Sunday, November 22, 2009

Poor me D:

Haih~~ D: am sad now

Why? POOR POOR POOR x100000 ME~ D:

Those useless ppl dun crap abt this i tell you shit

:( LOOK at the sad face up there.. Yea~

My heart is fweaking down rite now.. SO dun you mess wif me ~ xD

Firstly, Haiz..

I found out recently, My face~ Well.. skin i suppose

Are not in a good condition..D:

FYI, I NEVER have skin problems.. Pimples? Seldom.. But this is worser D:

this is like.. When you skin gets too dry.. ya know? Like wanna tear apart..

Yea~ Its a bad news.. I bet those lifeless ppl are laughing their lungs out now..

NO~ It is not funny ..

Lets make it simple,

My face is getting rougher D:

And mum and pap make my wound worser bu nagging me LOL

They say that this is the side effect due to the lack of sleeping.. FYI.. I stayed up pretty late recently, over 1am thats of course.. LMAO

But~~ D:
I cant help it ==
I nid to catch dramas.. LOL
Going to finish " devil beside you "
Next stop ,
LOVE 18 or maybe MY LUCKY STAR :D
any dramas?
recommend :D

So... Just wanna advice all those teen girls out there..

do not sleep too late.. well.. actually you can.. LOL.. But dun always xP

BUt!! I am so gonna cure my problem.. you will see :P



Poor me again~ xPP I cant get my dream phone..

AND YET all the std 6-s are getting it now ==

SOOOO not fair, its the latest one, T707 sony ericsson.. Aww.. gorgeous.. I like flip phone btw

My current phone is slide type, of course i love her.. == But i hope my phone can be different next year i guess.. after PMR LOL

There are 3 colours for this model, BLACk, BLUE and PINK..

I like blue and pink.. to me black is kinda common.. but cool lah~ xD

Aww.. i wan it so badly.. D:

OMG~ Imagine if i have that.. == yea.. in my dreams =="

the blue one.. aqua blue .. NIce too ya know.. gorgeous gurl.. i am soooo gonna have you some day :)


Lastly, watched One Million Star again..
Cheered rily rily super loud for SUN ZI YOU~
He is awesome.. I love his voice...

this episod he sung an english song
hahah~ My daddy end up singing along but i stopped him
To be honest, he sound more like whining ~~~
I think that SZY's english got a lil cacat.. To all szy fans.. no offense..
DUUH~ He is a taiwanese.. so perhaps chinese is better..
He got 24 per 25 !!! same wif his oppenent , Anthony.. LOL
I missed anthony's singing.. were upstairs..
I LOVE SZY.. how i wish i can go see his performance ON LIVE.. xDDD

okay.. thats all for today..
Going to my grandma's house in kota kemuning for a stay.. dunno how long.. its holiday..
Tomorow not going librarian duty...
NO transport, Missed melissa badly D:
So.. Do me 2 favors yea.. ( to sy, flo, mel, peiru, michelle kang, all librarians dat know me and i know them.. LOL )

i want to know what will happen if i cant manage to help in the holidays? i meant by all days... Am i going to be fired? LOL

Tell Ms.Pamela Ngoo that i cant find the book she mentioned that i havent returned.. It's a SPM book.. so impossible... If there is no other solutions.. Then perhaps i will return the money if i go to duty other days OR next year :D

- xoxo, Jaslyn -
- my poor face D: -

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