Sunday, September 26, 2010

pranked by mummy

Always shoot for the moon,
even if you can't reach it,
you'll land among the stars (:


kay put that aside lol.

today went to summit.
after coming out of popular, found out my phone was not in my pocket.
got terrified and ran in and out of popular with my lil sis like mad women.
tried to call my phone but it was off-ed.
went home with me crying :(
den at home,
mum gave back my phone to me saying she found it in the car all these time
made me wasted my tears and worrieness omg lol.
what a mum -.-
thanks mum , my whole day mood is ruined -.-

okay for those who agrees on the principle
" geo is easy. common sense. "
dont read this. i warned ya!
i cant even recognize roads you want me to recognise cuontries?
kill me la.
haih oh well gonna study like mad for the last week tho.
good luck to mua :)

kay toodles muaxxxx.
will update AFTER PMR! :D

xoxo, Jaslyn

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2 more weeks to PMR

my title says it all laaaa.
it's less than 2 weeks actually :O
today is already tuesday in the first week.
GAHH -.-

i'm still studying my ass out of those subjects :O
spent like a whole week on SEJARAH.
YAY i think we are starting to understand each other :P
now left GEO and SCIENCE plus KH.
SC is okay. paper 1 is the one i hope high :O
geo is torture. they say its common sense -.-
either it's really super hard,
or it's my brain not thinking properly and making no sense :/
BUT i guess it's my brain lol.

im scared of it.
but im not scared of it at the same time HAHA.
weird :/
i got alot B's in trial. o.o
my brother says he will laugh at me for a lifetime
if i get lesser than 7A which is his result :(
Fyi, i only win him in results :O
he's one of the reasons im working my ass out of here >:O
being laughed by your own bro for a lifetime is something you dont need -.-

kayy i used comp to do research on ACE homework.
done dy.
so... i guess i gotta hit the books real hard again >:)
GOD bless all of you . and me.
may HIS blessings fall upon all PMR peeps :)

xoxo, Jaslyn

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


why can't you treat me like how you treat the others?
darn~! you are so mean.

hello people :)
oh my im updating every single day HAHA.
heyy i studied like 4 hours in the day :O
so i will do onlining at night :P

did i mention,
i really dislike or rather make it Hate
ppl who replies my messages like effing slowly.
okay it's not like i send those random questions like how are you or what.
im asking for an IMPORTANT answer laa!!!! D:<
PLUS! i put a " reply asap thx " behind.
OMG. reply faster laaa!
at least find a way to tell me right!
do you know every single second of not replying me makes me wait like its a whole hour!
i mean yeaaa. if it's those stupid questions,
of course you can reply later or smth.
but plssss. reply if the message is abt something important maa..
it won't hurt a single shyt if you reply faster,
infact, you helped a person from worrying too much.
OMG shoot those ppl who don't reply IMPORTANT messages asap.
when its asap, means immediately laaa wth.

okay chop chop chop.
today i cut out pieces of colour paper and sticked it in my reference book :D
ahahahah fun fun :D
and easier to remember :O
it's like when you take my sej reference book,
you will see pwetty colour papers sticking out with small headlines ;D
that way it would be easier for me to search for details of some particular chapter
im just too hardworking LOL.

whole family is going back to Johor this thurs :O
i don't want to laaa :/
reasons :
1 - too many mosquitoes. like seriously alot :(
2 - i can't sleep nicely at night. torturing when everyone else is sleeping already.
3 - i need to study. back there, im sure i wont.
4 - PMR
5 - i don't want to sit in the car for hours dy D: carsick geesh

this thursday i will have ace tution :O
don't wanna miss it tho.
guess i'll have to arrange the transport by tonight or tomorrow?
gosh hope so :/

btw, im soo addicted to the song THE TRUTH by kris allen :DDD
" i still stand here holdin' up the roof, coz its easier than telling the truth "
omgggg this sentence is love :)
it describes how a person tries wtv just to kip the truth behind the curtains.
afterall, you need to tell the truth,
sadly it isn't that easy :/
especially after you delayed..
am i right? ;D

