Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Day of 2009

Hello world!!!
So exhausted right now,
I just came back from SP with babes,

It was short  :(
But sweet for a new year eve start!!! @.@

before i start my stuff,
2009 is gonna end in like hours, so perish it!!!

Planned this outting days ago in msn,
cause as they say,
The Last Day must be filled with memories so that there will be no regrets
Hahaha xD

Went to Sy house at like super duper early lorrrrr
sry lah kacau her family ... paiseh =.=
Then we camwhore with her laptop
Her laptop damn chunted! GRR jealous CHEHHH

then at 9 smth flo came,
gave us some maggi-s she bought from THAI,

Then bla bla, camwhoree dy den off we go to SP !!!

Went to Red Box for Karaoke session straight away,
cause Flo have to leave early, so we have to treasure every second

LOL 2 ss sial-s here! :D
( haha, ss-ing while SY and XY busy looking at the brochure stuff LOL ) 

Went into the room,
Sing Sing Sing,
Gosh our voices are like THE BOMB!
hahahah~ chehhhh! syok sendiri lah! LOL


We hit the roofs and rock the whole house weihhhhh!
We are so hyper-ed up till my hungry-ness fade away
chun rite? HAHA :D

Took lots of lots of pics over there! 
As you can see after this, SY is like M-A-D over there!
But i guess its nothing wrong when you are having FUN!!

The food there are not very good lah :(
But oh well, we get to sing!!
Haha, times ZOOMS so when we are like so hyper up,
POOF our time ends!!!
HOw great ! ==

Then after that Flo went back home,
Left me, SY and Xy shopping together ^^
Went to boutiques as usual!!


Gahh the so call " BIG sales" still require lots of $$! grrrr
Love the stuffs there although i NEVER buy any!
Yea pity me~

That is Sy's naughty hand okayyyy =="" HAHA LOL
so retarded lah :S

After that, SY got a call from her mum dat she nids to be home at 430
when its already 4pm!
But after that we also postponed her time!!!
HAHA chehhh!
Went back around 6 smth :D
Thx to Xy's mum! AGAIn!!! xD


Her mum is really friendly, how i wish my mum is like dat
But too bad she is not, she is like a MUM!
a total MUM! LOL not backstabbing!! ==

you get the picture :) 

So tired right now,
more pics will be uploaded soon :D
BUt most of it are here dy :D 

At night, 
i will be skipping watch night service at church,
I have a family reunion to go!!!!! 
Grr choices! hate to do them!
kay lahh,
stay tune peeps!

-xoxo, Jaslyn -

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