Saturday, November 28, 2009

Away ~

Hello Peeps~
Hello World~
So.. hows your day? LOL
Its the end of my laptop day~ Well!! LOL
Neways, just came back from youth x)
Sang songs :D Caroline songs, LOLzzzz
I desperately hope my fwens can go to youth camp, i dun wanna be alone D: hahax
haiz, these few days i will not be blogging peeps~
So, too bad,
BUt my blog is not dead, NOT for forever LOL
I am gonna update right away when i come back..
You might be wondering where will i go.. LOL
No big deal actually~ I am going back to my pap's hometown at Johor O_O

FYI, i do not~ CERTAINLY do not like to go back there...

NOt to say much, but i rily dun like to go back D: coz there are many many many many thousands of mosquitoes there +_+ And its not rily ... you know.. clean.. ==

Yea~ its so darn itchy over there and me no likey NO NO

What me likey is where i am now, my room, my house :)

BUt~ usually i have reasons like... i have projects or homework to do, but this time my dad say its COMPULSARY ... :( *sobs* Its gonna be dreadful there.. where you have sleepless nights !! *sigh*

Tomoro at this moment i will be sitting at my grandma's there looking at the ceiling, no astro, no internet, no life weihh ==

OKay~ stop abt that~ Watching dramas lately!! x)

But i am crazy of one of them, excluding KO3!
The name is AUTUMN'S CONCERTO 下一站, 幸福
Its a very nice show indeed, i think you guys hould rily try this show~
Before i really watch this show, honestly i think it sucks by its pics LOL
But now, i changed my point of view,
Go read the summary if you are not sure what is this show abt~ x)

haha~ LOlxx~
I dunnoe but maybe i will catch more dramas, but i have to choose~ hmm

This show is call love 18《逆风18》
I saw the advertisement long time ago but i didnt watch it,
Heard that the two main guys inside there are really hottt~ == LOL

Or maybe i will choose this, both Aaron and GuiGUi is inside marh!!
And to me Ah ben is not bad ~ He looks kinda...== hmm~ cute i guess?
BUt i heard that this show is not completed, is it?
Its called MoMo love 桃花愛無敵 x)

LOL i thought momo love is tao hua xiao mei? == bblurrrr
Okay~ That's all peeps ~
Take care LOL~ x)
-xoxo, Jaslyn-
- I am very glad you talked to me nicely :) and i hope it will last -

Friday, November 27, 2009

Besties 6S + New Moon x)

Muaahah~ Watched New Moon!!!
* chuckles *
LOL~ Taylor Lautner fweaking HOT in there.. c'mon,
HOw can bella not open her eyes ?? LOL
OKay lar~
Haha~ Just that its so darn obvious that taylor lautner @ jacob Black
is sooooooooo muchhh hotter than robert pattison @ Edward Cullen
hahah~ LOL~
But~ True Love.. LMAO.. fine fine i get it xD
Muahah~ here are some pics of New moon/ Jacob Black.. xP

So yengg weih~ Look into his eyes == O.O

hahah~ LOL protecting Bella x)

hahah~ In the woods.. he got packs ya know xP

Woaah~ New poster i guess? LOL

The Cullen family aka The Vampire family

Lol! No no~ The taylor lautner back there is not absolutely HOt lah~!!
the hair lahh spoils everything,
but then in the show he became hotter after he transform into smth..
haha~ Go watch yourself xP

Today morn after breakfast, dad dropped me at the bridge there .. Haha~
LOL! At first i was also like O_O
Like " daddy are you sure? I dun wanna walk the bridge leh , i rather go across the road x) "
Then he gave those do-you-want-to-go-or-not looks =="
So.. terpaksalah~
Dam high de, spooky although in daylight!! x)
I have stage-fright and a lil height-fright?? LOL~

So, walked over ==
Den haha LOST, first time walk like dat LOL~
if you dun get me by LOST dun guess =P
Walking.... ==

Aha! Found a shop i am familiar off.. LOL~ The exit! =="

A big smile before meeting ex-classmates x)

