought me one >:) heh. if not she wont have one on her bday too :P

after that, spent the rest of the day walking around and buying some new-year-clothes.

bought some (: bought a small jacket which is really nice to me :D
blahblah went home.
my relatives came and gave me monayyy :P
rewards for straight A-s in pmr laaa :D
then i "sponsored" 50 bucks for our last dinner before school starts haha.
we went to eat at taipan's "asia cafe", you know.. the one opposite MCD?
haha i don't know its name but its style is almost the same as asia cafe but just not that many choices of food :D

now in my room.
everything's like all jammed up.
tution starts from tomorrow weihh :(

addmaths, chemistry, english, bm, chinese blahblah all the subjects OMg.
it's gonna be a tough year D:
no matter what happens. think positive :D
my bro's fortune cookie : "when you think you can, you can "
can i? >:D haha duuuhh :P LOL!

xoxo, Jaslyn