Friday, April 17, 2009

Just dance~ in SPORTS DAY!!! xPPP

Just dance!! Gonna be ok!! dadadudududu.... Just dance!! ( lady gaga~~ )

Woohoo~~ We red house use Lady Gaga's "JUST DANCE" song as our theme song!! Today is sports day!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!! hahaha...

Yesterday teacher informed us that sports day start at 7am but i woke up late and arrived the MPSJ stadium at 7.20 am ++ but guess wat?? Nobody cares if i am late~~ Hahaha~ Coz it's rily toooo early lah.. this time is for those students who participitate anything... I reached there and i met some of my red house cheer members!!

We sat at the red house camp and then suddenly a gal came up and ask us to join kawat aka MARCHING!! I was like what the.. have you mixed up or waT? i haven't practise marching lah!! LOL!!! HAhahaaha.... i thought she was kidding but she say that the red house marching skuad is lack of an amount of ppl which is a truly emergency!! I and my teammates are stunned.... i mean, so wat? iT's not like it's our job rite? we came to dance!! not marching!! but they kip persuing the same thing.. i look around... OMG! Guess wat i see? i saw ppl painting other ppl's face with red paint writing the letter ''M'' which states for MERAH!!! I was so freked out.. Yuck.. who wants their face to be painted?? Not me!!

But the ppl there kip persueing us!!! So we have to sacrifice our beautiful faces to go kawat!! haiz... very sad... lol!! but we sacrifice for red house and it's WORTHY !! i tell you!!
Hahaha~ So as we don't hav any experience in marching so the ppl there teached us... they say this year they are going to do the MICHAEL JACKSON moves... first one is twitching your shoulders up and down while you are marching... Somehow i think it look silly but what to do?? hahah~ Next move is like paws! A guy asked and showed us the move... it's like swinging our hand left to right but the thing is your hand will form like paws~ hhahahhahah~ LOL!! WEIRDO!!!

This year is the first year i joined marching you know!! It's quite tiring and boring~ Lol~ Sorry for those ppl who liked marching~ lol!!
after we walk around the whole MPSJ running path, den we stopped to sing NEGARAKU.. IKRAR... haiz... and the part i hate most!!!
The speeching!! Ah dui!! last year i already felt damn bored listening as an audience but this year i am one of the ppl standing there like sticks!! OMG!!!!!!!
All those VIP all also talk a lot one lah... yea right.. like they all so good as they say..==
After some runniing competition than here comes FINALLY!!! our part!!

It's oledy 11.30am when it's our turn!! hai yo!! I should not be so rushed at the first place!!!==
First there is yellow house!! WOOHOO~ Yvonne is the leader and she look HOT!! Hahahah~
They use the "SUMMERTIME" as their theme song!! Woo Yea~

Den after yellow house it's us!! Finally!!! There's a slightly mistake in the opening part coz the person who arrange the song thing is blurrrr~ but others went ok!! hahahha~ I heard many ppl cheering for red house!! CHEER LOUDER BABY!!! Hahahahaha~ Our ending is just fine!! xDDDDDD

next is purple house!! I believe i mentioned it a lot times... THEY USE INDIAN SONG!! Yea!! Got ppl cheer for them too... we red house also cheer for them!! xPPP

Forth is blue house!! I dunno why but this time not many ppl cheer for them?? Haiz... maybe the audiences are tired of clapping or just ver hot coz the weather is FREAKING HOT!! Hai yo!! but i like blue house moves!! got mix break-dancing-moves!! Hehehheeh~

Last but not least is the green house!! I dunno why but green house look confused and blurr lah!! Oni got 5 ppl dancing leh!!!
I dunno why lah but the ketua very unresponsible lorr... haiz... leave the 5 juniors there dancing oni... but they use japan song!! xDDDDD

So this is all about senamrobik thing!! I am glad i joined this year although it had been very stressed!! BTW it's the last year mah... lol
After this we went behind to take off some clothes leh!! We wear 4 layers leh!!!! Ah dui!! So damn freaking hot!!!
At this moment my father arrived so i went back early!! xDDDD

All the other performance i rily din see worr... sadly... but hui ying told me she got the last in running... nvm lah!! Cheer up!! you tried!! xDDDDD

I am waiting forward to know the senamrobik's result!!! xDDDD
Olivia sms-ed me and said we red house got number one in senamrobik but i dun want to be too happy first coz it's just a news... dunno realistic a not but i hope it is!! xDDDDDDD

But Congratz to other teams too!! You guys rock!! XDDD

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