Sunday, June 19, 2011

Papa's day (:

So.. as everyone knows,
today is PAPA's DAY :D

Although I sort of quarelled with my daddy few days ago >:(
* still mad at him for defending my lil sis tho! >:( *
BUT, since today's a special day and he was so nice to me all these times :P
Decided to go out and celebrate hoho :D
Mummy and lil bro were out so it's just me, lil sis, big bro and daddy (:
We had dinner at Strawberry's Field @ Taipan :)
No pictures :/

Anyhoo, yesterday was my school's CFN :D
It's a scount event but it's a tradition of Smk Seafield to have it annually ;)
Went late since it's Malaysia :P
And yeah we didn't miss alot i would say, so it's a smart choice x)
I was craving for the dancefloor but it dissapointed me.. AGAIN D:
last year's was the worst but this year's also not very impressive,
but the performances was the bomb :D
Could see quite some effort behind the stage :PP
Anyhooo I went back at 11pm since parents was there already so yeah :O

Anyway these days,
actually since holiday, I was super hooked up with this awesome Drama,
How I Met Your Mother 

It's so cute and humorous i tell you 8D
I have all 6 seasons tho ;)
glad to share it if you guys want it ;D
Anyway I saw season 5 and 6 first , so am kind of lazy to watch the seasons before
since I know what will turn out right :P HAHA (:
So potong huh :3

OH OH, before I leave,
Happy birthday MIYF :B
Awww one year older again (:
God bless >:D

xoxo, Jaslyn 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stomach Disorder

Hello darlings :)

Just a short update here.
I ate pan mee at chilly pan mee restaurant just now.
Boy it was spicy :D 
Yeah I like my food spicy ang hot. hoho :D
All those chillies paid off!
My tummy is having this grumpy twisty feeling inside :(
not to mention hot and uncomfortable too D:
lol! oh well :D
Drinking ice water to cool my tummy down (:

Anyhoo I just found out that my school's campfire night is clashing with MIYF's Anniversary night! 
It's a disaster alright ! :(
But, clearly I don't have other choices, 
I paid for CFN already :(
Guess I'll just have to miss this year's youth anniversary O.O

xoxo, Jaslyn

Monday, June 6, 2011

rusted? :P

Have you ever had the feeling you've drawn to someone,
and it isn't anything they could of said or done.
boyfriend-big time rush


HELLO teddies (:

first of all, 
don't you just love my new mixpod :D
hoho well at least I enjoy it every moment ;D
Basically it has 2 of my favourite current songs :D

Boyfriend by Big time rush
That Should Be Me by Justin bieber ft rascal flatts 

Both of 'em are the bomb :D <3 LOVES

anyhoo, I felt rusted today :O
went for addmaths tution today, and guess what?
yeap I totally forgot the ways to do the questions :/
GAHH so frustrating :I
plus, at night, I had physics tuition, same thing happened.
I'm a rusty person with a rusted brain D:

speaking about holidays, one more week to go :(
BOO. time flies! D:
OH! I came back from my 3D2N librarian camp 
It wasn't something I would say AWESOME.
But it was a painful, tiring kind of memorable trip :)
many things happened, and boy did we shed tears everywhere 
but it was definitely different from all the camps I had before,
but it's more like a torture camp lol :/
I'm just glad i have my house back :D
P/s : I have weird insect bites all over my legs :'( poor legs! stupid insects.

I don't really know their names, but i love love love the 2 hotties on the left,
the other two.. you can have 'em :DD HEHE

xingyi, yours truly, florence, siewyi
aka S4 :D
may our bond stays forever :)

xoxo, Jaslyn