Saturday, January 31, 2009

My story for CNY holiday!! =)

Yup!! i am home alright!!! HOME SWEET HOME~~

POOH!!! The CNY holidays has come to an END... AAAWWW.... Sad ending... hahahaha....Wat?? My holidays? Oh.. i sure hav lots of fun there back in my father's hometown ( in JOHOR)!!! Hehehe....
Let me start at the beggining will ya... I will make it short and simple!! ^^

1st day ( 24/01/09 , Saturday )
-started the journey in the morning on 10am +
-reached my dad's hometown on 3pm+ (hugged my grandma..^^)
-we cleaned a room which will be the room we will bw staying in in this holidays!!
-After finishing the cleaning and bathing.. I and my lil sis helped my mum by decorating my grandmother's house wif CNY decorations...^^
-Having a wonderful dinner and went to sleep ( a simple day)

2nd day (25/01/09 , Sunday)

-Woke up the latest... hahaha... too tired..
-Helped out with the rest of the decorations
-Played poker cards with my brothers and sisters ( we are expecting to play the cards while waiting for the couontdown... hahaha)
- Of course... we waited for the countdown for CNY but we kinda missed it coz we're too focusing in the cards... But my father who is watching TV wished us and then we wished each other
-We enjoyed the beautiful fire crackers

3rd day (26/01/09 , Monday)
- Happy Chinese New Year!!!
- Still woke up the latest!!! Argh! hahaha
- Missed some visitors from my relatives because of my late sleep... Argh!! lol... My Angpaos..
- Still.. welcomed some visitors (aunts and uncles)... And still received some Angpaos!! haha
- One of my uncle is also staying in my grandmother's house with his family!! Better is he has a daughter which is my cousin who is same age with me!! At least i can chat wif her although it's only just for a day!! ==
- we also played poker cards and mahjong wif my cousin... She is not the kind of sporting people who likes playing outdoors... But her small brother is!! we played fire with him... I mean we light fire on candles lah.. make it like a game... hahahah XD
-We even tried to make a campfire with real fire wood but we still nid the help of a lighter.. no doubt... My father also found some sweet potatoes and BBQ it on the fire!! We waited and waited..
- Then i went indoors as it is too hot outside, and i fell asleep!!! Awww... i missed the nice, tasty potatoes!!!! but i found one and "roasted" it myself!! of coz i ate it... a little.. it's quite tasteless but i still like it and felt proud about it!! Experience mah!! hahaha...
-At nite, we played fire crackers!!! The cheap ones which is less dangerous one... it's still fun!! =)

4th day ( 27/01/09 , Tuesday )
-Finally, i am not the last woken!! hahaha... But this time there are less visitors!! LOL...
-Received Angpaos from some aunties!! ^^
- My cousin went back home... Bye~~ TT
-Fortunately my another aunt also came and stayed in my grandma's house too!! =)
- Her sons and daughters are all adults... One of her son is doing a part time job in a medical company (herbalife) in the weight management part.. He helped us to measure our body health based on our height and weight... i am not very healthy... Too short... over-weight...==.. EXERCISE!!!
-We went out shopping in PACIFIC which is quite a distance from the house... NVM..
- Saw a lion dance performance in the main hall stage in PACIFIC shopping centre... Quite nice...
- Also bought some new clothes and a lip gloss! Hehehe... First time to try a lip gloss... Lol... My brothers teased me leh!! ==
-Played fire crackers too!! heheeh...

5th day ( 28/01/09 , Wednesday )
-Again not waking up the latest!! Hahahaha...
-Ate a great breakfast!!!
-Still... Gambling... Poker Cards... haha... MAHJONG too.. but it's different than the usual one... Our rules.. Lol
- Ate the chinese new year stuffs untill it's quite finished.. lol
-Packed our belongings as we are going to go home~~
- i can't believe i am saying this but i actually liked living in my dad's hometown .... well... it's quite itchy at night... mosquitoes but dunno why.. still luv it! Nice memories!!
- After eating lunch, we rested for half an hour before starting our journey back home... Starting to miss the past days oledy... haiz...
- Bye, Grandma!!! Love you!!!

So.. My story in JOhor is finished!! ^^

Friday, January 23, 2009

I am soooo unhappy~~

The last post i wrote is about a happy day so i want to write about a not happy day today... Haiz...
Today is the day of school so i expect evrything to go perfectly... But when i go to school my fren told me :" Jaslyn, do you know we suppose to do caligraphy today ???" I was like : What the... i thought teacher said two weeks pass one time??
I was sooo nervous and scared but i have to go attend the kokurikulum first... After the koku i hurrily went to the canteen to ask my other frens.... to make sure that caligraphy homework news is true.... It's true!!!! AAAAhHHH!!! So i have no choice but to go buy ink and the caligraphy pen in the bookshop...
Den when i want to do i found out something terrible!!!! The ink is poured all over my baju kurung white uniform!!! AAAHHHH!!! i was soooo terrified when i found out... Den i looked... What the hell ar?? ( sorry for the rude words XP) The floor is also full of ink patches!!! OMG!!!

