Monday, November 9, 2009

I need a new closet

Today i slept till late afternoon...

( weird face xPP )

I meant like... rily late!!!
12pm smth... close to 1pm liao..
LOL.. I was shocked myself too~ xD

I tried some clothes dat my small aunt doesn't want anymore or cant wear..
LOL.. I love of the clothes oni.. The one wif the tube one.. so ka Wa iiii~
Muaxxxx ~ xD

SO... try lorr ;D

NOthing much happened today.. so

Pics lahh~ ;D

And i seriously want a new closet... :D


Going to take form 3 books soon.. WTF..

Nightmare weihh~

OKay.. pics ~

hAHA~ let me say smth more ;P
I 've been staying up rily late nowadays..
Watching youtube.. Muahaha~
Yesterday's record was 5.ooam smth..
NOw.. is 3.35pm.. Hmm..
Lets see if i would stay longer..
Wat? You cant blame me! It's totally BORING and LIFELESS around here..
TONG SIEW YI, c'mon gurl.. recover weih! HAhah~
May GOD bless you~

Hohohoh... xD
I have my SIM CarD back.. not phone..
My phone baby is still under a big surgery.. :P
do pray for her.. xD
But .. i can sms again.. muahah~
It's superb that i can hear the sms sound again..
Anyway.. Mel said she is going to make a new blog...
See? I told ya~ Blog is fun~ xD
AND!! haah~
I have a bad cough~
Oh please do cure faster ...
And nowadays.. SOMETIMES, i just wished it would stop raining..
I mean.. C'mon.. you get what i mean ;D

I am so boring nowadays D:
I wanna go school.. but it's so troublesome D:
Life is harsh..
In bedtime stories,
Snow White found her prince after the loving kiss,
Cinderella found her true love from the day she met him in the prom,
Even Ariel the mermaid can find her Mr.Right in a human being form and suffesfully get married!
In reality,
there is NO such thing as a happily ever after..
And.. YOu cant do anything BUT just to..
that's how harsh a life is :/
-xoxo, Jaslyn -
- never let go if you already have it, for what you have may not come back anymore -

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