Wednesday, June 30, 2010

pre-sales workin' ooohh

oh oh my school'd carnival day is coming tho.

Date : 10 July (sat)
Time : since 10am??

Blabla drop by if you can kays :D
ohh its like 2 weeks apart ahaha
but every class is doing pre-sales so do mine :D
we sell corns-in-cup, rootbeer + float, and sausages
everything went well for now (:
but sad to say today's business wasn't that great D:
some stalls just stole our rootbeer float idea.. BOOOO -.- shoot
but oh well :O
ahhha we stole it from A&W at first anyway AHAHAH LOL

i just realize that PMR TRIALS is like 2 months awayyy!!
D: and i haven't study yet.
PMR is 3 months away.
OMGGGG im so stressed out D:
someone give me motivation. MORE motivation LOL

thats all. toodles.

p/s : i found out that guys who do smth extra seriously are HAWTTTT.. aaahhh so cute.
pp/s : saw a video in fb. omg darn cute weih. but bieber better :P

xoxo, Jaslyn

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chop chop

Ahem ahem.. I..


fast ehs??? the day just after cfn o.o
lol! it's like effing short now D:
yea i look like some primary kid -.-
booo but the hair before was really long.. so~ HAHA lol
cant stand the weather. urgh -.-
dont laugh! and i hope ppl in school dont too O.O

Blabla yesterday was sucky -.-
but then something truly made my day .. night i mean lol
thats all.
stay tuned kays (:

xoxo, Jaslyn



went there too early although we reached one hour late wth
details will be in the coming post (:

everything was not bad.
but this time the word is not AWESOME.
but it is GREAT. yes great only.
why? because my fav event - dancefloor SUCKED


i was super dissapointed with the songs.
last yr i danced till i vomited o.o this yr i just started to sweat then end dy D:
OH WELL. still thumbs up to scouts.
you guys sure did lots of effort =D

thats all. 1.25AM now. LOL toodles

xoxo, Jaslyn

Friday, June 25, 2010

I just need somebody to love.

friends are like crayons.
You need all types and all colours to make
the portrait colourful.

This morning i went to wudo
it was fun. extra fun to see everyone having the spirit ;D
FYI, wudo is not really smth my school supports :/
so.. we have the spirit yo!
oh oh did i mention that,
one of the masters actually said this to me
" i think you can do a split "
but no, im not there yet :P

While waiting for some of them, chit-chatted with peeps.
This f2 guy call eng yaw keep critisizing bieber
i was debating LOL!
excuse me justin bieber is not gay. he is super straight.
Yeah i know his voice laa blablabla.
i am NOT a bieber freak. BUT i love bieber's song tho.
You gotta admit his songs are fantasticly awesome.
I adore how he can sing songs.
How many guys can sing that high LOL!

later at 6pm, CAMPFIRENIGHT is going to begin ;D
5 hours more to go. HEEE =)
i haven't decide what to wear tho.
will go bury my head inside my closet ;D
cfn will be the last for me to have fun before pmr tortures me D:
so i will dance till my ass drops off

boooo. will try to make it next week!!! :D

xoxo, Jaslyn

Thursday, June 24, 2010

boy i've seen the whole of you

The weak can never forgive.
Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

for that i forgived you (:
did you notice that facebook's uploading speed has gain like super much o.o
i can highlight like 20+ pics and it just requires less then 5 minutes O.o
WOAHH awesome (:
oh oh oh i found my phone cable dyyy thats why ahahah

just back from ace ed-venture. (;
had some fun tho.urrggh saw his flirty behaviour again.
seriously boy, mirror yourself. i mean uhhh seriously.

anyway today while i was going through fb, saw this comment.
this guy wrote something that totally shocked me.
he used to be kind and cute and nice.
but in those comments,
poohhh you dont wanna bother him or he might get piss at you o.o
one more good guy GONE :O

tomoro's teachers day, skippin school tho.
awwww heard he's going and doing smth too. haiz Oh well (:

i want to introduce you readers to BLACKIE :D
Blackie is my aunt's pet doggie. In perak.
Blackie is CUECUE's sibling/brother.
only difference is CUECUE is white. BLACKIE is black.
both of them are super cute tho.



