Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Day of 2009

Hello world!!!
So exhausted right now,
I just came back from SP with babes,

It was short  :(
But sweet for a new year eve start!!! @.@

before i start my stuff,
2009 is gonna end in like hours, so perish it!!!

Planned this outting days ago in msn,
cause as they say,
The Last Day must be filled with memories so that there will be no regrets
Hahaha xD

Went to Sy house at like super duper early lorrrrr
sry lah kacau her family ... paiseh =.=
Then we camwhore with her laptop
Her laptop damn chunted! GRR jealous CHEHHH

then at 9 smth flo came,
gave us some maggi-s she bought from THAI,

Then bla bla, camwhoree dy den off we go to SP !!!

Went to Red Box for Karaoke session straight away,
cause Flo have to leave early, so we have to treasure every second

LOL 2 ss sial-s here! :D
( haha, ss-ing while SY and XY busy looking at the brochure stuff LOL ) 

Went into the room,
Sing Sing Sing,
Gosh our voices are like THE BOMB!
hahahah~ chehhhh! syok sendiri lah! LOL


We hit the roofs and rock the whole house weihhhhh!
We are so hyper-ed up till my hungry-ness fade away
chun rite? HAHA :D

Took lots of lots of pics over there! 
As you can see after this, SY is like M-A-D over there!
But i guess its nothing wrong when you are having FUN!!

The food there are not very good lah :(
But oh well, we get to sing!!
Haha, times ZOOMS so when we are like so hyper up,
POOF our time ends!!!
HOw great ! ==

Then after that Flo went back home,
Left me, SY and Xy shopping together ^^
Went to boutiques as usual!!


Gahh the so call " BIG sales" still require lots of $$! grrrr
Love the stuffs there although i NEVER buy any!
Yea pity me~

That is Sy's naughty hand okayyyy =="" HAHA LOL
so retarded lah :S

After that, SY got a call from her mum dat she nids to be home at 430
when its already 4pm!
But after that we also postponed her time!!!
HAHA chehhh!
Went back around 6 smth :D
Thx to Xy's mum! AGAIn!!! xD


Her mum is really friendly, how i wish my mum is like dat
But too bad she is not, she is like a MUM!
a total MUM! LOL not backstabbing!! ==

you get the picture :) 

So tired right now,
more pics will be uploaded soon :D
BUt most of it are here dy :D 

At night, 
i will be skipping watch night service at church,
I have a family reunion to go!!!!! 
Grr choices! hate to do them!
kay lahh,
stay tune peeps!

-xoxo, Jaslyn -


Hello hello!!! xD
Today is  30th of Dec  already! So fast lah :(
Times flies zooms when you are having fun  :D

Today was smooth, went to watch 
With aunt, uncle-in-law plus siblings 
Why dont go sunway??? coz tomoro going HAHA

Love the crocodile lahh, so cute x) HAHAH 

Reached summit at noon,
Ate lunch, walked around
then aunt said she wants to eat laksa,
so off we go to THAI VILALGE but then no laksa
So go to AH CHENG's LAKSA,
eat  dy  den we bought some water to bring into the cinemas
So jimat rite? Economy crisis HAHA swt ==

Then went to cinemasss!!!
x) On the way oni take pics :D


After buying the ticket, camwhored with the poster
HAHA xD everyone was like O___O  


Then, time to the movies!!!!
Went in the cinema ^^
Still early so as usual... CAMWHOREEEE 

Gahh i dont know why my pics are always so blurr!!! == GRRR

Watched the show,
It was very nice if you ask me
Even frogs have romance,
why cant human be more?? zzzzz

Basiclly, there is roamnce, comedy plus moral values in there
LOL!!! I like the crocodile character x)
He is so dumb yet cute :)

Tadaa after that i went home,
many many many x10000 clothes!
Yea i DO NOT have a washing machine
Mum say not clean, what crap is that LMAO

tomorrow going sunway!! 

-xoxo, Jaslyn - 

Monday, December 28, 2009

Miss you lotsss

Hello bling bling-s~!!!!
I am backkkkkkkkkkkk from youth camp!!!!!
Gahh dunno why this time i missed my home more than ever larhh
But i miss cameron too LOL

So sad lah christmas over dy,
but seriously this yr christmas okay okay nia.. x)

Just back from christmas camp!
Its a 3days 2 nights trip in CAMERON HIGHLANDS!!!!
NOt bad lah the camp, quite nice xD
took some pics along the road,
but alot more in wen jun's camera x) he upload so slow!!! ==""

See the road to cameron???
So damn twisted! HAHA,
we go around circles for so long lah, wanna puke dy!
Thats why i quickly close my eyes and sleep,
So sick lahhhh ==

The next day ( 27th Dec) i woke up kinda late,
Eh we have to go to the field at 7.30am weihhh! ==""
Then we listened to theme talks and stuffs,
played team building games x)
Then my team , the BLUE team cacat one, HAH
but we got the spirit!
We are even late for tea break coz we are trying VERY HARD
 to figure out the solution to the games!
zzzzz, so semangat~  HAH
Then i skipped dinner coz i ate tea quite late and was still full,
met charissa back at dorm, she also skipped dinner :D
Bathed, then treasure hunt! Then supper, then bed! Haha
i SLEPT at 2.38am.. so early rite, cannot tahan liao :(

Today which is 28th dec aka MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! is awesome!
HAHA LOL... got a pressie from rachel the president xD, devotional book~ HAHA swt

at lunch they announced my bday!
So damn awkward lor, but nvm ^^ zzz, the "bday cake" haha so cute
They stick a  candle on an upside-down cup~ HAHA
Then everybody oni rmb my bday! WTH????
zzzz, nvm lah, at least they celebrate! xDD
Then time flies so damn fast, nid to go home :(
But of coz i miss my home!!!! xDDDD
In the bus everyone like so tired, all sleeping ==
Wat lah this! == So i sleep lor
There are many super freaking long jams along the way,
So we travel at least 6 hours, reached church at 7.30pm,

then go back home, daddy say go buy secret recipe cake!!! xD

I choose a coffee type + cheese cake, try marh!

Then mum, dad and bro go eat dinner, i lazy,
watch tv and eat my cake!!!
I did my own cake cutting ceremony, special HUh.. HAHA swt,

not nice lah the cake! ==
(coffee + cheese) cake = NOt nice cake :(
or maybe its just not my type :P

Then after than they 3 came home,
Then mum and dad gave me pressie!!!!!! xDDDD
From ECCO, dunno what shop is that ==

Dad Bought a long purse!!! xD
PInk colour lah~ So cute + Sweet~ x) love it ~
BUt dunno whether its good quality, :P

Then, Mummy bought me a bag, purple one XD
haha xDDD

Tadaaa!!! xD~
Thx to those who wished me through sms! :)
So happie lahh HAHA
Eh serious i smiled the whole night! HAHA chehhhh~

Conclusion is,
Youth camp is quite fun xD
All of us are getting closer xD Me likey HAHA
This camp i really step out of the box..
Haha, not that  " shy " dy...
Maybe this is wat you call " blend in "  :)

This world is so complicated,
Its not as simple as i thought :(
But no matter how harsh is life,
there is always some sweet parts you will remember for a long time
And, i found mine in this youth camp :D

Kay finish dy,
Tomoro going to watch THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG! finally weih~
zzzz, with aunt lah, and cousins :D
HOpes everything go smoothly ^^

- xoxo ,Jaslyn -