Friday, November 6, 2009

FFK us pulak... ><

OMg~ Found little miss characters and one's... so cute weihh~ xDDDD
FYI, it's like a set of cartoons...:D
Cute ewihh~ xDDDD Cuter den my soft toys..:P

Irresponsible teacher~
Wudo teacher...
FFK us pulak for the lesson..
You know what i sacrificed or not?
My precious sleeping time.. WTH
Me and mua sis... cute? We always quarell.. NO doubt abt it..
But we still ARE sisters.. xDD

Today morning at 7.12 am...
My mum woke me up..

For stupid WUDO lesson..
I thought i woke up late coz i ddn't hear my alarm ringing..xP
BUt it turns out to be 3 minutes earlier den my alarm..

I set at 7.15 am.. hha~
Den went out..

Go eat breakfast..
Freaking sleepy..
I kip rubbing my eyes you know to keep me awake.. ahaah~

What do you expect from a gurl dat slept at 3am ++ yesterday to go for an activity at 6am today?

I am already a very good girl by waking up so darn early for WUDO..

And guess wat?

The school guard den tell me all koku were cancelled..
i am like " but our teacher are not from this school.. we even paid extra fees.. and plus he say got training lahh~ "

Den i went in to check see whether there are WUDO ppl or not..
DUn have weihh~ So... I asked mum to wait for a minute..

After dat, phoned sy.. she just woke up? haha
Then when i wanna phone flo.. saw her walking towards te school..

Told her what happened..
Den she looked at her pap and was like

" Pa.. HOw? "

Haha~ Den the pap like so garang weihh...== LOL

" How? Wait for the teacher to come lorr.. "

Den i told her that teacher, Pn.Chung Ik POh even nagged me for going in because it was having a choir thing.. and she said i was fooling around so the guard MUST nt let me in.. WTF weihh~

If i was playing around, I wouldn't come to school.. Stupid one.. I would go shopping lahh~ If not i wake up so early for wat? She rily dunno how to think lahh.. and yet she is one of the VIP of the school...==

After that, one of the wudo member's parent called the WUDO teacher..
Den ONLY the teacher say the class is cancelled..
WTH lah this?

He should inform first right?

I mean.... Waah~ I even paid my fees and come for nth..
HELLO? and he didn't even sms us..
Last time he usually did..
Irresponsible people..
Or maybe he really forget...==
Dunno.. but rily irresponsble..
I woke up so darn early one... SHIT~

BUt luckily come back got my laptop baby cheering me up..
See? My second baby... first is handphone.
My first baby is still very sick for now.. do pray for her ...;D
Chatted wif babe SueZen just now..
Rily missed her.. I miss you sue zen..
I wonder how pwetty you are now..
Would love to meet you in holidays.. xP

lets go catch a movie?
GO watch NEW MOON... taylor lautner is in there...xPP

Lastly, I LOVE shoes, bags AND boys.. HAHA~

Gonna go to SUNWAY LAGOON soon.. HOpe it wont rain so early dat day~ :D

- xoxo, JASLYN -

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yours truly said...

hey sweetie..if u don't mind im asking..where did u bought the tshirt i love shoes,bags and boys? cuz i've been looking for it anywhere..thanx yeah..=)