Thursday, April 30, 2009



Today so reliefed and happy coz passed up SEJARAH and SCIENCE project xDDDD
But still left moral and geography!!!


Wahh~~ Tomorrow i am going back hometown to visit my grandma who had just operated... =PP

And today me and siew yi spend soooo much effort to do the behind notice-board background... It looks like checkers coz we use red and black paper oni... ^^
wahh~ although it looked cacat at first but we din give up... and when it's done... it looks quite cool~~ Yay!! wahh~ We both felt so tired after finishing it... xPPP

So 2B students better appreciate it yea!! ==


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hahah~ My weird face... but i think it's okay... lolzz... xDDD

hahahah~ I almost finished science project!! Wee~~ Just left some cutting and pasting adn typing... hahah~ The common works... lol~~ Hhahaha~ but still very happy i ALMOST FINISHING!! Hahahh~ But sejarah project still rushing!! xDD

Monday, April 27, 2009


Omg weih~ NOw i very STRESSED.. almost all 2B students are stressed... hahahah~ very tired leh... got a lot projects... Sejarah... Science... and Geo !!!

I know it's oni 3 and you may think dat i am over-acting but it's real!! OMG weih~~ So tired lahh... eh... i am a last-minuter but this project memang nid to use very long time one mah... haiz... but i very "hardworking" oledy leh.. hahahha~ xDDD

bye readers... haiz..

*exam is coming!! OH NO!!! Projects? Study?? Exam???? STRESSED???????????
*I am rushing my sejarah project... LOL!!!
* Science also nid hard work but not as tough as sejarah... xPP

Chiaoz~~ Nid to do project ed... xPP

Saturday, April 25, 2009

replacement class xPPP

Although today is saturday.... but my school got replacement class.... haiz~ Coz the day wen everybody got replacement class our school don't... postponed... till today... ah dui weih~~

Wahhhhh~ Today so FREAKING hot!! I sweat like bathing... oni the water is actually my smelly sweat dripping... EEEWWWWW!! Yucky yuck yuck...

Today not everybody attend class... duhh~ Should have expected it lah... i mean... SATURDAY worr... who would be so stupid to come to school purposely?? Stupid lah~
Hahah~ But i still go coz i very goody good gal one... LOLZZZZ~ hahah~ Actually coz got attendance.... Hahahahah~

Erm... today school starts earlier than usual... Hahahah~ Coz it's replacement... Erm... Yi Jun, Hui YIng also din come... sad case~~ And still got ppl din come... like... Hui Yi, Vi Jia, Irfan and more...

Today teachher din teach anything... just give some exercise papers to do... coz too less ppl and they dun want to teache twice~~ Hahaha~ So wait for monday lah!!

Today Florence brought her handphone... (Oh oh~ Illegal ) Hahah~ But nvm one lah... and we got take some pics in skul.. i look hideous... nvm... hahah~ She brought it coz after school she straight away go for her gym class for cheerleading thing... and to meet up wif her new boyfriend, Chuan Seng~ Hahaha~ * Flo, you won't mind if i say it out rite?? =PP *

Today got Kh class so we got to saw wood again... I kip busy helping siew yi and xing yi and forget my OWN work!! OMG weih~ Luckily teacher say that next week is still available... Pooh~~ Siew yi finished hers and it looked fine and awesome... hahaha~ Congrtaz la~~ And she promised to help me in mine next week as she finished hers~~ Woo Hoo~ Thx babe!! xDD

And to xing yi~ Sorry you still lost in your thing... i tried to help you but it always look so cacat ~ Sorry lah ooi!! xDDD But i rily dun mean it!! Sry lah~~ xPPP
Dun be mad arr...

Oh ya~ Coz to day got school replacement so i din go to youth... very tired mah.... And guess wat?? We ate A&W for our dinner!! Woo Yeah!! I took some pics but failed to upload coz got some problem.... hai ya... nvm lah... i lov the ice-cream on rootbeer... Yummy~~ xPPP
And... i order a special meal... the one that i didn't taste before... i think it's call chicken roll.... it looks big in the pic but the opposite in the reality... lol~ But if you drink with the rootbeer... you will be very full~ Hahahahhaha~ LOL!!!!

