Thursday, December 3, 2009


Haha~ :)
I am fortunately recovering! x)
As you know, I am sick yesterday and wednesday~
==" and yet i didnt puke~ ==
This time i rily hope i can puke or just throw up.. O_O
lots better than having the weird feeling in your tummy right ??? =="

BTW, i felt lots better abt the youth camp now, although still worrying O.O,
Plsssssssssss be fun ( i will pray :D )

Neways :D
I am alone at home now .. LOLzzzzzz
After having a short visit to the 2B class blog,
I found out i havent decide what to bring xP

I shall bring..
Snacks or wedges~ :P
But probably wedges :D
Sry peeps for the late update for food =/

I suggest flo to take tables LOL
Coz her house nearer is it??
I dunno, i am an USJ-1 not an USJ-2 :D
Hahax, Just a short update, LOL
I am recovering from my sickish sickness ~ LOL ( and without a single medicine ^^ )

AND!! I dreamed abt EXAMS last night .. O___O
Hahaha~ Its a bad dream of coz.. Du-uhhhh~
I cant finish my exam paper coz my brain working too slow,
Yeahh~ Its like i finish the first 10 question and 30 mins of time GONE O.O
I say SY sitting beside me, she's doing the last page dy after some time !!
I am soooo panic, and my paper got lotsa problem, like repeating questions or bla bla

OMG so scared weih~ Den POOF! I woke up~ hhaha xDDDD
Its not real, thank GOD~ x)
Is it a hint or smth ?? =="

Waiting forward for the partayyy,
I do hope it will be fun~
I dun wanna regret O.O
But wtf hope xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx will not go :) ( dun guess wildly either and dun point fingers tq )
Or go also nvm, just DON'T ruin my day thx

Haha~ babes going rite O_O

- I just hope i didnt make the wrong choice, and you will be nice :D -

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