Friday, September 23, 2011

End-Year Glooms

Hello teddy bears :)

I've ditched my blog for so long.
Sigh. There's hardly any time for me to squeeze my blogging time. :/

Genting trip 2011
That's me and my bro in the car :)

Got my end-year exam schedule just recently.
I have approximately 12 freaking days for all the papers.
And I thought last few years was half dead, I'm dead now already!
All the subjects. damn.
I felt so dumb seeing everyone so ahead of me in so many subjects.
Personally I just don't like Biology and Sejarah.
They are killing all my brain cells and thinking cells, thus making me even stupid.
All the knowledge aint going in, it's just.. blank. o.o

Alright put away the studies,
I have a major problem focusing on something I do.
Obviously I'm talking about revising.
I don't think anyone has a problem focusing on a Tv Show. :D
I am probably the most easily-distracted person on earth.
Just some minor stuffs can get me stuck on that,
but never on my books. D:
RAWR. Frustrated much.
People call this no discipline. Boo.

Tomorrow's a saturday.
No slacking for me :/
I'm supposed to sleep real early today, so that tomorrow I'll wake up real early to study.
But by the look of the time, that plan already failed.
I will still sleep before 12am? :D
Hopefully tomorrow God helps me to screw my brain in the books.
I feel like I'm suffocating already :'(

P/s : I seem to get upset easily. PMS? Naah I don't think so :/
Pp/s : Have you ever had the situation where you didn't mean to show sulky faces to your friends, but nor do you have the guts to tell 'em?
I know I am, right now.
Oh oh. read a girls's blog today.
She actually summarise how she met up with her boyfriend.
Aww. Real Love stories. Love 'em :D

xoxo, Jaslyn

Friday, August 26, 2011


Hey holiday freaks :D

As everyone knows, it's holidays already!
WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :DDDDyou know, that graphic reminds me of Phineas and Ferb :)

I dont have much plans for holidays tho,
I know I will be going Cameron for a family trip later on :D
It always has been Cameron since my grandma and cousin babies cant stand Genting.
And yeah, It's a nice place for me :D
I mean, what more to complain, it's always better than rotting at home :D

Well just a short one since I just updated my club's blog :)
Do check it out though :D
Many stuffs to do. :/
Sigh. stressed much.

Bye loves :D

xoxo, Jaslyn

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So many things

Hello peeps (:
It's been almost a month ehs? :/
Sigh. lost the mood to blog.
anyhoo, modified my blog a little (:
yay. heh.
Shall update another time.

this sunday, i'm going attend the Leo club Joint Installation Day (:
Basically, it's another proof to determine that you are an official leo.
Hopefully I won't die being alone there since mich is coming real late. ((:

Many thing changed.
Too much to handle I would say.
I am secretly screaming inside :S

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hate making choices

Dear blog,

I haven't been updating for centuries.
naahhh get used to it, no readers anyway (:

Super stressful month :'(
I am super busy in the weekdays. what more the weekends.
First, I have 2 closest friend with their birthdays super near,
caused me and xingyi to be super madly frustrated.
We have to plan the surprise, do the birthday card.
Sounds easy, but definitely not simple to do.
not to mention, EXAM'S COMING :(((
havent touch a single subject. One more week wei.

One thing's good. Florence's birthday just passed yesterday.
It was a blast for her, according to herself (:
Glad It was a success, Or I can't imagine all our efforts get flushed right down.
blah. one more person to go :)

Oh and back from youth.
There is this workshop programme on 6th August.
It's a must-go for me since I am one of the pianists .
But I have leo installation at the same time!
Well not the exact same time, but it will clash anyhow D:
See why I hate making choices. 
I will upset a side anyway.

D: D: D: D:
Feel like breaking down to pieces.
bye loves :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Papa's day (:

So.. as everyone knows,
today is PAPA's DAY :D

Although I sort of quarelled with my daddy few days ago >:(
* still mad at him for defending my lil sis tho! >:( *
BUT, since today's a special day and he was so nice to me all these times :P
Decided to go out and celebrate hoho :D
Mummy and lil bro were out so it's just me, lil sis, big bro and daddy (:
We had dinner at Strawberry's Field @ Taipan :)
No pictures :/

Anyhoo, yesterday was my school's CFN :D
It's a scount event but it's a tradition of Smk Seafield to have it annually ;)
Went late since it's Malaysia :P
And yeah we didn't miss alot i would say, so it's a smart choice x)
I was craving for the dancefloor but it dissapointed me.. AGAIN D:
last year's was the worst but this year's also not very impressive,
but the performances was the bomb :D
Could see quite some effort behind the stage :PP
Anyhooo I went back at 11pm since parents was there already so yeah :O

Anyway these days,
actually since holiday, I was super hooked up with this awesome Drama,
How I Met Your Mother 

It's so cute and humorous i tell you 8D
I have all 6 seasons tho ;)
glad to share it if you guys want it ;D
Anyway I saw season 5 and 6 first , so am kind of lazy to watch the seasons before
since I know what will turn out right :P HAHA (:
So potong huh :3

OH OH, before I leave,
Happy birthday MIYF :B
Awww one year older again (:
God bless >:D

xoxo, Jaslyn 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stomach Disorder

Hello darlings :)

Just a short update here.
I ate pan mee at chilly pan mee restaurant just now.
Boy it was spicy :D 
Yeah I like my food spicy ang hot. hoho :D
All those chillies paid off!
My tummy is having this grumpy twisty feeling inside :(
not to mention hot and uncomfortable too D:
lol! oh well :D
Drinking ice water to cool my tummy down (:

Anyhoo I just found out that my school's campfire night is clashing with MIYF's Anniversary night! 
It's a disaster alright ! :(
But, clearly I don't have other choices, 
I paid for CFN already :(
Guess I'll just have to miss this year's youth anniversary O.O

xoxo, Jaslyn

Monday, June 6, 2011

rusted? :P

Have you ever had the feeling you've drawn to someone,
and it isn't anything they could of said or done.
boyfriend-big time rush


HELLO teddies (:

first of all, 
don't you just love my new mixpod :D
hoho well at least I enjoy it every moment ;D
Basically it has 2 of my favourite current songs :D

Boyfriend by Big time rush
That Should Be Me by Justin bieber ft rascal flatts 

Both of 'em are the bomb :D <3 LOVES

anyhoo, I felt rusted today :O
went for addmaths tution today, and guess what?
yeap I totally forgot the ways to do the questions :/
GAHH so frustrating :I
plus, at night, I had physics tuition, same thing happened.
I'm a rusty person with a rusted brain D:

speaking about holidays, one more week to go :(
BOO. time flies! D:
OH! I came back from my 3D2N librarian camp 
It wasn't something I would say AWESOME.
But it was a painful, tiring kind of memorable trip :)
many things happened, and boy did we shed tears everywhere 
but it was definitely different from all the camps I had before,
but it's more like a torture camp lol :/
I'm just glad i have my house back :D
P/s : I have weird insect bites all over my legs :'( poor legs! stupid insects.

I don't really know their names, but i love love love the 2 hotties on the left,
the other two.. you can have 'em :DD HEHE

xingyi, yours truly, florence, siewyi
aka S4 :D
may our bond stays forever :)

xoxo, Jaslyn