thats all loves,

xoxo, Jaslyn

Monday, September 13, 2010

We'll take control of the world like it's all we had

here i am to blog again :D

i officially rested like 2 WHOLE DAYS :O
sunday and today.
didn't touch those books D:
yea i know right :O
i will study like some mad cow tomorrow ;)
sure :D * pinky promises to self * LAME :P

today lil sis and me cleaned up my test papers :O
filed them up.
found out my results have been dropping since form 2 D':
while i was in f2,
all were 70's and 80's.
omg now? haih dont even think abt it :(
geeesshh. really miss those primary times! :O
no pain no gain :O
guess this is how i grow? the hard way :O

thats all i guess?
random post just to show my bore HAHA.
its like 12.40 am now.
HAHA kay toodles :D
i really really really really wanna score good in pmr :/
who doesn't? -.-

xoxo, Jaslyn

Saturday, September 11, 2010

love changes a person ehs?

HI loves :D

guess what. listened to wang lee hom's song.
yea the latest song " things you dont know " / " ni bu zhi dao de shi "
NEVER thinked he's handsome or hawt.
but in the song and his face in the MV.
totally fell for him :D

today went to youth fellowship.
imma good girl, aren't i?
YAY i was early >:D
lol. coz usually i am like super late :O
den i would be so embarassed :P
but after weeks of not attenting..
i reached early ;D

had bible study and bible quiz.
studied like half an hour before youth :O
didn't help a single shyt laa :( lol.
heyy my brain can't fill in acts book after sejarah :(
blame my nooby brain >:D

den daddy as USUAL.
took his sweet time to fetch us.
causing some youths gotta stay back to wait with us :O
for our safety lol. but who would dare to kidnap us LOL.
* touchwood *
geesh while waiting,
rach and wen jun was right beside me :O lovebirds ;)
eeeeeeee lolololol
they made me have goosebumps :S
LOL. ahha love changes people :P
used to be strict. but when they face each other.
omg lol. i was like O.O
if you're reading , im just saying you guys are really loving :D
ahaha maybe i need to get used to it? LOL.
just experienced to be the so call " light bulb " :O
not good -.-  oopsss sorry blame daddy :P

blahblah daddy's mood was bright today :P
brought us to ASIA CAFE for dinn dinn :D
i ordered some japanese food.
omg japanese food is THE BOMB yo.
brightens up my life HAHA.
teriyaki thingy :D
i cant finish my watermelon juice since it's HUGE.
daddy drank half and kor drank the leftovers :O
big appetite no?
now. im officially stuffed like some teddy bear ><
feel like puking :O

kor even warned me to not online coz PMR is freaking near :(
oh well.
a lil dessert after the whole day won't hurt.
yea.. JUST A LITTLE (:

xoxo, Jaslyn

Friday, September 10, 2010

fakers. fake all the time

currently in a bad mood now.
saw something which i shouldn't see.
realized another dark side of the world again :(

Sometimes when you believe a person so much,
trusted that fella soooo much,
believed that he/she is your friend,
the one that walks in when everyone walks out,
he/she just flicks his/her hair and walks off.
you trusted that fella to be right here with you,
to believe in what you do,
to support what you choose.
but naaahh.

YOU are a faker to the backbone.
faker is those who fake their everything.
you're so fake till i don't know if any part of you is real.
you are like totally standing by my side the whole time,
when i turn around,
you just go to their side and change your whole person.
you know what?
to me right now,
you are just trying to make everyone thinks you are the good fella.
when you are actually the mastermind of all these.
you thought everyone is stupid, dont you?
yeaaa i can't do anything to prove im right you're wrong.
i lose to you in words, but i wont lose in heart.
you are a fake friend.
this time,
if you think you are not, you are.
ask your freaking heart,
does faking to me, faking to them, 
makes the real you better?

no matter how much i wanted to reveal the truth,
i can't and don't know how.
cant believe you actually cowardly 
in chinese "pai ma pi" or whatsoever.
you are like some slave who would clean other ppl's shoes and lose your dignity just to make sure you're safe.
what on earth are you thinking.

