Tuesday, September 7, 2010


you don't need them,
you need them too (:


miss mua?
lol. anyway i just got back from my 3D2N trip in CAMERON :D
went there with my relatives (:
mum and dad can't go due to work :O
oh well they just went for church camp,
so this time its my turn >:D
overall it was AWESOME :D
lots of pichas and memories.
gonna post some here. more on facebook :D

at first i was kinda down when i knew that we are staying in an apartment.
you see.. i expected a HOTEL lol.
century pines maybe? :P
but GOD has a plan. the apartment was great (:
just that no waiters walking around and no special orders LOL.

went to my aunt's house in PERAK
to meet my relatives before going to cameron.

slept over there (:

1st day 05.09.10
nothing much..
reached there, took lots of photos with cousins.
childish me :)

took some jumpshots. darn nice okayyy :P

at night, went out to the nightmarket.
strong wind blowing, it was chilly :O
considered freezin already compared to the subang usj weather :O

after some rest,
ate DURIANS at the balcony..

watched ASTRO till 11.38pm.
slept like a pig till next day :)

2nd day 06.09.10
woke up at 12pm in the afternoon.
the weather there was perfect for sleeping ><
ppl who want to take a break from the hectic days should go cameron. :D
went to TEA FARM :D

took alot of pichas AGAIN :D
ordered lemon grass tea. boy it as pricey :O

sat at a nice place with a nice view.
both cousin babies was superbly happy :D
there was a strong wing tho. darn cold :O
bought some hot baked pastries there and a small box of tea bags :D
went back to the apartment.
blahblahblah did some homework.
BM homework! hmm how hardworking? HAHA
distractions all around. ahahha didn't do for long LOL.
was forced to sleep at 10.30pm

omg so early -.-
had a awful sleep tho. maybe i was just not used to the bed :O

3rd day 07.09.10
woke up at 8.00am :O
i know! haih lol.
packed all our stuffs.

head off to BEE FARM :D
firstly we went in to some specially designed "mi gong"
hmm dont really know how to translate it in english tho.
basiclly there are just passages everywhere so we gotta find out way out :D
its kinda fun tho.
we kept going back to the same starting point HAHA.
as we just figured out to give up, we found the exit!
YAY! ahahah its like a total trap :P
THEN. we went into the bee farm.
the adults didn't follow coz they thought they need to pay again.
actually it was free tho.
only that mi gong thingy needed money :/
we saw lots of bees. tonnes. thousands. uncountable!
big bees, honey bees, red bees, small bees.
ahahha it was scary yet memorable :P
both maids followed along :D
we took many pictures !
lil bro jaydon chickened out at first.. PFFT. what a guy -.-
oh oh oh!
i saw a hot angmoh inside there =D
i was taking pics when he wanted to cross the path.
so i was like oops sorry!
then he gave a friendly smile back :D
awwww * meltttsss *
geesh and he was walking alone! how brave HOHO.
heyyy it is a BEE FARM yo.

after hours of trip.
back to mua home sweet home.
one thing im not happy,
seriously we are totally barbequed porks here :O
we dont wanna die in a hot weather :(
hahah thats all.


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my b day is on 5/9 :-)