Today overall ok lah... heheheh~~~ LOL~~ Hahahaahah~
And i am sorry to my friends and readers dat i backstabbed someone so badly in the last post... but i think M is ok now... normal lah... just kip all these a secret ok?? TQ~

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy + Angry + Sad moments~~

Today got a lot things happening.. so i will classify them to 3 main groups...
1.Happy 2.Angry 3.Sad

Lets start wif the happy things first bcoz it came first in this day mah...
Hahah~ GUESS WAT?? I passed for my librarian test!! WooOOHooooO~~ Lol!!! Dat means i CAN be a librarian.. i know it's no big deal but it's still a very extremely happy thing... Firstly when i reached to school my mind is already started to think about the results... den i went to the library to return my borrowed book and on the way maybe i can peek to see the results... hahaha~~ But when i looked through the information board there is nothing special there lah... lol~ SO i was dissapointed lor... But after attending the chinese society ... Siew yi and i met Samantha and Chian Wei... They asked whether if we want to go to the library as the canteen is quite crowded and stuffy... not to mention.. sweat-smelly... Hahah~ So we both followed them to take a second look in the notice board.. So we went up... and it is true... this time there IS a paper sticking outside the glass... and it's the result paper!! Oh my gosh!! Siew yi rushed to it and hurrily search for her name.. and she grabbed my hand while telling me joyfully dat she passed!! I was indeed excited too so i began to search for my name too... And yea~~ I PASSED too!! Not with very flying colours.. but i passed!! OMG OMG weih!!! Hahah~ Finally...4 months of hardworking actually was worthy!! hahah~
So this is my rily rily happy thing about today... xDDD WEEEEEE~~~~ Congratz to me!! xxPP

Secondly is the angry stuff...
Haiz.. it all started wif a person... i dun wanna mention her name so i will just called her "M". This is the first time M treats me like this!! Although there are times when my friends also complain on how M treats them badly but somehow i still dun believe fully BUT after today i rily RILY think that they are true!!
You see... Usually if i was in M's group.. M will always encourage me.. and if i cannot do something very well... M will comfort me and says nvm.. that's why i respect her so much but from today everything is about to change.. I must admit.. after form 1.. M changed a lot... Somehow, JUST SOMEHOW... i think she had turned to be more.. BOSSIER.. ARROGANT... FAKE... PROUD...
I know i should not be back-stabbing a person like dat but i just hav to express my feeling... Today M did that face... that emotion who kept me very depressed and angry whenever i see M is acting INNOCENT... I know M is a very good in presentation and public-talking but she didn't consider about other person's feeling... Haiz~ People is IMPERFECT!!! I now rily agree wif that.. I always try to stand at M's side by thinking M is PERFECT but M finally shows her another side... and that side is the side that not many ppl can know..
Sometimes M is rily FAKE!! Fake as in when M talks to her close friend she's rily gentle and kind... but to me and my friends it's just the opposite ... not rude... just not that friendly... and M is always being the apple of all teachers' eye... but i think M is rily fake... and fake things are WORTHLESS!!

Ok... enogh of that... now to the sad part..
Sorry for typing so long...lolzzzz...This will be shorter..
Today all 2b + 2c chinese students got a lecture from Pn.chung about discipline problems... Sadly... she says she felt very fed up for our class.... TT And she wants to give up our class!! NO! TEACHER!! I like when Pn.Chung teaches us bcoz i know that she is an experienced teacher... xDDD So Pn.Chung.. sry for making you mad today... Just chill and pls dun give up on our class ok... Thank you!! xPP

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Woods!! xDD

Today got KH period so we nid to saw woods~~ teacher say it's for a project... lolzzzzz~~~

we nid to use some wood to make a thing... a thing that can keep other stuffs... get it?? like a pencil holder... or a small drawer... hai ya!! as long as it can keep things... that is all it matters... lol~

Actually before i went to school i got do some homework at home... homework as in like thinking the drafting work... haahaha~ but it is already enogh troublesome!! ah dui... i pour out all the woods that i brought home and called my lil sis to help me think what model can i do from all these materials..
She sat down there and look at the woods seriously for some moments... and den she look at me back... and said :" jie.. wat is all these wood for? " So i tell her all the instructions and my problem in dunno how to plan..