OKay~ At here let me simplify the whole day journey :D
1. LOST after go out from POINT B
2. Saw Sue Zen, Jaymi, den off we go to the musical stuff sales x)
3. Went to MCD's to wait for the rest of them x)
4. Chit Chat , take a lil pics oni
5. go up to the movies there, LOL oni meet up wif rest of them :P
6. Waited for awhile before going in, the guy dun let us == nid to wait 10 mins before the time
7. Went in, buy food plus drink
8. NEW MOON ( i love it xD )
9. Came out, chit chat LOADS, Jaymi went home for piano
10. Go Popular warehouse sales, bubble tea,
11. Sit at pizza's, LOL din eat larh, bankrap dy == , chit chat abt school stuff,
12. This guy from USJ 12 dat sue zen and jeanne knows passed by..
13. Den i forgot liao
14. Then we like chit chat den go around the whole summit~ LOL~
15. They went home, actually to sunway, but i cant folllow coz got troublesome tution LOL
16. At MCD's do homework ! LOL~ yea i brought them! x)
17. Sue Zen came back after watching CHRISTMAS CAROL with the guy O_O
18. Go home x)

With jaymi~ xD

Sue Zen and Jaymi

Me and babe sue zen

LOl~ Took this when they are discussing abt money LOL

OMG~ Havent rotate, you get the picture :D

BUbble tea :D , Amanda, Sue Zen

Yen yuen, LOL blurr pic, too bad din rily take ss pics wif her, kinda regret it now D:

haha~ LOl~ boredom, homework in MCD! pnpoh one !

Fries as snacks :P

The USJ 12 guy, friendly but i dunno his name O.O
I am not weirdo okay,
i took this pic to show babe sue zen, I rily think he has a crush on you,
what he do is what normal boy
s will do when they like a gurl, DUn tell me you dunno O.O
or you dun wanna know...== Hmmm~ LOL

Sue Zen bought this two things for me
as a early b'day present x)
haha~ thx LOL~ I lurve the handphone thing x)

The handphone thing x)

HAHA! tickets, booked one Ooo.. xD

I bought this album thing in the musical thing sales,
Its an album wif two teenage bands
This is the BBT album Cover

The back cover is HSHMM cover x)

HSHMM~ OKay if you dun like them, just dun insult x)

BBT! hha~ LOL ~

The price is 9.90 bucks.. cheap? yea.. LOL

The left one is WANGZI, he is so call the hot/cute one but i dun think so, i like the right one, the leader weihh~ AOQUAN.. LOL~ again~ Dun comment anything BAD~ thx!

These are basically what i got today x) hahah~ OKAY for a summit,
Duuh~ I should have chosen Sunway but i didnt coz i didnt thought that today was a holiday O.O
Sad case D:

Haha~ And i bought a mentos, LOl~ amanda's one LMAO

Today was overall OKAY,
but not as fun as SUNWAY i admit..
ISh~ Tution lorhsss!!!! == and The hari raya haji holiday!!! LOL
Nvm~ I talked a lot especially with yen yuen,
i realized that we are still BFF even though we din talk for so long or even MEET O_O
She still is as cheerful, thin, smiley as before.. x)
I love her,
Of course others too x)
-xoxo, jaslyn -
- I wonder how are you guys doing in the holidays? have you ever think of looking back? -

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A short time with two guys in the house :P

LOL~ just came back from supper x)
Yea~ its been so long since i go for supper ~ haah~
Pap went coz lil bro kip saying he is hungry, LOL
Actually lil bro wants to go secret recipe O_O
But~ LOl~
Impossible!!! xDDD
So, decided to go mamak stall,
Actually i dun want coz i want to catch AUTUMN's CONCERTO x)
I figured, well~ i havent been to a mamak stall since long x)
So, Okay lu~ xD
Oni 3 ppl lah! hahah~ xD
While waiting for the food,
I talked to my dad abt part time jobs.. == LMAO
I dunno how i got so far, but
It was fun!!
LOL~ i want to work in a bakery shop ~ x)
BUt dad say you cant actually learn there, just work O.O
So, i suggested that he let me learn bakery lessons x]
Haha~ he say okay~ LOL
Too long to know x)
Den he began to nag nag abt responsibilities O_O
Listen lorr ==
Den my food came, roti telur bawang
Drink, Teh O Ais Limau
LOL~ eat eat, go home x)

