Friday, December 18, 2009


Hey hey world :)
Just back from TV and now to laptop :DDD
Saw this korean-mandarin band in tv!
FOOHHH! Damn HOT one
SOme lahh~ :P
They are called SUPER JUNIOR M aka SJ-M

Basiclly they are the chosen ones from a
korean boy BIG band call Super Junior
But to expand their "business"
their company decide to choose a few of them and make another group call
the M stands for Mandarin/ "Mi" (fans)
Anyhoo, the guys there are rily talented in singing larhss!!
Korean ppl singing chinese weihh! And their dancing is great!
Was so attracted by them on tv, and they are so friendly and hillarious :D

Googled but cant find the looks i saw on TV :(
all i found are their Ex-Looks
Their current looks or hair looks wayyyyyy HOTTER now :)
Gahhhhh they are so adorable :D
They have this song recently, call SuperGirl
OMGOSH love it! Its so nice and groovy!
fweaking nice one :) go check it out peeps

Below is like their symbol post .. SJ-M! Woohoo~

SJ - M!!!! Effing HOT

Lovesssss :)

Super Junior-M, often referred to as SJ-M, is the third official sub-unit of Korean boy band Super Junior.
They are the first international music group in the Chinese music industry to have members of both Chinese and Korean descent, and are also the first group produced by Korea's CT (Culture Technology) organization, created through a comprehensive localization strategy.
Super Junior-M consists of Super Junior members Han Geng (the leader), Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, and two non-Super Junior members, Henry and Zhou Mi

Real Name: 韩 庚 Han Geng

Stage Name: 한경 Hankyung
Chinese Name: 韓庚 Han Geng

Real Name: 최시원 Choi Siwon

Stage Name: 시원 Siwon (official) Shiwon (unofficial)
Chinese Name: 始源 Shi Yuan

Real Name: 이동해 Lee Donghae

Stage Name: 동해 Donghae
Chinese Name: 東海 Dong Hai

Real Name: 김려욱 Kim Ryeowook

Stage Name: 려욱 Ryeowook
Chinese Name: 麗旭 Li Xu

Real Name: 조규현 Cho Kyuhyun

Stage Name: 규현 Kyuhyun
Chinese Name: 奎賢 Kui Xian

Real Name: Henry Lau

Stage Name: 헨리 Henry
Chinese Name: 劉憲華 Liu Xian Hua


Real Name: 周觅 Zhou Mi

Stage Name: 주멱 Ju Myuk
Chinese Name: 周觅 Zhou Mi

IMO, i like Henry and Shi Yuan HAHA~
Coz they are HOT?
LOL~ but all the pictures up there are ex-looks,
 i have no idea where to get their current looks picture i saw on TV
GAHH! Conclusion, they are rily HAWT, and their voice is HAWT too
SO, GO SJ-M!!!!

-xoxo, Jaslyn -

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Anonymous said...

do you know when they are coming back!!