Friday, November 27, 2009

Besties 6S + New Moon x)

Muaahah~ Watched New Moon!!!
* chuckles *
LOL~ Taylor Lautner fweaking HOT in there.. c'mon,
HOw can bella not open her eyes ?? LOL
OKay lar~
Haha~ Just that its so darn obvious that taylor lautner @ jacob Black
is sooooooooo muchhh hotter than robert pattison @ Edward Cullen
hahah~ LOL~
But~ True Love.. LMAO.. fine fine i get it xD
Muahah~ here are some pics of New moon/ Jacob Black.. xP

So yengg weih~ Look into his eyes == O.O

hahah~ LOL protecting Bella x)

hahah~ In the woods.. he got packs ya know xP

Woaah~ New poster i guess? LOL

The Cullen family aka The Vampire family

Lol! No no~ The taylor lautner back there is not absolutely HOt lah~!!
the hair lahh spoils everything,
but then in the show he became hotter after he transform into smth..
haha~ Go watch yourself xP

Today morn after breakfast, dad dropped me at the bridge there .. Haha~
LOL! At first i was also like O_O
Like " daddy are you sure? I dun wanna walk the bridge leh , i rather go across the road x) "
Then he gave those do-you-want-to-go-or-not looks =="
So.. terpaksalah~
Dam high de, spooky although in daylight!! x)
I have stage-fright and a lil height-fright?? LOL~

So, walked over ==
Den haha LOST, first time walk like dat LOL~
if you dun get me by LOST dun guess =P
Walking.... ==

Aha! Found a shop i am familiar off.. LOL~ The exit! =="

A big smile before meeting ex-classmates x)

OKay~ At here let me simplify the whole day journey :D
1. LOST after go out from POINT B
2. Saw Sue Zen, Jaymi, den off we go to the musical stuff sales x)
3. Went to MCD's to wait for the rest of them x)
4. Chit Chat , take a lil pics oni
5. go up to the movies there, LOL oni meet up wif rest of them :P
6. Waited for awhile before going in, the guy dun let us == nid to wait 10 mins before the time
7. Went in, buy food plus drink
8. NEW MOON ( i love it xD )
9. Came out, chit chat LOADS, Jaymi went home for piano
10. Go Popular warehouse sales, bubble tea,
11. Sit at pizza's, LOL din eat larh, bankrap dy == , chit chat abt school stuff,
12. This guy from USJ 12 dat sue zen and jeanne knows passed by..
13. Den i forgot liao
14. Then we like chit chat den go around the whole summit~ LOL~
15. They went home, actually to sunway, but i cant folllow coz got troublesome tution LOL
16. At MCD's do homework ! LOL~ yea i brought them! x)
17. Sue Zen came back after watching CHRISTMAS CAROL with the guy O_O
18. Go home x)

With jaymi~ xD

Sue Zen and Jaymi

Me and babe sue zen

LOl~ Took this when they are discussing abt money LOL

OMG~ Havent rotate, you get the picture :D

BUbble tea :D , Amanda, Sue Zen

Yen yuen, LOL blurr pic, too bad din rily take ss pics wif her, kinda regret it now D:

haha~ LOl~ boredom, homework in MCD! pnpoh one !

Fries as snacks :P

The USJ 12 guy, friendly but i dunno his name O.O
I am not weirdo okay,
i took this pic to show babe sue zen, I rily think he has a crush on you,
what he do is what normal boy
s will do when they like a gurl, DUn tell me you dunno O.O
or you dun wanna know...== Hmmm~ LOL

Sue Zen bought this two things for me
as a early b'day present x)
haha~ thx LOL~ I lurve the handphone thing x)

The handphone thing x)

HAHA! tickets, booked one Ooo.. xD

I bought this album thing in the musical thing sales,
Its an album wif two teenage bands
This is the BBT album Cover

The back cover is HSHMM cover x)

HSHMM~ OKay if you dun like them, just dun insult x)

BBT! hha~ LOL ~

The price is 9.90 bucks.. cheap? yea.. LOL

The left one is WANGZI, he is so call the hot/cute one but i dun think so, i like the right one, the leader weihh~ AOQUAN.. LOL~ again~ Dun comment anything BAD~ thx!

These are basically what i got today x) hahah~ OKAY for a summit,
Duuh~ I should have chosen Sunway but i didnt coz i didnt thought that today was a holiday O.O
Sad case D:

Haha~ And i bought a mentos, LOl~ amanda's one LMAO

Today was overall OKAY,
but not as fun as SUNWAY i admit..
ISh~ Tution lorhsss!!!! == and The hari raya haji holiday!!! LOL
Nvm~ I talked a lot especially with yen yuen,
i realized that we are still BFF even though we din talk for so long or even MEET O_O
She still is as cheerful, thin, smiley as before.. x)
I love her,
Of course others too x)
-xoxo, jaslyn -
- I wonder how are you guys doing in the holidays? have you ever think of looking back? -

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