Den i hurrily went to the BILIK HEM (disipline room) to find a new outfit to wear... Luckily the size is still ok... but i rily feel sad.. like wanna cry... I wanna go home!!!! But i didn't coz it's like too baby to go home just for a small problem... lol... but i cant stop my tears from rolling down my cheeks... so sad... so worried... but thank God i have friends who are kind to me... They are very nice to me and try to comfort me... ( Hui Ying, Yvonne, Chian Wei, Yi Jun, Hui Yi, Siew yi, Xing Yi and more... THX you guys!!! LUV ya!!!) But still i cant stand it... just... too sad...

Den i found out dat i haven't finish my chinese homework dat i nid to pass up today!! And the chinese period is just next!!! Walao... I kip rushing like mad... I finally manage to finish it... Den when i am just thinking that maybe... just maybe my luck is changing to be good , den the ink again pour all over my borrowed shirt!!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!! WHY??? WHY MUST THIS HAPPEN TO ME!!!???? WHAT DID I DO WRONG???
I was so upset!!! NOw both my uniform and the borrowed shirt is ruined!!!!!!!!!

( Did i mention It's my older bro's birthday!!!! Why must i have bad lucks on his b'day???)

I was so sad not just bcoz my uniform and also the date!!! It's my older bro's b'day!!! And just the day before the CNY holiday!!! I hope my luck will change better next time!!! I dun want anything bad happen in CNY!!! I just want to hav lots of fun!!!! GOD BLESS ME!!!

BTW... I hope to wish my older brother, Jeffrey Chong, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Happy Birthday!!!
And CHINESE NEW YEAR to all my readers and families!!! XP

Monday, January 19, 2009

I am sooo Happy ~~~ XP

Today i am very happy... as happy as a king or maybe happier... lol...
Today is my class' second PJK time... So teacher said we cant play "free-style" first... We have to complete the "UJIAN SEGAK" which included sit-ups... pumpings... going up and down on a bench... These activities will be recorded marks and the marks will be included in the exam marks... ARGH!! So everyone must to do it!!! COMPULSARY...XDXD

So i also do lor... Well.. first teacher asked us to find a partner each so of coz me and siew yi one group lah... lol... we always stick together one lah... haha... So she started to do the sit-up first... she kips doing and i kip counting the times lor... I can see that through her emotion she is having a tough time coz as you know... we didn't did this exercise since last year!!! HAhaha... But although that... She managed to do 20 times!!! WAAAHHH!!! Then it's my turn... haha...
I thought i cant do more then 10 times but i managed to do 17 times!!! WOooHOoO~~~~
It's not very much but i am still happy!!! ( coz i am not fit mah..==)Den it comes to the hard part where everybody needs to do PUMPING!!!!!!!!!! AAAHHHh!!! i still remember when i do pumping last year... i cant even do 1 correctly... i bet this year is the same... So before it's my turn i prayed for God's blessing... So here i go... 1... 2... 3... ARGH!!! so damn torturing... den i want to tell teacher dat i want to give up but teacher said :" It's ok!!! Keep it up!!! It's correct!!! "...
I felt so shocked when i heard dat... Walao... correct ar?? So i dont want to waste time and keep on doing it... When the teacher blowed the whistle, i found out dat i manage to do 17 times!!!! WWWAAAAHHHHH!!!!! I sooo damn happy weih... I mean so happy like i want to jump to the sky!!! I finally SUCCESS!!! HAhahaha... XDXD

So this is the happy part in school... there is also happy things happening at home!!! Hehehe... My pap told us weeks ago that his friend is opening an adoption for hamsters... I would love to rear one but i dun think i can coz i never have the experience... But guess what i saw today when my pap came to school and fetch me home... YUP... It's a small cage with 2 hamsters!!!! WAH!!!! Damn cute lah... My pap say it's one female and one male... He also suggest we rear them nicely and maybe we can earn money when they have little hamsters!!! Hehehehe....=D

My siblings and i put the hamsters in their new home with nice soft straws and "hays" which is used to keep their tiny body warm.... here goes some pictures...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Japanese Buffet~~ =D

Today i went for a japanese buffet for lunch!!
Actually the reason i can go is because my dad received a voucher... ( i think it's from his company but the malay's doesn't want and doesn't like japanese food so they gave my pap who's chinese!! Hahaha XD~~ Lucky~XD)

Because the voucher is only valid before CNY so my pap booked today from days ago... Anyway... It's only for 2 person... So since my bro isn't very interested in japanese food so i went wif my pap lor bcoz i also quiter like SUSHI~~ I luv sushi...
Lol... But nowadays sushi is so expensive i can counted as a lucky gal lah!!! WoOOOHoooO~~~

