Monday, September 13, 2010

We'll take control of the world like it's all we had

here i am to blog again :D

i officially rested like 2 WHOLE DAYS :O
sunday and today.
didn't touch those books D:
yea i know right :O
i will study like some mad cow tomorrow ;)
sure :D * pinky promises to self * LAME :P

today lil sis and me cleaned up my test papers :O
filed them up.
found out my results have been dropping since form 2 D':
while i was in f2,
all were 70's and 80's.
omg now? haih dont even think abt it :(
geeesshh. really miss those primary times! :O
no pain no gain :O
guess this is how i grow? the hard way :O

thats all i guess?
random post just to show my bore HAHA.
its like 12.40 am now.
HAHA kay toodles :D
i really really really really wanna score good in pmr :/
who doesn't? -.-

xoxo, Jaslyn

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