Thursday, April 23, 2009

Woods!! xDD

Today got KH period so we nid to saw woods~~ teacher say it's for a project... lolzzzzz~~~

we nid to use some wood to make a thing... a thing that can keep other stuffs... get it?? like a pencil holder... or a small drawer... hai ya!! as long as it can keep things... that is all it matters... lol~

Actually before i went to school i got do some homework at home... homework as in like thinking the drafting work... haahaha~ but it is already enogh troublesome!! ah dui... i pour out all the woods that i brought home and called my lil sis to help me think what model can i do from all these materials..
She sat down there and look at the woods seriously for some moments... and den she look at me back... and said :" jie.. wat is all these wood for? " So i tell her all the instructions and my problem in dunno how to plan..

My lil sis sure has creativity in her small brain!! She kip slipping all the woods into holes that she can find... haha~ very messy... that's for sure... i was going to be fed up and dat's when i get an idea from her messy combination!! Hahah~ Thx jamie!! xDDDD

So i went to school happily thinking that i hav confidence after i know what would i want to do... but when it reacher KH class... i still kinda lost~~ haiz... hahahah~ Dun blame me!! Actually you can.. haha~~

I use almost about TWO out of THREE periods to get back my ideas and start sawing and measuring all the woods... I was thinking that i will catch up pretty soon and that's when Pn.Yeap says that there's oni 1 last period to continue!! AAHHHH!!! Ah dui!!! OMG weih~ So i quickly asked xing yi to help me hold on the woods together so i can nail some nails in.. (Well... i HAVE to do something in these three periods!! I already wasted two so i have to appreciate the last period!! xPPP )
Thx for xing yi i succesfully nailed six nails into my model... Hahahah~Thx yo!!

Talking about nails... i got try to help siew yi nail her nails but unfortunately it failed!! Sry siew yi!!

Ok... I hav to stop now... hahah~ Chiaoz!!

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