Sunday, April 12, 2009

Secret Recipe =PP

Yesterday me and my whole family went to the just open secret recipe shop to have dinner... i am so happy coz it's all i wanted since the food is expensive!! xPPPP

So here goes some picture of my beautiful memory in secret recipe!! xDDD I am satified you know.... hahaha xDDDD

This is me drinking my drink.. it's called iced mocchiato something... hahaahaha xDDD

A closer look at my drink!! Trust me! It's rily nice!!

Hahaha~ This is my food.. it's some kind of beef chop i think~ lol!! nice also!! Yummy~~

This is my cousin who also followed us to eat in secret recipe~ She is eating a harshbrown i think... xPPPPP

So.. This is my cousin's meal.. It's some kind of fish and chips.. Yummy.. =PP (but it's very small coz it's a kid set meal) lolzzzzz

So... today post is all about my happy moments in secret recipe!! xpPPP


P/S : i am very sad though.. coz i just quarelled wif her... i hope she can forget it and bcome my best friend again...

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