Friday, November 6, 2009

HawT~ the word HOT is not for NORMAL ppl...:D

aka H-O-T~
There are many hot guys and gurls out there...
BUt not all guys and gurls are HOT..
Some are but they dun realize..
Some are so NOT but they just WONT accept the fact.. POor them..xP
This guy.. Is HAWT..
For me.. he is not handsome..
but he is one bigggg HOT chilly..
and a very spicy one..
FYI, hot doenst mean he is handsome okay???!!! ==
his smile, his body, his face , his hair, and... his acting.. is HAWT ;D
His name is Taylor Lautner..
I mentioned him in my last post..
But Babe Melissa complained abt the pic..
hah~ I think the hottest pic is when taylor is in the new moon poster..
freaking hot..

I am sooooo going ot watch dat show..==
ahHA~ I will scream if i see him on scene.. LOL
Boys boys boys..
GUrls are HOT too you know..
But it's ahrd to find a absolutely HOT one..
BUt i found her..
She is cute..
her hair is..
natural.. fabulous... cool... cute..
Her name is SELENA GOMEZ..
She is my idol from the day she acted in the show " wizards of waverly place"
And i totally vote for her compared to miley cyrus if the target is NICK JONAS..
I mean.. HELLO ppl out there who chose miley cyrus rather den selena..
Selena is sooo cute.. and funny.. how can you do that?
Here goes her pic.. AWESOME weihh~

OO!!! I love this picture soo much!! The below onw~ She is so pretty and young..
xD LOVE her~~~ ><

HOT guy + HOT gurl
= taylor lautner + selena gomez
= superb couple!!!

Awww... so sweet rite..
Love selena.. She is a natural beauty..
For taylor lautner.. okay lahh~ xD
I am not so sure whether this couple thing is true or not..
But they are Sweet! xD
Anyway.. Just came back from Pn.Poh's tution..
first day...xDD
Nervous though..
Was terrrified of how she gives her pupils homework...== xDD
It's totally A WEEK i din see my phone baby...
where are you..
HOw are you baby?
Miss you so much~
BUt you will come back soon..
I know.. xD
Tomoro got WUDO..
Bye peeps.. have a nice day~ xD
-xoxo, Jaslyn -

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