Btw, The venue is in a hotel... PEARL HOTEL.... nice name huh..^^

Well... Too Bad i din bring my phone there... if not i can capture some delicious food phottos lor... hahaha... So i think i will just use words to describe it .... lol
It's very high-class....
It's the first restaurant that has those very polite waiters who wears nice nice cloths...uniforms... And the cook makes the food infront of you so you can make sure it's fresh enough!! hahhaa... When we reach there the manager first ask whether my pap is smoking coz there's a special place for ppl who wants to smoke but of coz my pap say "no" lah...==
so the manager of that hotel show us to a table... After we sat there than we started the feast!!! yeah~~

Of coz... I go to the sushi part first lah... i choose salmon sushi.... orange fish egg sushi.... red fish egg sushi and even mango slice sushi....
Aahhh.... I even tried the wasabi wif the kicap also!!! Hahaha...

And of coz i tried some of the delicious cakes too... grape jelly cake.... strawberry jelly cake and kiwi cake too... My favourite is cheese cake wif a slice of strawberry on top... ^^

And of coz i tried some japanese raw food like oyster... Hahaha...XDXD
Kinda geli... lol
I also picked some raw food for the ppl in charge to BBQ~~ Like eel... salmon fish... clamp... and other stuffs.. Thay taste yummy wif the BBQ sauce!! Hehehe =D

Desserts are the cakes and jellies... And my favourite part... ice-cream!!!! Yay!!!

I luv this lunch buffet and felt very lucky i can go!!! I've waited sooo long to eat japanese food especially sushi XP... And now i have tasted it! Yeah!!!

So have you been to japanese buffet?? XPP

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A new "Guest"... In my house?? Lol,... XP

NOwadays... I found out there is a new "guest" always coming into my house without my permission...== Who is dat?
OMG!!! Did you say a theif???
NOpe... Wrong answer!!!

It's a cat!!!
Didn't know it rite?? Lol...
Yup!! It's a cat alright... With black and white stripes...
One day when i wake up and went to eat breakfast cereals... My maid suddenly say:"Jaslyn, tengok bawah itu... ada kucing!! Tadi dia sendiri masuk dalam rumah..."
Den i looked under the table... Oh... there's a cat... ok lah.. Nvm lah... after oni ask it to go out...XD
So i eat finish oledy lor...
Den when i want to walk to the basin, i felt something soft under my feet... i was like: What the... Floors not solid one meh??
Den i look down... AHHHHHH!!!! It's de cat...
luckily i din rily step it... lol...Phew...
From dat day... The "unwelcome comer" comes to my house everyday... Haha...
Btw... Dat cat's tummy is very big comparing to normal cats' tummy...
i and my lil sis tought it's pregnant but we are not sure... We dun even know how to see whether is it a female cat or male one... Dun care lar... Maybe May yean can help.. She's fond of cats... Hehehe....She's open an adoption centre of lil kittens now!!! You ppl can go see her blog and
Anyway back to the cat... So because the cat always come to my house... we decided to give it a name... We called it "STRIPY"... Funny name but it's a name i can now temporally think of... lol
So... These is some pictures about my lil sis touching STRIPY... STRIPY don't rily like to take photos... HAhaha...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So sad... Can't believe it!!! TT

I'm sad today... Why?
Haiz... long story...
It started from today's recess...
Well... First to tell... Today's big star is my new school discipline teacher, Pn. Lau...
I hope when Pn.Lau sees this post she won't be too angry with me... Sry!!! Just wanna express my frustrated feelings!!!
You see... Puan Lau is waiting in the staircase waiting to see all the form 2 girl's hair... Make sure they are all neat and tidy... I and my 2 friends as usual think we can "pass" her "checking-test"!!!
Unfortunately... Pn.Lau blocked us and say:" Girls. please stand aside!! " We were soooo shocked and suprised because normally the we always "pass" this part!!!! I rily dun understand...
Den the teacher warn us :" you girls must have your hair neatly pinned or else you will be caught!! This is your first chance! Everyone has 3 chance... If you still caught for the 4th time then you are going to hang a big board over your neck writing " I will pin my hair " !!! "
Then we are asked to record our name in a book... Then we left...
I rily dun understand... I dun know why i and my friends will be caught this time!!!!
But... it already happen... I also forgot to asked the reason...haiz... But i hope teacher will forgot this time of recording coz i rily think i'm innocent!!! INNOCENT!!! Why i can pass monday... tuesday.... but not wednesday????

Haiz... BUt... I went for an interview today... Hope i dun get bad luck!!!
It's a librarian interview!!! Wish me luck! Hahaha!!! ( At least a happy thing) lol XDXD

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Today is the first day of skul!!! Exciting...~~

1st day of skul... New frens and new classes... Hope evrything is perfect!!!!!!

I have to use my old bag again coz my mum say so...
She says :" you have to use the bag until it worns out!!! or dun even think of buying a new one... !!!"

Nvm lah...
Anyway!!! HAppy-school-reopening!!!!
Study study study...!!! Again!!! lol...XD