Friday, December 31, 2010

what lies ahead? no one knows :D

It's a new road, new adventure, new task for me to explore.
* wipes sweat *
It's gonna be fine :)


Hello hunn bunns :D
So to start my post here,

say buhbye to all the sorrows and tears,
keep the sweet memories inside :3
AND say helloooo to 2011 !! xDD

YESTERDAY, which is 31st december,
was new year eve :)
so, my family and I decided to go have a dinner before heading to church for watch night service.
we went to a western restaurant tho.
boy the price were O.O. haha they served good food laa :P
ANYWAY they gave us fortune cookies too :D
pictures :D
OMG I GOT MY W595 PHONE BACK :D so snap snap XD

 starter - onion rings HAHA lol.

 He's craving for food so yeahh lol.

 Pure honey with lemon teaa :D damnnn nice i tell you >:D

i still remembered mine haha :P
" your present plan will suceed " HAHA
 and my plan is.... :X

 lol forgot to rotate oh well :P
mine was some dory fish with cheese :O nemo's dory?
haha i dont know lol. but it's like super thin and small arghhh -.-
other than that, my dish was awesomee :D
 wooshh finally >:)
he ordered some lamb chop thingy.
the portion was quite big you know.. :O

 Mummy gave me some of her spaghetti :D
it was so tomato-ishh :/

Somebodyyy is trying to steal my friesss -.-

oh-so-expensive ><
4 people for 103 bucks weihh :X
but just for new year eve laa :P

after the dinner went to church.
met a new friend Lilian, she's from acts church too :D
So yeah that was how i spent my new year eve.
quite boring ehss? :( yeah i knowwww. D:
my bro spent his at his friend's party omgg :O
he said they went walking around USJ 2 shouting "happy new year" like mad people.
awww how nicee lol!
ishhh i envy siew yi laa :(
her family decided to go pangkor like.. on the 30th?
then they went there on the 31st to celebrate NEW YEAR EVE :O
arghhh she told me she was drinking champagne while texting me,
waiting for new year to come.
ish but many things had happened to my family lately so haih. :(
even my birthday was a disaster D:
but at least my friends made me a belated suprise party ;)
shall talk about it once i get the pictures.. loves (:

if you asked me abt what i think abt this new year,
i would say quite negative tho. D:
with all the studies tutions friendship and stuffs. ARGHHH.
ishh for this new year i hope everything turns out better each time.
of course there will be hard times, but in this new year, we will all be braver so that will be a piece of cake :D * fingers crossed *
may everything goes smoothly and nicely throughout the year :D

xoxo, Jaslyn

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It wasn't supposed to be like this.

I'm quite dissapointed right now..... Afterall, it should be wayy better, isn't it? SIGHH D:

Sunday, December 26, 2010

don't fail me

Promise is a BIG word,
don't fail it.
mind what you're saying,
you never know how much it means to someone.
you have no idea how much that means to me :')


Heyy sunshine :D

Today is the day after christmas :O
apparently i skipped today's church service because i woke up pretty late and mum's not going too, so transport is another problem haha :P

Anyway how is your christmas?
Mine was pretty fine (:
In the morning i went to church for worship service.
Then when i got home, asked daddy to fetch me, lil sis and lil bro to Summit to catch a movie " Guliver's Travel "
( you see, i wanna make the whole christmas day hectic and packed so yeah fill up the empty timess HAHAHA :D )

it was okay for me laaa.
My lil sis laughed like some mad woman inside the cinema lol!
we 3 looked like jacoons hahaha lol but oh well christmas is special ! LOL!
In the evening we went to GMAD ( another branch church? ) for christmas service.
It was my first time sadly my phone got screwed and i'm using nokia phone currently,
which explains why i Don't have photos of it :(

Blahblah. now let's blog about today :D
Fyi, i just got back from a wedding Lunch in Kepong.
This time, i wore another outfit instead of a dress :O

The groom is said to be my mum's cousin who i never met before but oh well xDD
again. lousy phone. no photos. haih D:
In my opinion, the food there is not very grand i would say.
especially the first dish D:
it's suppose to be my favourite since you can eat a variety of small food lol!
but the dish there isn't very pleasant tho.. sighh nvrm!
Dad says this is how KL restaurants are. :/ hmm..
blahblah came home around 5pm?
was super exhausted :O
found camera. take pics lol! yeah dont see if you dont want to haha!