xoxo, Jaslyn

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i don't want a letter

Hello readers
i MIGHT be getting a surat amaran from school! ><
thanks to the school days i've skipped :(
flo got it somehow,
and she's the one who wrote a letter :/
must be some things mixed up.
GAHHHH if she is right,
then it would be me and mich who gets letterrrsss :O
my first surat amaran? I DONT WANT LAAA :(
haih right now cant seem to study and focus.
keep on checking out the mailbox.
right now no letters yet..
my brain is filled with negative thoughts.. oh gosh! what if ... :S
* touchwood * naah it will be okay.
guess i'll just have to think positive :/

i need a new way to study :(

When i don't say a thing,
doesn't mean i don't know a thing.
it just means i knew everything,
but i was hoping you could tell me the truth.


haihhh. D:
i hate form 3 life laa.
we have like 2 weeks of holidays.
but form 3's gotta study like damn shit hard.

after the two trials.
i really know myself better.
effort does pay.
on the first trial, i studied real hard and got B+.
so i figured on the 2nd one i would get an A since its gonna be easier.
so i stupidly didn't really study.
confidence inside. yeaaa i have.
but it turned out i got B- or even C.
totally broke my heart.
i know GOD is warning me.
telling me if i dont put 101% in this, im not gonna get my straight A.
but, i really can't study.
sejarah doesn't like me at all.
geo hates me even if i want to like it.
science just mixes everything together and confuses me everytime.
kh is okay. but it likes to dissapoint me when i have my hopes held high.
chinese just dont understand me and neither do i.
MATHS is my love. but i always lose careless marks.
not to brag about it,
but i was.. WAS the clever girl in ppl's eyes.
but now... not so anymore.
mummy said i am getting more and more wild and inobedient.
she even said she NEVER sees me studying seriously.
i was hurt deeply.
but in the other hand, no matter how much i wanna deny it,
it is true.
i.. have not been seriously studying.

yea you guys will be like
" well then? what cha waiting for? go study laaa "
easy to say. hard to do.
that's why im here.
crapping like shit.
but not studying a thing.
haih. i need some slap. * jk lol *
motivation? haih.
regretted once in trials. dont wanna regret in pmr.
no i dont want to.
i want to smile on my bday. on the day i take my results.
alrites i shall study.
sejarah im gonna make you like me no matter what.
maybe not love. just like :D

oh oh who got a better way to study sejarah and geo.
i really need help :(
helping a person makes your day!
lol. and what i needed is just an advice thank you :D

thats all.
i will go try again and force sejarah to be interesting (:

xoxo, Jaslyn

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


you don't need them,
you need them too (:


miss mua?
lol. anyway i just got back from my 3D2N trip in CAMERON :D
went there with my relatives (:
mum and dad can't go due to work :O
oh well they just went for church camp,
so this time its my turn >:D
overall it was AWESOME :D
lots of pichas and memories.
gonna post some here. more on facebook :D

at first i was kinda down when i knew that we are staying in an apartment.
you see.. i expected a HOTEL lol.
century pines maybe? :P
but GOD has a plan. the apartment was great (:
just that no waiters walking around and no special orders LOL.

went to my aunt's house in PERAK
to meet my relatives before going to cameron.

slept over there (:

1st day 05.09.10
nothing much..
reached there, took lots of photos with cousins.
childish me :)

took some jumpshots. darn nice okayyy :P

at night, went out to the nightmarket.
strong wind blowing, it was chilly :O
considered freezin already compared to the subang usj weather :O

after some rest,
ate DURIANS at the balcony..

watched ASTRO till 11.38pm.
slept like a pig till next day :)

2nd day 06.09.10
woke up at 12pm in the afternoon.
the weather there was perfect for sleeping ><
ppl who want to take a break from the hectic days should go cameron. :D
went to TEA FARM :D

took alot of pichas AGAIN :D
ordered lemon grass tea. boy it as pricey :O

sat at a nice place with a nice view.
both cousin babies was superbly happy :D
there was a strong wing tho. darn cold :O
bought some hot baked pastries there and a small box of tea bags :D
went back to the apartment.
blahblahblah did some homework.
BM homework! hmm how hardworking? HAHA
distractions all around. ahahha didn't do for long LOL.
was forced to sleep at 10.30pm

omg so early -.-
had a awful sleep tho. maybe i was just not used to the bed :O

3rd day 07.09.10
woke up at 8.00am :O
i know! haih lol.
packed all our stuffs.

