Friday, January 23, 2009

I am soooo unhappy~~

The last post i wrote is about a happy day so i want to write about a not happy day today... Haiz...
Today is the day of school so i expect evrything to go perfectly... But when i go to school my fren told me :" Jaslyn, do you know we suppose to do caligraphy today ???" I was like : What the... i thought teacher said two weeks pass one time??
I was sooo nervous and scared but i have to go attend the kokurikulum first... After the koku i hurrily went to the canteen to ask my other frens.... to make sure that caligraphy homework news is true.... It's true!!!! AAAAhHHH!!! So i have no choice but to go buy ink and the caligraphy pen in the bookshop...
Den when i want to do i found out something terrible!!!! The ink is poured all over my baju kurung white uniform!!! AAAHHHH!!! i was soooo terrified when i found out... Den i looked... What the hell ar?? ( sorry for the rude words XP) The floor is also full of ink patches!!! OMG!!!

Den i hurrily went to the BILIK HEM (disipline room) to find a new outfit to wear... Luckily the size is still ok... but i rily feel sad.. like wanna cry... I wanna go home!!!! But i didn't coz it's like too baby to go home just for a small problem... lol... but i cant stop my tears from rolling down my cheeks... so sad... so worried... but thank God i have friends who are kind to me... They are very nice to me and try to comfort me... ( Hui Ying, Yvonne, Chian Wei, Yi Jun, Hui Yi, Siew yi, Xing Yi and more... THX you guys!!! LUV ya!!!) But still i cant stand it... just... too sad...

Den i found out dat i haven't finish my chinese homework dat i nid to pass up today!! And the chinese period is just next!!! Walao... I kip rushing like mad... I finally manage to finish it... Den when i am just thinking that maybe... just maybe my luck is changing to be good , den the ink again pour all over my borrowed shirt!!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!! WHY??? WHY MUST THIS HAPPEN TO ME!!!???? WHAT DID I DO WRONG???
I was so upset!!! NOw both my uniform and the borrowed shirt is ruined!!!!!!!!!

( Did i mention It's my older bro's birthday!!!! Why must i have bad lucks on his b'day???)

I was so sad not just bcoz my uniform and also the date!!! It's my older bro's b'day!!! And just the day before the CNY holiday!!! I hope my luck will change better next time!!! I dun want anything bad happen in CNY!!! I just want to hav lots of fun!!!! GOD BLESS ME!!!

BTW... I hope to wish my older brother, Jeffrey Chong, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Happy Birthday!!!
And CHINESE NEW YEAR to all my readers and families!!! XP

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