Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Red house rocks!!


Before you guys read this post... lets just make things clear... dun be too shocked about my title! I am not saying dat other colour teams are losers... just.. i like my red house i bet you guys like your own teams too! ( plus this post is for red house SENAMROBIK team!! )

Today we got rehearsal right after recess!! =DDD
Olivia, who is our leader went out to decide wif other colour teamleader about who is going to dance first..
We red house got 2nd! 1st is yellow house!!
At first we all dance great but when it started to end den we dunno wat to do bcoz we havent rily finish the whole rutein..
OH YA! and guess what? talking about rutein... the skipping rope thing is not in our rutein anymore... coz a lot ppl dunno how to skip..==

hahaha... so nvm... So the first rehearsal we are failures...==
And Olivia... ( i think she's upset coz she cant manage to finish the whole song and teach us all the steps so we are like half way hanging around..) She cried!! Not very loud like a baby... but just sob lah.. Sad..
When i see her i also felt like crying but i am tough enough... lol... shock sendiri...haha
I did not straight a way go up and comfort coz at dat time everybody is in a down emotion so i sit there instead..
I also try to convince the form 1 dat we red house will not lose just coz we haven't figure out the steps..!! I am sure..!!

While sitting down there calming ourselves down.. we also watch some of other teams' performances..
Blue team used Britney Spears' "CIRCUS" as their theme song... ok lah..
Green team... i dunno why.... din use music coz dun hav the CD yet..
Purple team used INDIAN SONG!! First in the history man!! hahaahah xDDD
Yellow team.. they used hulla-hoops as one of their objects... lol!!(Yvonne is the leader! )

Then after giving 30m minutes of free time... we all try to figure out more steps to finish the whole song... and we manage!! WOOOooo Hoooo!! And Pn.Tan also says dat our dance moves are great! It's just dat we nid to improve in placing!! heheheh~

Tomoro there's another RAP-TAi.. that is rehearsal... xDDD
Hope we red team will perform more perfectly!!

hahah... xDD

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