Sunday, December 12, 2010

movie catch ups!

Hey guys :D

this week is more like a movie week for me.
been trying hard to catch up with movies :D

before this went to florence's house to watch 2 movies.
Step up 2 and P.S I love you.
honestly, they didn't really amaze me though.
step up 2 is moderate..

basically it's abt dancing but since i don't get the heads and tails of the whole scene i didn't really focused on the movie. 
i even slept for a while lol!

P.S I love you is okayy i would say.

i was so anxious abt it but it turned out all slow and draggy tho.
expected more romantic or sweet scenes.
but naah didnt though. 
but the guy actor is kinda cute lol!
oh well! at least i watched hee (:

then after that i watched Despicable Me!

outdated much :P
It's a great movie! awesome :D
it's not just normal cartoon tho. special one ahahs.
there are some scenes where i really liked :D
to me it's the yellow small thingys call MINIONS that caught my attention and the main character too :)

some scenes are maddddd cute i tell you :D
the storybook scene HAHA i repeated it like so many times lol!
spot the puppets :D kittens! omg cute sialll :D

and today i got some dvds :D
maybe the child's eye?

or step up 3?

hoho i don't know :D

that's all :D
i havent been in carolling practice for some time lol!
dont even know if im kicked out :/
hope not . ahahs

xoxo, jaslyn

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