Friday, December 17, 2010

very very sick!

Hey peeps.
as my title said, i'm in a bad condition right now.
how bad? owhh you can never imagine D:

first, i just had a high fever yesterday, 39.5 celcius! But fortunately after praying and many hours of sleep it got a lil better. 
second,i've extreme headache that whenever i wanna walk its like i just got hit on the head D: super dizzy :S
3rd, my stomach is not helping too!! it just aches like no one's business! D: and my leg muscles hurt it feels like someone just step over my leg or smth! 
4th, my stomach's prob made me having problems with food. everything just tasted so yucky you know. AHH D: instead i ate bread for breakfast and lunch. how sad -.-

currently i feel burning in the inside while shivering in the outside.
oh gosh.
and i have so many plans later on! GAHH!

23rd is gonna be a BIG day.
besides going to my first addmaths tution, i have to collect my PMR results AND go carolling at night!
i mean really, what can be more worse?

before this they set the results-taking-day on 28th which is my birthday..
now they changed, worse!
it's before christmas!

omg just thinking of all of these can make me faint :(

haih. what to do? have faith then.. :/

xoxo, Jaslyn

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