Mum, lil sis and lil bro went back to Perak for some days.
I guess it'll be just me, big bro, dad and the maid for these few days lol!

that's practically all. toodles :D
xoxo, Jaslyn

Friday, December 24, 2010

Smile and move on (:

" No matter what happens, congratulate and celebrate it, because you had just passed an important stage of your life! no regrets "
quote by my papa
Good or Bad, i hope everyone smiles and move on ! :D

HELLO earthlings :D

First of all,
praise the Lord that i managed to score straight A's for PMR ! :D
it was totally unexpected if you were reading my blog before this.
you see, i got quite many wrongs in my chinese paper 1 so i already sort of prepared myself to accept the fact IF i get 7A's.
On the way to the school hall i was warning myself not to drop a tiny bit of tear if i can't score like i want to.
But praise the lord that He gave mercy upon me and i was Lucky to score straight A's! :D

I was happy indeed.
 But on the other hand, i can't be TOO happy because it's very rude to those who didn't score as they wanted.
I really wanted to comfort them!!!!
I really do ! D:
but i don't know how. anything that comes out from my mouth seems to hurt them more!
arghhh. what i can do is just give them a bear hug and a pat on the back and some company <:D ( hey, i really mean those comfort! )
that is when i feel totally useless and stupid, what a friend i am D:
my mum even said "why everybody else who scored straight A's are happy but you are not? are you Not satisfied? "
it's hard to describe the whole thing laa D:
afterall, you dont want your friend to brag brag brag abt their good results when you dont have your results good right? :(

ANYWAY, keep that aside.
form 4 life waiting. :O
just to tell all the form3 candidates, no matter what you got, you always have God with you! God plans everything. and that is why everything happens for its purpose :D
so, whatever it is, SMILE AND MOVE ON :D
don't cry because it's over,
SMILE :D because it happened :)

blahblah i just got home from a church service with my mum's friends' church
it was awesome :D
guess what? i got 2 prizes from 2 lucky draws!!
LOL! lucky much?
my big bro and mum got a prize each too, except my lil bro who was quite upset since he didnt get anything lol!
oh oh i met paul and engyaw there.
seems like that church is their church :O haha what a coincedence :DD

christmas dayyyy!!!!
it's when everybody from all races gather together to celebrate the day our savior is born!
bwahahah tomorrow is quite packed for me  though,
but mostly i will be sticking to church stuffs :D
come on, it's the lord's birthday, hahah we should celebrate for him :D

that's all, toodles readers :D

xoxo, Jaslyn

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Hello there! :D

So.. i recovered fully from my fever for now :D
no more extreme headaches, just slightly some ahahs lol!
one thing, i'm always experiencing major body aches D:
every part of my body is screaming lol!
everytime i walk it feels like my leg just got tortured D:
okay nvrmm think positivee :D
at first i thought it was some sort of symptoms of dengue fever!
you see.. i have red spots on my leg ! :O
but after visiting the doctor, she said it was fine.
the bodyache is just another common thing after fever :/
hmmm i hope so though.

anyway, 23rd is coming nearer every second lol!
omggg D:
it's also the carolling day too :O
OMG pressure muchh :(

hmm.. oh tonight i'm joining my youth peeps 
on a minor carolling event with the SS15 residents (:
i think it'll be kinda different from the other caroling experiences tho :)

till then. bye :D
xoxo, Jaslyn

Friday, December 17, 2010

very very sick!

Hey peeps.
as my title said, i'm in a bad condition right now.
how bad? owhh you can never imagine D:

first, i just had a high fever yesterday, 39.5 celcius! But fortunately after praying and many hours of sleep it got a lil better. 
second,i've extreme headache that whenever i wanna walk its like i just got hit on the head D: super dizzy :S
3rd, my stomach is not helping too!! it just aches like no one's business! D: and my leg muscles hurt it feels like someone just step over my leg or smth! 
4th, my stomach's prob made me having problems with food. everything just tasted so yucky you know. AHH D: instead i ate bread for breakfast and lunch. how sad -.-

currently i feel burning in the inside while shivering in the outside.
oh gosh.
and i have so many plans later on! GAHH!

