Thursday, November 12, 2009

I was extremely amazed by Xing Yi's house... Truly ;D

This pic is tooken on wednesday where i am suppose to be in sunway lagoon but i am instead in the park.. Hahah~ xD Oh well...
Me and cousin..

We went to school today.. yea.. suprisingly..
To take form 3 books.. and also get our my results..
they are certainly not satisfying i tell you..
And yet other things are still bothering me..
But.. As Christians..
We are tought to forgive and forget..
So oh well xD
So after dat... we go take SPBT books..
Good thing we came down first.. Luckily we did, coz duuh~ Waiting up there in te classroom is so dumb..
I mean.. HELLO?
The counter is empty lahh.... So.. Yea.. Good thing we came down ;D
Form 3 books are lesser than form 2 i must say.. Yea..
After dat.. we went to Xing Yi's house..
Woaahhh~ Her house is amazingly BIG.. HUGE..
Well of coz it's compared to mine.. HAHA~
And it's the corner type.. I am so amazed..
I lurve her kitchen..
Yes i do..
It is almost as i dreamed for...
And.. Her backyard.. is like ...
A piece of masterpiece..
Perhaps i am over - reacting..
So.. lets jsut let the pictures do the talking.. xD
Oh ya~ I lurve her room.. xD red one..

This is a quick shot before entering the house.. it's like a small path to the opposite housing area? Hahah~ See for yourself

Her car... Her parent's car... xD and her front yard.. i suppose..

hahah~ Three of them went in first.. xD

The main gate.. Sweat.. Big rite? waahh~ xD

This is the dinner table.. xD It's dark xD

Her room.... blurr ...xD

I like this angle ... xD

Master Bedroom xDDD

Chatting in her room.. Florence and Siew Yi... Emotional times.. :D

Siew yi sharing abt her family stuffs... Florence laughing weirdly..And WE dunno why.. ==

LMAO.. Sy trying to play the piano.. She is sooo excited even for just playing three notes...

Right angle shot... hahah~ Cacated..xD

This is the living room.. Yea.. So nice.. Like hotel rite? I lurve this place..

Wee~ This is the stairs... NOw it is REALLY like a hotel.. Rite? A very grand one.. xP

In the living room watching youtube~ That is where i saw the boyfriend clip ... Rose Liu Ming Xiang's Boyfriend on stage.. xD
During the times in xing yi's house...
We ordered pizza.. xD
It was yummy :D
we rode bicycles..
:D it was fun though..
LAugh like shit...
Good times.. Good times...
And soon.. we are going sleepover. WEEE xD
And here's a video for you guys abt florence playing the song " BELLA's LULLABY "
It's a lil fast.. i think it's because she is nervous?
Go listen it..
And pls to those idiot brain ppl..
Comment smth BAD if only you think you can play better, okay?
Enjoy :D


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