Sunday, January 18, 2009

Japanese Buffet~~ =D

Today i went for a japanese buffet for lunch!!
Actually the reason i can go is because my dad received a voucher... ( i think it's from his company but the malay's doesn't want and doesn't like japanese food so they gave my pap who's chinese!! Hahaha XD~~ Lucky~XD)

Because the voucher is only valid before CNY so my pap booked today from days ago... Anyway... It's only for 2 person... So since my bro isn't very interested in japanese food so i went wif my pap lor bcoz i also quiter like SUSHI~~ I luv sushi...
Lol... But nowadays sushi is so expensive i can counted as a lucky gal lah!!! WoOOOHoooO~~~

Btw, The venue is in a hotel... PEARL HOTEL.... nice name huh..^^

Well... Too Bad i din bring my phone there... if not i can capture some delicious food phottos lor... hahaha... So i think i will just use words to describe it .... lol
It's very high-class....
It's the first restaurant that has those very polite waiters who wears nice nice cloths...uniforms... And the cook makes the food infront of you so you can make sure it's fresh enough!! hahhaa... When we reach there the manager first ask whether my pap is smoking coz there's a special place for ppl who wants to smoke but of coz my pap say "no" lah...==
so the manager of that hotel show us to a table... After we sat there than we started the feast!!! yeah~~

Of coz... I go to the sushi part first lah... i choose salmon sushi.... orange fish egg sushi.... red fish egg sushi and even mango slice sushi....
Aahhh.... I even tried the wasabi wif the kicap also!!! Hahaha...

And of coz i tried some of the delicious cakes too... grape jelly cake.... strawberry jelly cake and kiwi cake too... My favourite is cheese cake wif a slice of strawberry on top... ^^

And of coz i tried some japanese raw food like oyster... Hahaha...XDXD
Kinda geli... lol
I also picked some raw food for the ppl in charge to BBQ~~ Like eel... salmon fish... clamp... and other stuffs.. Thay taste yummy wif the BBQ sauce!! Hehehe =D

Desserts are the cakes and jellies... And my favourite part... ice-cream!!!! Yay!!!

I luv this lunch buffet and felt very lucky i can go!!! I've waited sooo long to eat japanese food especially sushi XP... And now i have tasted it! Yeah!!!

So have you been to japanese buffet?? XPP

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