Can see or not? LOL
adorable aren't they?

bye peeps :D

xoxo, Jaslyn

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


just to say.. my results have been really really sucky these days D:
among all the results, i only scored 80 + for maths and english.
and its ONLY.
others? pfffftt -.-

but hon
estly im not that sad o.o
maybe coz i didn't really study my butt off :/
blah blah am really sleepy now O.O
but afterwards i need to head to BM tution D:

oh btw,
siew yi got sick o.o well but i think she recovered (:

blah blah blah.
nothing more to say. will stop ;D

xoxo, Jaslyn

Monday, June 21, 2010

Back from Gentinggggg

Hello people :D
Im back from librarian camp :)
got this from jian sheng's fb profile...

we were in the SNOWWORLD in genting tho :D
i look so stupid there -.- was trying to shake the trees to make snow effects
wth? but nvm memories HEEEE :)
more photos in my phone ;D will upload asap :D

Actually was back since saturday, and its monday already HEEE x)
went to school today (: got back some results
NOT satisfying.. but oh well =D

Anyhoo, i discovered some super amazing talents on youtube :D
There is this girl call TIFFANY ALVORD who sings and plays musical instruments
she even created her own songs xDDD
You gotta admit.. she is darrnnnnnnnnnnn good in singing :D
and and and she can play guitar.. WOAHHHHHHH xD
Blahh blahh blahh i saw himmm today and he said hi
AWWWWWWW its just so cute x)

Blah blah blah school was pretty boring tho :/
i hope things will get more exciting soon :D
FYI, the weather here is soooooo freaking annoying >:(
you can sweat every moment laaaaa wth???? ish and i kip saying " SO HOT "
URGHHH -.- well maybe cause Genting was really cooling :D

p/s : i misunderstood my friend tho.. was totally pissed at her for smth O.O then after that i found out she didnt mean anything :/ well i guess everyone has their own emotions ;D so i forgive laaa :P

pp/s : to xxx, pls dont mention yyy infront of me, you talk like you lack really loads of attention. and pls, its annoying (:

xoxo, Jaslyn

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Off baby

Love is what you want for future,
but Friends are what you need everytime.

friends sure are important!!!
especially in the holidays ;D

Hello there!
im back from granny's :O
miss me? i bet you do ;D LOL!!
anyhoo, tomorrow i'll be off to camp O.O
school librarian camp =D
its 3D2N though... so im gonna be offline these days :/
i'll have to leave my baby lappie alone again D:

Anyway, been babysitting my baby twin cousins for a week tho :/
poooohhh that is hardwork.. their crying is darn annoying LOL!
yesterday daddy bought me shades aka sunglasses ;D
mine is those that wears overlapping your glasses :D
means i can see clearly thru stylish glasses HEHE (:
pics soon yea >:D

Bla bla bla bla...
Everyone is sooooooo excited for tomoro's camp x)
geesh i have period D:
naaah no cramps but its effecting my daily routine D:
i cant even sleep properly, was afraid it might you know... stain the bed o.o
ppl help me D:
cant just embaress myself in camp D:
LORD pls help me D: i want to have fun (:
gonna bring camera though ;D
camwhore time is coming up O.O

toodles people!!
school is reopening soon :/ ish so fast! ><

xoxo, Jaslyn

Friday, June 11, 2010

the start of something new

Hey hey readers :D
Noticed something awesomely different?
Yeaps, its the blogskin ;D
puppy paw prints all over
isn't it adorable? ahah i find it kawaii (:
it's blogger skin.. so.. ahah don't expect too much :P

i'm in Perak now :D
left grandma's at 3.18am and reached at 6am ++
no traffic jam.. wheee~ ;D

life's been pretty boring these days ..
i mean yea i played alot.. but it's just not right =/
i guess i missed those school days.. where there were sampat ppl :D
Now it's just me and lappie. LOL

Blablabla oooh ooh! catched up abit in GOSSIPGIRL.
didn't really catch the show tho.. but i saw some scenes..
couple scenes to be specific.. and its so sweet..
the boys are hawt, the girls are sexxayy..
AS IF there are ppl so perfect -.-
CHACE aka NATE .. burning HOT (: oh he's with JENNY
NJ couple

Dan&Serena DS couple

Chuck&Blair CB couple


Librarian camp is coming soon :O
woahhh i must say.. im not excited.. LOL
not very =/ dont ask me why, i dont know LOL
maybe it's coz i never been to one with school friends >:D
everything will be okay.. it must be
oh oh right now SiewYi is in her church camp ...
ahahah having sleepless time over there,
NOW you know how i feel LOL..
the home sweet home feeling just aint right ;P

Anyhoo, everyone is like busying their schedules.
To SJKC CHEE WEN 2007 6S peeps there is gathering next week on 19th
i cant make it tho, will be in camp by that time
or maybe i can make it in time?
ahaha i have no idea o.o HAVE FUN!!
Play till your butts drop off (:

Brought books O.O
but ahah dont think im gonna study :P
will leave it for later :DDD
toodles my loves

xoxo, Jaslyn

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

mother and daughter

One day your life will flash before your eyes,
make sure it's worth watching.
Is yours?