My lil sis sure has creativity in her small brain!! She kip slipping all the woods into holes that she can find... haha~ very messy... that's for sure... i was going to be fed up and dat's when i get an idea from her messy combination!! Hahah~ Thx jamie!! xDDDD

So i went to school happily thinking that i hav confidence after i know what would i want to do... but when it reacher KH class... i still kinda lost~~ haiz... hahahah~ Dun blame me!! Actually you can.. haha~~

I use almost about TWO out of THREE periods to get back my ideas and start sawing and measuring all the woods... I was thinking that i will catch up pretty soon and that's when Pn.Yeap says that there's oni 1 last period to continue!! AAHHHH!!! Ah dui!!! OMG weih~ So i quickly asked xing yi to help me hold on the woods together so i can nail some nails in.. (Well... i HAVE to do something in these three periods!! I already wasted two so i have to appreciate the last period!! xPPP )
Thx for xing yi i succesfully nailed six nails into my model... Hahahah~Thx yo!!

Talking about nails... i got try to help siew yi nail her nails but unfortunately it failed!! Sry siew yi!!

Ok... I hav to stop now... hahah~ Chiaoz!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Excited yea!! yup...

hahaha~ I am very happy and excited and satisfied!! hahahah~
Bcoz this is the second year i joined senamrobik and red house got CHAMPION in cheer/senamrobik STRIKE two years!! xDDDD
it would be a good memory~ hahahahaha~~

Lol!! hey... guess wat? I took my librarian test on last friday and i think i'm gonna know the result in this week?? Hahah~ Sure wish me luck!! hahah~ This post is kinda short.. lol...

I want to tell a friend something..
Eh hem~ I just want you to know dat dun be too sad of wat you have been going through... everyone will hav bad moments but you will get it through one day!! xPP
everyday you have to look at him... meet him face to face... so just be happy and you will not feel so sad... (duhh~ ) Hahaha~ And if he dun appreciate you den leave him lorr.. you hav a better choice, my friend... so cheer up... ok?? xDDD

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rush rush rush!!

Seriously i dun like rushing~ it makes me do things more clumsy and silly and WORSER!!
Hahaha~ but dun tooo slow also lah... lol!!

Today is a very rush day... coz yesterday sports day so i very tired and din start ANY of my homework!! So today nid to RUSH lor... haiz... And i remember nid to bind Bm project so i quickly giv my mum...

And den... i go piano lessons today.. after piano lessons den my dad suddenly say his collegue got a b'day party which actually my father should attend alone but his collegue say bring family along so my whole family had to RUSH home to get dressed properly to go attend his party...

While in the party not so rushing lah... just relaxing and eating...
But then when we areheading home i just remembered something... I still haven't finished any h/w!!! OMg!! hahahah! So nid to RUSH and RUSH again lor...

But i finished maths oledy larr..... english tomoro morning oni do..=P lazy mah..
Den i nid to find all science project photos...about invertebrates and vertebrates animal... why? coz my father say he will print for me so i of coz faster find info lah... he print in his company one so FREE!! Lol!! Bad thinking... hahaha ~

Btw... i nid to arrange some sejarah project things too... And den science... ( actually i also got go blogging... like now... and msn-ing...)

So today overall is RUSH RUSH RUSH!! lol!! Heheh~ I rily hav to plan a suitable schedule... lol...

And i am going to confirm my senamrobik result tomoro...i rily hope i can get number 1!! hahaha~ not showing off!!! Just excited!! WooHOo! and tomoro got PJK!! PLSSSSS DUN RAIN!!

hahah~ It's two minutes to 12am in the midnight!! Bye!! xDDD

Friday, April 17, 2009

Just dance~ in SPORTS DAY!!! xPPP

Just dance!! Gonna be ok!! dadadudududu.... Just dance!! ( lady gaga~~ )

Woohoo~~ We red house use Lady Gaga's "JUST DANCE" song as our theme song!! Today is sports day!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!! hahaha...

