Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dramas recently :P

I've been watching dramas recently..
It cheers up my day.. :D

A word for those spammers :D
For those ppl.. Lifeless..
Like to go spam ppl's blog for fun..
What a stupid plus childish thing..
stop it before i am rily fed up..
How can those ppl even bare wif you ppl one more second..
If you do think you are better then me,
show lah~ Dun nid to use fake names ..
So BACKOFF or maybe, go back to your kindergarten if you dun understand the word mister or miss~ !

Rily pissed off by those stupid doings but it wont spoil my day..
back to dramas~

( dun mention abt the phrase anymore.. :D it's mine.. so dun copycat ppl thx )

This post is done by mua for mua lovely dramas..
3 dramas oni HAHAHAH~
But nice ones,

Except for the first one, ko3anguo,
Others are already quite a time,
If you like these dramas,
I would love to see your comment,
If it is abt stupid nonsense,
go tell your mum kays?


First drama, and my current fav one... ( cheers )
It's a drama abt last time, when those king king stuff existed,
and den there is friendship rily strong ones!
And then there is LOVE, Muaxxxxxx to this show,
This show is long,
some part are not interesting,
But overall, I love it soooo much,
Dun ever insult this drama PEOPLE.. Hahahha~
Comment if you want.. xD there are HOTTIES~ :D

Second one, i am catching up these days HAHAH
The guy is HOT, MIke He,
The gurl , okay lah~ Rainie Yang
But their moments are cute and romantic,
I like romantic stuff :D

Devil beside you 恶魔在身边

Third one,
I havent watch this one,
But i saw this show a lil last time,
and i saw it's kissing part..
So cute and loving..
PLUS~ it looks interesting~ MUHAHA
The gurl is a korean actor weihh~ xD But this show is chinese LOL

放羊的星星 My lucky Star

Tadaaa.. finish le,
But still got dramas lahh i finished le
HSHMM hei se hui mei mei and BBT bang bang tang 's show,
Black sugar Macchiato,
Hei tang lai le,
And more,
Maybe i will catch the drama " bai quan nv wang"
I saw quite some parts oledy,
HOLIDAYS marhh..
I just have no mood to start for form 3 things, such a bore..
not like " some ppl" :D
-xoxo, jaslyn -
- if you want to be called names, dun mind if i do ;) -

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