Monday, December 7, 2009

May GOD bless my mummy

Mummy is going for an operation tomorrow !!
As a daughter i am rily rily super super super duper duper extremely extremely WORRIED

She is going for an operation for her nose.
FYI, she's been complaining that she've got difficulties through breathing so
she decided to go for an operation.

TOMORO is the day,
I am so scared you know
I even cried just now =/

If you think its a small matter then you are sooo WRONG
i mean come on, imagine your mum is gonna go for an operation,
And you dont even know how dangerous it is or
how high is the risk she is taking
HOw can you not be worried?

I must say if you are not den i guess you dun LOVE your mum as much as you thought ==
I love mine, although i just get scolded yesterday by her coz of my messy room

I wrote this post to comfort myself
I just hope GOD will give his greatest blessings to her
May GOD help the doctor-in-charge to cure my mum's nose~

Tomorrow is the big day, What can i do??
Nothing but just pray.... :(

- pls ppl pray for my mum, as a friend, or as an out-sider :) -

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