Yesterday teacher informed us that sports day start at 7am but i woke up late and arrived the MPSJ stadium at 7.20 am ++ but guess wat?? Nobody cares if i am late~~ Hahaha~ Coz it's rily toooo early lah.. this time is for those students who participitate anything... I reached there and i met some of my red house cheer members!!

We sat at the red house camp and then suddenly a gal came up and ask us to join kawat aka MARCHING!! I was like what the.. have you mixed up or waT? i haven't practise marching lah!! LOL!!! HAhahaaha.... i thought she was kidding but she say that the red house marching skuad is lack of an amount of ppl which is a truly emergency!! I and my teammates are stunned.... i mean, so wat? iT's not like it's our job rite? we came to dance!! not marching!! but they kip persuing the same thing.. i look around... OMG! Guess wat i see? i saw ppl painting other ppl's face with red paint writing the letter ''M'' which states for MERAH!!! I was so freked out.. Yuck.. who wants their face to be painted?? Not me!!

But the ppl there kip persueing us!!! So we have to sacrifice our beautiful faces to go kawat!! haiz... very sad... lol!! but we sacrifice for red house and it's WORTHY !! i tell you!!
Hahaha~ So as we don't hav any experience in marching so the ppl there teached us... they say this year they are going to do the MICHAEL JACKSON moves... first one is twitching your shoulders up and down while you are marching... Somehow i think it look silly but what to do?? hahah~ Next move is like paws! A guy asked and showed us the move... it's like swinging our hand left to right but the thing is your hand will form like paws~ hhahahhahah~ LOL!! WEIRDO!!!

This year is the first year i joined marching you know!! It's quite tiring and boring~ Lol~ Sorry for those ppl who liked marching~ lol!!
after we walk around the whole MPSJ running path, den we stopped to sing NEGARAKU.. IKRAR... haiz... and the part i hate most!!!
The speeching!! Ah dui!! last year i already felt damn bored listening as an audience but this year i am one of the ppl standing there like sticks!! OMG!!!!!!!
All those VIP all also talk a lot one lah... yea right.. like they all so good as they say..==
After some runniing competition than here comes FINALLY!!! our part!!

It's oledy 11.30am when it's our turn!! hai yo!! I should not be so rushed at the first place!!!==
First there is yellow house!! WOOHOO~ Yvonne is the leader and she look HOT!! Hahahah~
They use the "SUMMERTIME" as their theme song!! Woo Yea~

Den after yellow house it's us!! Finally!!! There's a slightly mistake in the opening part coz the person who arrange the song thing is blurrrr~ but others went ok!! hahahha~ I heard many ppl cheering for red house!! CHEER LOUDER BABY!!! Hahahahaha~ Our ending is just fine!! xDDDDDD

next is purple house!! I believe i mentioned it a lot times... THEY USE INDIAN SONG!! Yea!! Got ppl cheer for them too... we red house also cheer for them!! xPPP

Forth is blue house!! I dunno why but this time not many ppl cheer for them?? Haiz... maybe the audiences are tired of clapping or just ver hot coz the weather is FREAKING HOT!! Hai yo!! but i like blue house moves!! got mix break-dancing-moves!! Hehehheeh~

Last but not least is the green house!! I dunno why but green house look confused and blurr lah!! Oni got 5 ppl dancing leh!!!
I dunno why lah but the ketua very unresponsible lorr... haiz... leave the 5 juniors there dancing oni... but they use japan song!! xDDDDD

So this is all about senamrobik thing!! I am glad i joined this year although it had been very stressed!! BTW it's the last year mah... lol
After this we went behind to take off some clothes leh!! We wear 4 layers leh!!!! Ah dui!! So damn freaking hot!!!
At this moment my father arrived so i went back early!! xDDDD

All the other performance i rily din see worr... sadly... but hui ying told me she got the last in running... nvm lah!! Cheer up!! you tried!! xDDDDD

I am waiting forward to know the senamrobik's result!!! xDDDD
Olivia sms-ed me and said we red house got number one in senamrobik but i dun want to be too happy first coz it's just a news... dunno realistic a not but i hope it is!! xDDDDDDD

But Congratz to other teams too!! You guys rock!! XDDD

Am i going to be one?

