Friday, December 18, 2009


Am rily interested in quotes recently :DD
quotes that really make sense and cheers up your day :)
Of coz, some of them are rily stupid + hilarious
I dont mind

Anyhoo, some are rily inspiring :D
It helps to release your depress feelings through words
Although it may be harsh
As long as it makes me smile right away :)

No stupid questions but people,
nice one, love this :D

xDDD So sweet

My Best Friend

This is to all my babes x)
 retards so wat? Friends :D

Two Faced
Woahh nice one :)

Don't Judge Me
Judge yourself instead before
 you even think about it :)

I Can Be Nice
Answer me, can you?

If you ask me a question,
i would say yes some of this so call " quotes "  are meant for some ppl
BUt~ I guess everyone has a good side too
So, lets just stay in this situation for now

YOu have to admit these quotes are inspiring
Come ON.. it does mean smth rite??
Some words are too harsh to be spoken thats why we write it down
This post is actually suppose to be  a random one abt quotes
BUt turns out i am rily beginning to like it :)
LAter on,
maybe i will put at least one of them in a post
HAHA stay tune peeps!

Got the news saying i am dancing ribbon!!!
Siew yi must be so excited! HAHAHA
But its not gym ribbons,
just ribbons tied on  your fingers LOL
come see me dat day larhs!! But its gonna be christmas
so i guess you will be busy too :P

NO tambourine liao, ive been praticing the steps at home you know
But all i can recall is Rainbow Hope and Dance
Dance still cacat :P

toodles peeps~

p/s : RACHEL! Joyce say she has some difficulties in formal dressings lah~ she dun have skirts nor heels :( her num is 0123207739, LOL random nia :)

- xoxo, Jaslyn -

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