Neways, chatted with florence just now,
Its like the longest convo between us and its like non stop O.O
The main topic is abt friendship issues~ LOL
Truly, dun believe in a friendship so easily, accept my advice peeps, its not as simple as you think
So, i talked, she replied, then i complained, then she comforted,
LOL~ First i was quite emo, and like kip blurting out all the bad stuff i found out O_O
LOL~ She like " chill lah~ Let GOD decide "
Then we talked abt holiday plans! POOH~ Her days are booked by...
LOL~ but she can make it to the lagoon one x)
After that, WE chatted abt some b!tches we think are b!thches x)
haha~ This time she more emotional, LOL~
Den me will like " hold it back gurl"
LOL~ love this convo, its like between two TRUE bff-s xP
LMAO.. i hope what i thought will stay true x)
Friendship is so fake in this world...
i am sick of it,
You telling me you have BFF? true friends?
Yea rite! Go reflect in the mirror
and you will know what am i talking abt sistah~
YOu are so going down! Yea you heard me.. DOWN! =P
-xoxo, Jaslyn -
- super hate them, wtf is this -
- we are gonna die soon anyway, so better live with honour xP -

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stupid Website ==

Tomoro going movies wif ex-classmates.. Missed them soooo much~
LOL~ we planned like a week ago, but then forget dy, den remembered!! hahah~
I missed them loads, tonnes, LOL!!!!! :D

I am so excited to meet them~
I wonder if they changed.. xDD
LOL~ I know they will bcome all leng lui-s one.. LOL

Though, a lil disspointed 6S is not as active as i thought D: and not cooperative larh~ Totally not,
Din even inform all of us, WTF???
Nvm~ We go out on our own ;)

Ish stupid movie website,
LOL actually planned to go online booking but the website arr fweaking annoying!!
Me, Sue zen went in and ended up O_O
Stunned there, walao, loading takes a super long time, and after like that super long time, pops out a stupid notice writing " page cannot be loaded"
dam furious..==

I even sms-ed daddy! hahah~
LOL i asked him to help me go to that website coz maybe my laptop is slower xP
But he also cannot go in WTF
This website is lousier den youtube's..==

So, i guess i just have to wait for the newspaper,

yay~ xD Going to meet them,
After that, go another movie again LOL~ Soon~
Duuh! Finally can watch 2012 wif fwens, but wif ex's is new moon :D
Muahah~ Finally can see taylor lautner, OMG~ hope he still look hot in a warewolf look xD
I miss Melissa badly, she reminds me of taylor lautner, or did taylor lautner reminded me of her?? haha

Lagoon, sleepover, camp, hmm... what else?
Birthday? LOL~
I wanna have a b'day party .... O.o

- xoxo, Jaslyn -
- i hate those b!tches xD LOL who doesn't? -
- Improving restaurant city skills LOL -
- catching this drama AUTUMN's CONCERTO, those who hated dramas should watch this! x) if you still hate it, uhh~ Idiot weih~ x) -

Say Hello to the Doc :P

Say heyy to the Doctor yo~~ x)
I had allergies... Bad allergies ... XDDD
Of course i am happy X)
Coz its not skin stuff, i thought my face is ruined ya know..
A imperfect face is like
the biggest worst thing that can happen onto a gurl.. LOL
yea you boys better learn that~
FYI, this is a pic of me before seeing the doc~ xD
You cant see properly, but my face is actually reddddddeeerrr than before,
If you touch it, OMG~ Its so rough D:
That made me skip my librarian duties..==
hope Pn.Tan wouldnt nag me :P
Yesterday morning mum purposely shift with my uncle for like 1 hour to come home and bring me to the doc..
Haha~Went to the new clinic,
( check the pics, you will know the address LOL )
Dun be sick, and take caer of your skin,
I led out a PHEEEWWWW~
When the doc said its allergic to DUST...== hmmm~
And i have a bad cough and its some kind of allergy thing too~
Ooooo.. xDDDD
Luckily i din "hui rong"~ LOL~ No $$ to go operation larh~

The special cream for itchy places on my face xDDD ( the smell is.. piiiii-eeeewwww YUCk )

Hahah~ All the medicines, the pills are super small, LOL~ thank GOD .. LOL

Clinic USJ Sentral :)

The nextday which is today, :)

you guessed it, my skin has become less rougher LOL~

Yay~ i am super happy~ xDDDD

Can you see the differences?