Am i going to be a librarian?? Am i am i?
Today is the day we took the second librarian theory test and practical test...
Today's test is going to decide whether my future is to be a librarian or not... DD=
the first one is months ago...
haiz... i din rily read or study any specific information of the library because i was very busy practising senamrobik aka cheerleading for the sports day TOMORO!! yup.. tomoro is the big day!! tomoro is sports day!! So i and my other teammates have to practise a week ago untill yesterday!! Today is the oni day we rested to gain energy for tomoro's big day!!!

I read all the informations about the library teachers... library angels... library TOP 5.... book labels... book stickers... library rules... all those stuffs... ah dui!! it has been a very tough thing for me because i have oni one day to revise!!

This afternoon on 12.30pm.. i arrived at school earlier ten minutes or more... den i sat in the canteen while staring at the paper of notes.. i was reading and reading.. den i saw some of the form 1 juniours walikng to the library so i followed too... when we reached there we don't even have time to rily look through the whole library den we nid to go BILIK APD oledy..
haiz... Siew yi came late~

in the theory exam i dun think i rily understand the questions... lol... i am very worried about that.. haiz... but no matter how i feel it won't change the results rite?? lol... Den here comes to the practical exam... Ah Dui!! we juniours need to wrap some books... i must admit my wrapping skills are very...LOW!! i think my wrapping paper is cut into a messy look by ME!! i think so confidently before and kip cutting and cutting and it end up EMBARASSING!!! haiz..
Den we have to arrange some books into the right order... i dunno whether i arrange correctly a not but one thing is... when i went to arrange some books... a senior is following behind me to check whether my placing is correct... and you know what? i felt rily stressed... like i am being watched sternly... ah dui... hahaha

Haiz... enough talk about that... lets go to the school part... today's class was normal.. PN.Goh gave so many homework leh!! same as PN.Ho!! haiz... Sad...

Btw!! Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!
WoooOO HOoooO~~ Cheer for red house!! xDDDD

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Red house rocks!!


Before you guys read this post... lets just make things clear... dun be too shocked about my title! I am not saying dat other colour teams are losers... just.. i like my red house i bet you guys like your own teams too! ( plus this post is for red house SENAMROBIK team!! )

Today we got rehearsal right after recess!! =DDD
Olivia, who is our leader went out to decide wif other colour teamleader about who is going to dance first..
We red house got 2nd! 1st is yellow house!!
At first we all dance great but when it started to end den we dunno wat to do bcoz we havent rily finish the whole rutein..
OH YA! and guess what? talking about rutein... the skipping rope thing is not in our rutein anymore... coz a lot ppl dunno how to skip..==

hahaha... so nvm... So the first rehearsal we are failures...==
And Olivia... ( i think she's upset coz she cant manage to finish the whole song and teach us all the steps so we are like half way hanging around..) She cried!! Not very loud like a baby... but just sob lah.. Sad..
When i see her i also felt like crying but i am tough enough... lol... shock sendiri...haha
I did not straight a way go up and comfort coz at dat time everybody is in a down emotion so i sit there instead..
I also try to convince the form 1 dat we red house will not lose just coz we haven't figure out the steps..!! I am sure..!!

While sitting down there calming ourselves down.. we also watch some of other teams' performances..
Blue team used Britney Spears' "CIRCUS" as their theme song... ok lah..
Green team... i dunno why.... din use music coz dun hav the CD yet..
Purple team used INDIAN SONG!! First in the history man!! hahaahah xDDD
Yellow team.. they used hulla-hoops as one of their objects... lol!!(Yvonne is the leader! )

Then after giving 30m minutes of free time... we all try to figure out more steps to finish the whole song... and we manage!! WOOOooo Hoooo!! And Pn.Tan also says dat our dance moves are great! It's just dat we nid to improve in placing!! heheheh~

Tomoro there's another RAP-TAi.. that is rehearsal... xDDD
Hope we red team will perform more perfectly!!

hahah... xDD

Monday, April 13, 2009

pity leh~

Today pity leh.. i am so excited coz today got PJK period leh~
but~ haiz~ the heavy rain leh!!!!!
haiz~ sad lah.. we can't enjoy the two periods of PJK... lol..
Those two periods so DAMN boring!!
So we use these two periods to do h/w lorr...
haiz~ soooo boring!!! TT

Hahah~ actually i should be doing homework by now i couldn't resist it lah...
I must online for a while lah~

ok.. i should stop now~ bye guys!!

