Sunday, November 15, 2009

A day in sunway with? MUM~ :D

This morning i actually woke up quite EARLY as in 10am smth
LOL compared to usual days.. LMAO
Den my mum asked me whether i want to go shopping for a while in SUNWAY
coz she is going to fetch my bro there for his primary school gathering
:D of course i said yes DUUH

Went to sunway pyramid..
First thing.. ate brunch..
Ordered tom yam laksa..
OKay lahh~
Mum ordered Lemak Singapore..
Like curry de.. same one..
Den went shopping..
Stomachache weihh~
Maybe coz the tom yam was too spicy.. :D
Den shop shop shop.. tried out some clothes..
Den bought 3 pairs of shoes..
2 from TSC the shoe connection,
1 from PADINI..
nice lahh~ xD
Over 100 bucks dy.. woaaahhhh~
And den went to summit straight away..
for piano lesson
den after dat tried out some clothes again..
AND! I bought a pink teddy softtoy for
my cousin's b'day :D
busy day..
Tomoro going out wif babes.. :D
Let the pictures talk okay?

- xoxo, Jaslyn -
- just stand up, is dat what you want me to do? -

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