23rd is gonna be a BIG day.
besides going to my first addmaths tution, i have to collect my PMR results AND go carolling at night!
i mean really, what can be more worse?

before this they set the results-taking-day on 28th which is my birthday..
now they changed, worse!
it's before christmas!

omg just thinking of all of these can make me faint :(

haih. what to do? have faith then.. :/

xoxo, Jaslyn

Sunday, December 12, 2010

movie catch ups!

Hey guys :D

this week is more like a movie week for me.
been trying hard to catch up with movies :D

before this went to florence's house to watch 2 movies.
Step up 2 and P.S I love you.
honestly, they didn't really amaze me though.
step up 2 is moderate..

basically it's abt dancing but since i don't get the heads and tails of the whole scene i didn't really focused on the movie. 
i even slept for a while lol!

P.S I love you is okayy i would say.

i was so anxious abt it but it turned out all slow and draggy tho.
expected more romantic or sweet scenes.
but naah didnt though. 
but the guy actor is kinda cute lol!
oh well! at least i watched hee (:

then after that i watched Despicable Me!

outdated much :P
It's a great movie! awesome :D
it's not just normal cartoon tho. special one ahahs.
there are some scenes where i really liked :D
to me it's the yellow small thingys call MINIONS that caught my attention and the main character too :)

some scenes are maddddd cute i tell you :D
the storybook scene HAHA i repeated it like so many times lol!
spot the puppets :D kittens! omg cute sialll :D

and today i got some dvds :D
maybe the child's eye?

or step up 3?

hoho i don't know :D

that's all :D
i havent been in carolling practice for some time lol!
dont even know if im kicked out :/
hope not . ahahs

xoxo, jaslyn

Friday, December 10, 2010

waiting can be torturing.

many emotions mixed up lately!
in one hand i hope the day comes faster so that i can take my results,
but another thing is i am too scared to know.
omg feel like dying.
waiting. is. horrible. ish.

Hey bumbo mumbos :D

ahhh finally i settled my librarian holiday duty thing :D
as a librarian, we are reminded to come to school for extra holiday duty calls for those spm and stpm candidates to be able to rest unde the air cond.
i went 3 days already. hurrayyy!
haha then my librarian teacher can't find anymore reasons to nag me anymore :D

speaking about spm,
some people already finished theirs!
gosh how i envy them :( no more worries!
just play play play before you head off to college.
geesh unlike us we still have f4 and f5 lives to deal with D:

Tonight there will be a christmas party organized by Acts Church in Empire.
sadly i can't go. no transport.
plus, florence's too sick to go. yeah so that's a no already.

mich xy flo and I decided to plan on a sleep-over thing next week.
we are not really organized in everything yet but we all hope it works.
it was an old plan actually.
but everyone was too busy to think about it.
now it's december, you gotta play till your butts drop off :D
and our butts are still sticking real hard so yeah we need to play more lol!
yay! if it really works..
den we will watch the movie " love in disguise " by wang leehom together :D
it would be awesome since i craved for that show very long time ago :(
yes outdated i know DD:

everything's been going on so fast recently.
i feel like i'm so left out and can't really catch up with others.
sometimes i can't stop thinking about our form 4 lives,
whether will we separate or stay in the same class,
whether will we stay this close or grow apart,
whether will we just become strangers.
it's sad to lose a friend. i never want to.
i bet no one does.
but you can't force a person if he/she wants to leave, can you?
let it be then. :/
God will plan! WEE :D

ahah so random lol.
thats all

p/s : i'm really pissed about these few girls which i will not say their names out cause it's too mean. lol. but i really have to say this. you guys are really very irresponsible. i may look quiet and shy. but i can be straight forward and brave too. just so you know, i LOOK shy because i'm just not close to you. you guys haven't seen me with my friends, by then you will take back your words! you guys are just using us because we look dumb but guess what, you guys just got fooled. i won't do it and you can't force me. i can quit anytime if i want to, it's you guys who will squeeze your brain juice till your brain is empty with nothing left but junk whole night. you gave me the whole thing last minute and you expect me to do it? oh please. look in the mirror. does the person in the mirror even has the capability. i'm sure it's a no. cause if it's a yes. you would do it by yourself. don't fake. i won't do it. WE won't do it. crap you! >:(
YES im super angry of them. but im sure it's a temporary stuff.
Just,everybody can be brave and outspeaking. 
but don't go over the limit.
shy people have feelings too OKAY. -.-

xoxo, Jaslyn.