Nvm if you cant, just assume i am more cheerful xDD

LOL~ nth much~ I woke up 3 pm today LOL~......

I stayed up late yesterday night, hahah~ xDDD

Coz i found out that the lack of sleeping is not the source so HAHA~ xD


Found some pics abt moments before the finals xDDD ..So... lazy to upload pics one by one.. HAHA~ at last i made it as a video wif my phone, and i added a soundtrack, its not a song, just some bbox thing LOL~ Enjoy, especially to my babes, SY, FLO, XY.. Hahah~ LOL~

Moments Before the Finals x) ( With soundtrack ) :P

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Poor me D:

Haih~~ D: am sad now

Why? POOR POOR POOR x100000 ME~ D:

Those useless ppl dun crap abt this i tell you shit

:( LOOK at the sad face up there.. Yea~

My heart is fweaking down rite now.. SO dun you mess wif me ~ xD

Firstly, Haiz..

I found out recently, My face~ Well.. skin i suppose

Are not in a good condition..D:

FYI, I NEVER have skin problems.. Pimples? Seldom.. But this is worser D:

this is like.. When you skin gets too dry.. ya know? Like wanna tear apart..

Yea~ Its a bad news.. I bet those lifeless ppl are laughing their lungs out now..

NO~ It is not funny ..

Lets make it simple,

My face is getting rougher D:

And mum and pap make my wound worser bu nagging me LOL

They say that this is the side effect due to the lack of sleeping.. FYI.. I stayed up pretty late recently, over 1am thats of course.. LMAO

But~~ D:
I cant help it ==
I nid to catch dramas.. LOL
Going to finish " devil beside you "
Next stop ,
LOVE 18 or maybe MY LUCKY STAR :D
any dramas?
recommend :D

So... Just wanna advice all those teen girls out there..

do not sleep too late.. well.. actually you can.. LOL.. But dun always xP

BUt!! I am so gonna cure my problem.. you will see :P



Poor me again~ xPP I cant get my dream phone..

AND YET all the std 6-s are getting it now ==

SOOOO not fair, its the latest one, T707 sony ericsson.. Aww.. gorgeous.. I like flip phone btw

My current phone is slide type, of course i love her.. == But i hope my phone can be different next year i guess.. after PMR LOL

There are 3 colours for this model, BLACk, BLUE and PINK..

I like blue and pink.. to me black is kinda common.. but cool lah~ xD

Aww.. i wan it so badly.. D:

OMG~ Imagine if i have that.. == yea.. in my dreams =="

the blue one.. aqua blue .. NIce too ya know.. gorgeous gurl.. i am soooo gonna have you some day :)


Lastly, watched One Million Star again..
Cheered rily rily super loud for SUN ZI YOU~
He is awesome.. I love his voice...

this episod he sung an english song
hahah~ My daddy end up singing along but i stopped him
To be honest, he sound more like whining ~~~
I think that SZY's english got a lil cacat.. To all szy fans.. no offense..
DUUH~ He is a taiwanese.. so perhaps chinese is better..
He got 24 per 25 !!! same wif his oppenent , Anthony.. LOL
I missed anthony's singing.. were upstairs..
I LOVE SZY.. how i wish i can go see his performance ON LIVE.. xDDD

okay.. thats all for today..
Going to my grandma's house in kota kemuning for a stay.. dunno how long.. its holiday..
Tomorow not going librarian duty...
NO transport, Missed melissa badly D:
So.. Do me 2 favors yea.. ( to sy, flo, mel, peiru, michelle kang, all librarians dat know me and i know them.. LOL )

i want to know what will happen if i cant manage to help in the holidays? i meant by all days... Am i going to be fired? LOL

Tell Ms.Pamela Ngoo that i cant find the book she mentioned that i havent returned.. It's a SPM book.. so impossible... If there is no other solutions.. Then perhaps i will return the money if i go to duty other days OR next year :D

- xoxo, Jaslyn -
- my poor face D: -