Oh.. to inform my readers.. my friend,siew yi just created a blog!! you guys can go visit hers! She's just a new member!! Go to my link list and find her name~ hahaha~
ok.. i rily nid to STOP!! HAHAHAHA

Oh ya!! Tomorrow is my senamrobik RAP-TAI!! xDDDD

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Secret Recipe =PP

Yesterday me and my whole family went to the just open secret recipe shop to have dinner... i am so happy coz it's all i wanted since the food is expensive!! xPPPP

So here goes some picture of my beautiful memory in secret recipe!! xDDD I am satified you know.... hahaha xDDDD

This is me drinking my drink.. it's called iced mocchiato something... hahaahaha xDDD

A closer look at my drink!! Trust me! It's rily nice!!

Hahaha~ This is my food.. it's some kind of beef chop i think~ lol!! nice also!! Yummy~~

This is my cousin who also followed us to eat in secret recipe~ She is eating a harshbrown i think... xPPPPP

So.. This is my cousin's meal.. It's some kind of fish and chips.. Yummy.. =PP (but it's very small coz it's a kid set meal) lolzzzzz

So... today post is all about my happy moments in secret recipe!! xpPPP


P/S : i am very sad though.. coz i just quarelled wif her... i hope she can forget it and bcome my best friend again...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Somtimes I wonder...

Sometimes i wonder...
wonder whether the WUDO thing is a fake or not...==
WUDO is like TAEKWANDO lah...slightly different lah... i joined WUDO since this is the first year it is in our school~~
But since last saturday and today i have been coming early and i waited in the canteen for sooo long and notice that there's no WUDO!!!! ( coz the Sifu/master also din come mah...==)

Hai yo!! I rily wonder if they LIE to have our money...== RM70 leh!
some paid RM140 for both fees and uniforms...==

Today.. As usual.. No WUDO lah!!!!! ( so mad leh... what is the coach doing arr???? )
Plus if dun hav also inform through school announcements lah!!! Ah dui!!!
Guess wat? Jo Well "caught" me hanging around so she asked me to go practise cheer...
(for u guys' information... Jo well is a form 3 girl who last year was our asistant "coach" but NOT rily COACH...==)
But this year she wanted to coach us again.. so OH WELL~~
Saturday is a relaxing day but i am so tired..
all bcoz of cheerleading practise lah..
so tired leh... hai yo..
My whole body felt like cracking... get it??
My shoulders hurt from yesterday when we all try out skipping ropes which is going to be in one of our red house rutein~~ So we all skipped and skipped and skipped and skipped...
So by the time i went back home my shoulders and legs are aching oledy..

Plus today!! We practise again... ( but no skipping ropes oledy...) add on my body aching!!!

haiz... Somtimes... i wonder whther all this "torturing" things are worth it a not.. but i sure hope it is bcoz i rily sacrifice leh. .... ( and i think i lose some weight..=DDD)
The "rap-tai" is on tuesday but we havent finish our rutein... haiz..
Then the real SPORTS DAY is on this coming saturday... haiz..
I rily hope RED HOUSE CHEERLEADING will win!! (last year also we win so i hope we can maintain this year!! ) dun mean to be too proud!! *no offense*
Lol~ So my friends... i hope u guys can support us!! ( and to all other houses' cheerleaders.. i sincerely hope u guys get victory too.. So dun too "racist" coz i see that u guys dun like whenever we just wanna see ur dance moves~ we are not COPYCATS!! We are just enjoying like normal students mah.. dun so sensitive!! *no offense* )

P/S: Walao!! Got 4 projects ed leh!! *fainted*
P/S: i am rily left behind by my studies... 24 hours sure is not enough!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


damn angry man!! Haiz!!!! =.=
Today dunno wat happen lah.. not lucky ..

