Friday, November 20, 2009

HOt guy's burfday, cant forget..

Awwww.... *touched*.. what a cute pair.. xD
GUY hot GURL pwetty~
BUt sadly, they are not bf and gf.. if not i promise i will dream of their sweet moments every night.. LOL
anyways.. Hey peeps..
these days dunno why i was kinda bored wif blogging..
Coz.. Was too busy catching dramas ~
I also blogged coz i wanna tell you readers abt this hot guy...
His name is AARON YAN YA LUN..
For further info, go to my friend's blog,
She copied all his details..
He is one of the members in a band name FAHRENHEIT..
So.. You can see his specialities obviously..
he is..
- good looking
-has a super attractive smile
- looks more HOT when he is EMO-ing
- he can sing well.. i mean really really WELL
- he is the best singer among the 4 of the members in the band
- he goes nicely wif any girls, but i prefer with GUiGUi
- acts rily rily cool in shows especially in dramas
- So killing me
Lets wish AARON YAN YA LUN a big
You have all you dreamed off,
career, voice, popularity,
what you nid is a gurlfriend, a companion for life..
you are still young.. so~
Be patient~ xDDD

These are some of his pics.. there is a big differences between his hair from last time till now..

DUUH~ Both are hOT~ but the current one is wayyyyyyyyy HOTTER

This is called the sunshine boy :D SO cute

He is so attractive.. i mean COME ON.. how many guys you can find as hot as him huh.. tell me! tell me! LOL

OMG~ He is so killing me.. i bet he murdered a lot of teenage gurls xDD

WTF~ can you see his charming smile.. NOW DAT whats you call a CHARMING smile

-xoxo, jaslyn -
- short post just for mua idol, aaron -

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