Saturday, September 11, 2010

love changes a person ehs?

HI loves :D

guess what. listened to wang lee hom's song.
yea the latest song " things you dont know " / " ni bu zhi dao de shi "
NEVER thinked he's handsome or hawt.
but in the song and his face in the MV.
totally fell for him :D

today went to youth fellowship.
imma good girl, aren't i?
YAY i was early >:D
lol. coz usually i am like super late :O
den i would be so embarassed :P
but after weeks of not attenting..
i reached early ;D

had bible study and bible quiz.
studied like half an hour before youth :O
didn't help a single shyt laa :( lol.
heyy my brain can't fill in acts book after sejarah :(
blame my nooby brain >:D

den daddy as USUAL.
took his sweet time to fetch us.
causing some youths gotta stay back to wait with us :O
for our safety lol. but who would dare to kidnap us LOL.
* touchwood *
geesh while waiting,
rach and wen jun was right beside me :O lovebirds ;)
eeeeeeee lolololol
they made me have goosebumps :S
LOL. ahha love changes people :P
used to be strict. but when they face each other.
omg lol. i was like O.O
if you're reading , im just saying you guys are really loving :D
ahaha maybe i need to get used to it? LOL.
just experienced to be the so call " light bulb " :O
not good -.-  oopsss sorry blame daddy :P

blahblah daddy's mood was bright today :P
brought us to ASIA CAFE for dinn dinn :D
i ordered some japanese food.
omg japanese food is THE BOMB yo.
brightens up my life HAHA.
teriyaki thingy :D
i cant finish my watermelon juice since it's HUGE.
daddy drank half and kor drank the leftovers :O
big appetite no?
now. im officially stuffed like some teddy bear ><
feel like puking :O

kor even warned me to not online coz PMR is freaking near :(
oh well.
a lil dessert after the whole day won't hurt.
yea.. JUST A LITTLE (:

xoxo, Jaslyn

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