At first we red house cheerleaders were practising in Taman Herba for 1 hour!! yup i tell you... ONE HOUR!!! Den we rest under the fan eating oreo biscuits...
Then guess what?? The "CC" guy (pondan xPP sorry lah~ actual name=Fazrian) came in and den kip saying... actually SHOUTING " I want my 'V' "!!!!! ( means he wants everybody to make a "v" shape bcoz it is where he will be in the centre and the SPOTLIGHT !! )
At first i thought he said " I want MYVI ( a car) " so i kinda think he's joking but wen i turn around i notice that he is quarelling wif OLIVIA!! =.=

Fazrian: I WANT MY "V" !!!!
Olivia: Shut up!! Dun shout lah!!
Fazrian: I SAID!!! I WANT MY "V" !!!!!!
Olivia: Shut up!!!!
Fazrian: Who shut up?? YOu shut up!!
Olivia: No you shut up!!!

So this quarell thing continues untill stupid fazrian suddenly shout louder like a stupid mad crazy guy!!! ( he acts like a girl ==) So we just follow him lah ( we are scared but very VERY angry!!!) Stupid one!! We so tired leh... WTH!!! He thought we are not serious!! SHIT lah!!!

Haiz~ One of my juniour even scared untill cry arr!! I also scolded him bcoz of acting like a crazy mad person!!! Where got ppl so "xiao kia" one?? IIISSSHHHH!!! arrgghh!!

Then wen school starts... I was chill oledy~~ Den after recess i go find Pn.Chung to get back my essay book but she is not there and haven't mark my book~ Haiz ~~ So i go away lah.. Den guess who i met?Pn. LAU la
h~~ haiz~~ again WTF lah!! I just walk pass her freely coz i am so sure i look fine coz i normally did ==

but haiz.. she stopped and called me... use the cane to flip my hair... and said the same boring old lame useless irratating annoying sentence " Girl.. u see ur hair... why so long?? "
Pn.Lau!! All the prefects also let me pass lah.. u also normally did! Why now ur nerves get itchy and felt like punishing something is it?? Ah dui!! ur hair also not like soooo neat??? =.=
So as usual she ask me to give her my name... i felt like crying.. (coz so innocent!! ==) also felt like running away and ignoring her ( coz she very "mo ming qing miao".. haiz==)..

So sad and angry+frustrating!! Haiz... But Siew yi somehow know i had been caught?? and she came and comfort me... Gee thx~ may yean!! you are my fren rite?? Why ur teacher so "wu li qu nao"??? WTF WTH man!!!! Haiz... so angry!!!

P/S: felt betta after expressing~ thx to my readers~
P/S: done my BM lisan today!! nervous but manage to go through it!! xDDDDD

Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Hair Style huh.. xDD ><

By now~ When you guys visit my blog... u should have notice i cut my hair~~ Hahaha!!
If i count from yesterday and today... Erm.. Yup~ It's already been 5 hair saloons!! xDDD
1st-The aunty in the hair saloon shop has tooo many customers!! ==
2nd-The aunty say she's too tired and doesn't want to accept any customers already
3rd-The price is too high (RM 30 for just a simple cut!! )
4th-The hair saloon is closed~ >.<
5th-FINALLY!!! hahaha~~ it's in Summit!! xDDD

The 5th hair saloon shop is in Summit!! it's price is ok lah... Professional cut is Rm20.. My mum say it's reasonable so ok lah!! Hahaha xPP
I think the shop is called "Super Style"... Hahaha~ I forgot what floor it is in~ Lolzz (it's service is quite good!! xDD Promoting!! ) Plus!! I think the guys are better in cutting!! xDD

