Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One Phrase. Hate school, Love outting. =)

Taylor Lautner
He may not seem hot at first.. and some shots of him are not rily THAT hot.. but he is one HOt chilly i tell you.. Just look into his eyes.. and his body... OMG.. I just wanna slap his shit hot face weihh.. LOL..

Today is the official free day after finals..
LMAO... nth to blog about except to congratulate all 2b's for finishing your finals..
Abt the results? Dun think too much...

Next year would be PMR year..
The year of doom.. Yea..
So.. To prevent regetting later, and especially ot all form2's..

So for now... our latest assignment is PLAY HARD~
PLAY HARD has the same concept as STUDY HARD
where you rily put your head into something and NEVER stop till you are satisfied
PLAY HARD.. it's easier to complete compared to STUDY HARD..
coz you just nid to show out the craziness of a teen and show to people dat teens are one of the best part in life..=D
hahah~ LMAO..
And the aim of this assignment is to play with all your heart while you can people~!!!! Dun waste it dumb dumb! xPP

I just wanna get out of my freaking house..
I've been staying here for sooo long..
One part of my brain which states for " FUN " is not working and i rily nid to do smth abt it before it is rily rottened..
So.. I have to go out..
There are many things to do in hols..
hahah~ I am already starting to call this a holiday..

I have planned to skip school after this week..
All the borrowed books have already been returned today...==
NO books? Den why we go to school?
For results? Naaaahhh~
It's such a lil matter compared to going out doing smth you longed for..

Okay.. A post after finals...xDDDD
SADLY, tomoro going school again.. WTH rite? i know..
I am tooo good .. cheh~
Coz i have to do smth abt SPBT books.. BORING stuffs..

Coming to an end~! I am so busy watcihng dramas.. xD
NOt a SUPER drama freak..
BUt i love romantic dramas.. xD
Will update my shopping list.. or is it wishlist? SOON.. xD
But the problems all starts and ends with " MONEY $$ "
Depends on how much is your budget..
BUt pap is good now.. he knows what his daughter wants..
She wants a EXPENSIVE present for her b'day.. her 14 b'day!!
Her daughter requested a camera or a new handphone~
And the daddy nodded..
How sweet is it? Awww... And the great thing is, The girl is me..
LMAO lame~
I am not quite sure whether my daddy is just giving a simply answer but i will rmb it untill i get my 14th present~~ xDD

BYe peeps, have a good life..

p/s : My phone baby haven't YET returned.. Phone baby, I want you to know.. I MISS YOU so muchhhhhh... dun ever forget! HUndreds of love to you
p/s : Going to sunway soon.. club? pyramid? or lagoon? Dunno.. ahaha~

- xoxo, Jaslyn -

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