Hello hello people ;)
Wednesday is the day :D
today i've been pretty busy.
weeee look at my nailssss :DDDD

woke up super early today.. well was worried i will wake up late so.. LOL
3.15pm headed to bm tution,
stayed there like 3 hours till 6.30pm
mum fetched me to have dinner in secret recipe!
woahh that's a first :P well she offered me!
ate some fish with cheese, different but still yummy (:

aaahh secret recipe, never failed me ;D
blabla went to giant with mum.
did some grocery shopping and bought stuffs for librarian camp
weeee i bought goat milk bath ;D my fav ahaha
blablabla wanted to do contact lens D:
it's so inconvenient to wear specs all the time,
but its pricey like rm 280 for half a year :/
mum say not worth it, so bye to my baby D:
i have to earn it -.-
today was actually those mother-daughter days 
when i spent most of the day with my mum

OH OH did i mention that i met my old classmate, BECCA in giant?
ahaha she waved to me, i was like " eh?? OHHHH!! HI! "
LOL x) she recognised me.. awww how sweet (:
gonna spend the rest of my week in grandma's at kota kemuning..
if you guys have plans, tell me!!
dont leave me alone LOL i will chop you (:
toodles :D

xoxo, Jaslyn

Friday, June 4, 2010

a taste of sweet in the cold

A real friend is the one who walks in
when the whole world walks out

this is for a special person (:
she's heading to KEDAH right now :/
or maybe reached already...
she's younger than me by 1 yrs old
but her mind is counted more mature then me LOL!
she's emotional but sweet at times too :)
she had to move due to some issues...
hey you! i want you to know,
you are my friend :)
if you feel too lonely in kedah, feel free to disturb us in selangor :D
my cellphone will wait.. :D
Ms Chu Wen Qi

hello hello peeps (:
first of all,
my mid-terms just finished,
which means.. HOLIDAYY :D
exam week was like forever omg i made it through :)

im desperate for movies LOL!
i missed so many D: how outdated yea yea -.-
LOL trying to catch up here though..

blablabla my ehthusiasm is not here yet though :/
i wonder whyyyy. :O
lol! oh oh and i edited some youth camp pics HEEE :DDD

This is my team.. called MOUNT MORIAH (:
weird ehs? its from the bible though -.-

This is the people who made it to the peak of BROGA HILL :)
to specific it, FIRST peak out of 4 LOL
its still something tho.. climbing aint easy :D


Come to think of it
rather stayed at the camp longer then coming back to the town
despite the fact that there are bugs EVERYWHERE
the things there are nicee (:

NOthing to blog already..
hours later gonna head to florence's house (:
meet with the girls and off to Acts Teens homes party x)
it would be my 2nd time though :D


xoxo, Jaslyn

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I am done with the tears and no regrets

Dont let someone become your everything,
because when they're gone you have nothing

true isn't it :D
today is the 3rd day out of 6 days of EXAMMMM :DDDDD
LOLOL darn happiee LOLOLOL
and i didnt whine weihhh :P
although i went for camp, but the exams yesterday and today was okay for me
yes i didnt study much.. or at all :DDD LOL

mum brought me and big bro for lunch today (:
ate pan mee .. damn spicy o.o
gave it to mum and continue enjoying my ice blended white coffee..
coffees are GOOOODD (:
i loveeee mocha, cuppocino and also white coffee
they are awesome but i hope i dont get too addicted =D

blablabla now the sky is raining cats and dogs O.O
LOL maybe i should really get going in my studies :D

i hate the now you, where is the before you? you were much MUCH nicer :(

p/s : SCREW science paper 2!! darn hard.. well coz i didnt study and i did careless mistakes.. stupid reproduction thingy -.- 6 marks GONEEEEE
xoxo, Jaslyn