head off to BEE FARM :D
firstly we went in to some specially designed "mi gong"
hmm dont really know how to translate it in english tho.
basiclly there are just passages everywhere so we gotta find out way out :D
its kinda fun tho.
we kept going back to the same starting point HAHA.
as we just figured out to give up, we found the exit!
YAY! ahahah its like a total trap :P
THEN. we went into the bee farm.
the adults didn't follow coz they thought they need to pay again.
actually it was free tho.
only that mi gong thingy needed money :/
we saw lots of bees. tonnes. thousands. uncountable!
big bees, honey bees, red bees, small bees.
ahahha it was scary yet memorable :P
both maids followed along :D
we took many pictures !
lil bro jaydon chickened out at first.. PFFT. what a guy -.-
oh oh oh!
i saw a hot angmoh inside there =D
i was taking pics when he wanted to cross the path.
so i was like oops sorry!
then he gave a friendly smile back :D
awwww * meltttsss *
geesh and he was walking alone! how brave HOHO.
heyyy it is a BEE FARM yo.

after hours of trip.
back to mua home sweet home.
one thing im not happy,
seriously we are totally barbequed porks here :O
we dont wanna die in a hot weather :(
hahah thats all.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

fresh air comin' baybeh

* but for pmr students.. study hard :O



had an urge to update :P
well.. anyway..
today is the last day of school (:
went to school with the girls
gosh we missed each other so much :O
only 2 days and we ended up like this..
how about 2 weeks of hols?
would we forget each other's name?
HAHAHAH LOL! impossible :P
blahblah we 4 slumber the whole day
gossiped and laughed real hard
aaahhhhh jakoons as usual :PP

mich was super random today -.-
" do you guys aim for straight A's "
" whats your dream boyfriend "
" which college are you choosing next time "
LOL! i know! i was like omg O.O
LOL. forget about studies :D
we have plenty of time to think abt studies after these few days -.-
GAHHH hate hate hate PMR :(
gosh i hope i will cry on my birthday which the result-taking day.
* prays hard *
today was fun overall :D

holidays hmmm...
did i mention that i would be going to
with mua relatives??
on sun, mon and tues :O
mum let me skip mua tution on mon :O
unbelievable HAHAH xD
yikes cant wait x)
i missed the CHURCH CAMP D:
nvrm!!! GOD has a better plan for me.
the following week which is this coming sat im going =D
the best thing is...
mum and dad are not going >:X
but thats one point.
i can fool around without getting watched or nagged :P
and and and!
i think my baby twin cousins might be going too >:D

blah thats all :P
gotta bring some books up there.
i hope this time i will made use of all my time :O
and its time to paint my fingernails and toenails !! >:D
hmm which colour? LOL

xoxo, Jaslyn

Blocked Nose

my current condition :

- EXTREMELY blocked nose
- lots of mucus flowing out
- headache
- barely able to breathe properly

yupp add those all up and you will end up having a disgusting image :(
oh gosh this sucks. i cant breathe properly!!!
sometimes my nose just got cleared :D
next second its blocked again -.- this is stupid -.-

went to ace today :O
we done the CATS poem.
woohoo congrats to all 3 teams. we got A+ ;D
we made history :) sure we did!
you know what they always say..
originals are always the best :D
today skipped school.
did some maths homework. it was a loose day :O
ace was memorable and fun!
suddenly our whole class blends in together like best friends :D
we started laughing and lame-ing all around :O
even for the quiet ones!  they are the unexpected ones :)
and i just got some "bye!" -s from those who i dont really know :O
aaahhh i guess we're turning out closer each time xD

i guess that's it!! :D

p/s : and i thought you were different from others.. i guess i was wrong. you are not that extraordinary :O
pp/s : seriously again ppl! do not put your hopes too high!! ( yea im telling myself too :D )
ppp/s : sometimes you will go pissing me off like nobody cares, sometimes you just talk to me as if we are nice pals. excuse me, i really cant get you. and im sick of it. will you just be YOU. -.-