Thursday, April 2, 2009

OMG!! There's a lizard on your hair!! APRIL FOOL~ ~

Yesterday was APRIL FOOL day!!!!!! This day is when we make fun of the ppl you know!! If that person is to be tricked den you can say "APRIL FOOL"!!! Hahaha...

I always knew today was April Fool day so i was aware of being tricken~~ haha... so one of my form 1 fren, Pei Ru came and asked me why i din go cheer this morning.. i told her that i was tired and i had something to do so i dun manage to attend this morning red house cheerleading practise.. Den she saw our teacher-in-charge was so furious dat she say she will punished all those ppl who din attend this morning's practise.. i was so scared dat i woould be scolded.. But guess wat she burst out a laughter and says "APRIL FOOOLL!! " to me!! I was like .. what the..????

Haha~ lol!!

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