Wednesday, December 9, 2009

mummy is fine :)

Congrats to mua
Thx to those who prayed or wished for mua
Mua mum's operation is finally over
And! Its a big success~
Three cheers!!!
And thx to the Lord for protecting her :)


when you quarell with your sister it doesnt rily means she's your enemy,

it means that you both really care for each other

And that's what you call


Was discussing wif XY and SY abt planning for outtings
We are all rotting at home
so oh well
I've boon onlining EVERY SINGLE DAY
its like my daily routine
Nth to do more marhhh

been watching dramas AS USUAL
Momo love is great and awesome
And of coz there are hotties
And the hotties here are so dam HOT
These drama is basically abt a sister who have 5 brothers
4 brothers are tooo crazilly over protective
while the 5th brother is liek the left-over of the family
its a drama wif humour , romantic, and cute scenes
I love romance!! So dats why :)

Godfrey gao aka the 4th brother aka hotty aka my favourite guy in the show

hot + cute stuff :)

this is another drama i wanted to follow since last time
Its by BBT and HSHMM marr
so of coz nice
too bad the couples here are not very nice


Couple 1 - Wang Zi and Ya Tou ( yerr, i dun like )

ya tou and ah wei Pictures, Images and Photos

This one is the couple i think is suitable LOL

xiao xun wang zi Pictures, Images and Photos

couple 3 - xiao xun and wang zi ( no no!!! ==")

Ah Ben and Xiao Man Pictures, Images and Photos

couple 4 - ah ben and xiao man ( so cuteeee weihhh~ but not very suitable )

xiao yu xiao xun Pictures, Images and Photos

couple 5 - xiao xun and xiao yu ( this one better :D )

- xoxo, Jaslyn-

- go lagoon!!!! -

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