so.. at first they cut well... not very short ... longer than my shoulders.. i am like.. ok lah...
but then my mum say :" ha? So long?? shorter lah~ "
Than the guy cut shorter to my shoulder~ Than i am also ok lah..
Then my mum say to me :" hey jaslyn~ YOu still want to tie up ur hair? "
Then i replied :" dun want lah~ "
So my mum ask dat guy to cut shorter~ ><
I was like "ma!! What are u thinking?? "
but i din speak it out lah..
So the guy cut shorter... although i am not wearing my glasses dat time but i can feel how short is my hair~ T.T
so when dat guy is finished i wore my glasses my back and when i see myself i felt like screaming~~ Deep inside my heart i was like AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!
( last time when i am small i hav a bad experience by cutting my hair so damn short... and now... haiz.. repeat again?? Haha~ )

hahaha~ I took a little while to accept the fact~ Hahah xDDDD but for a minute i think it's weird to have hair soooo short ... But then now i think it's ok... xPP Unbelievable i just agree that~

well... i still have to live my life?? Hahah!! Live you life yeah!! yi ye yi ye yi ye~~ (rihanna)
hahaah~~ So i hope u guys dun tease me yea~ hahaha~ Lol!!
Hahah~ So.. I hope i look ok in this new hair style~ hahaa xDDDD

Friday, April 3, 2009

FAREWELL teacher Syaza~

Today sadly is Teacher Syaza's last day of teaching us!! teacher Syaza is a trainee teacher who trained in our school for three months~~ She's leaving today!! So we decided to plan a SUPRISE party for her!!! xDDDDD Lol!!

Teacher Syaza is a very HOT and PRETTY and SEXXAAYYY teacher!! and MODERN too!! hehehe.. We love you teacher Syaza!! Dun forget us!! YOU ARE WORLD NO.1 TEACHER!!!

hahaah!!! POPPP!!(party poppers) tadaa!! Teacher Syaza!!!!

teacher still blurr case lah!!! Lol!! Hahaha.. (she's not crying !! xPP)
POPPP!! Teacher still shocked of our Suprise!! Heheheh~~

Teacher speaking some touching words~~ xD
teacher Syaza you look FABULOUS!!

CLASS PHOTO!! Cheese!!!

Wahhh~ Teacher sooo CUTE!! hehehe! from left : Teacher, Arina , Yvonne, Siew Yi !! CUTE!!

Hmmm~~ Yumm!! Vi Jia sure look enjoying on the pizza!! May Yean is taking one too!! Pizza!! xDDDDD
Haha~ Pizza already eaten half lorr!!

OOOooo~ PIZZA!!! Yummy~~

AAAWWw~~ The boys are shy~~ lol..

haha... Naimah and Pui Yan~ Lolzzz
Florence smiling happily with Teacher Syaza~ hahah.. teacher u look pretty~ =DD

Lol!! Me receiving present and taking picture from Teacher Syaza~~ happiiieee~~ Siew yi!! Are you taking my spotlight?? hahah~ jkjk~ xDD

Siew Yi soooo happy!!! Her smile so broad.. haha xDD

Smile Yvonne!! Hehehe...
Chian wei holding a small photo frame writing "A+ teacher" ~~ xDDD

Samantha represents our whole class give Teacher Syaza her special Present From 2B~~
Lol!! teacher Syaza and Yvonne grabbing Bryan Low~~ hahaha xP

Hahaha... Chian Wei and Xiao Hui~~ Shy~~ LOL Rumours about them~ Heheehe

Oh My Gosh!!! Yvonne!! Go Closer!! xPPP

HOt couple!! Bryan Cheng and Kar Yee~~

BYE TEACHER SYAZA!!!!! Keep in Touch!!!Love you muaxxxxx!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

OMG!! There's a lizard on your hair!! APRIL FOOL~ ~

Yesterday was APRIL FOOL day!!!!!! This day is when we make fun of the ppl you know!! If that person is to be tricked den you can say "APRIL FOOL"!!! Hahaha...

I always knew today was April Fool day so i was aware of being tricken~~ haha... so one of my form 1 fren, Pei Ru came and asked me why i din go cheer this morning.. i told her that i was tired and i had something to do so i dun manage to attend this morning red house cheerleading practise.. Den she saw our teacher-in-charge was so furious dat she say she will punished all those ppl who din attend this morning's practise.. i was so scared dat i woould be scolded.. But guess wat she burst out a laughter and says "APRIL FOOOLL!! " to me!! I was like .. what the..????

Haha~ lol!!